Murda Mook Discusses Almost Battling Drake At KOTD's "Blackout 5" Event (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) The much talked about challenge laid down by Murda Mook to battle Drake almost took place this weekend at King Of The Dot’s’ “Blackout 5.” Drizzy amped up the heat on the lyrical contest when he told a crowd at the Friday press conference, “I don’t know if Mook deserves it but… I definitely have a folder full of bars in my phone for somebody one day, so we’ll figure it out.”

[ALSO READ: Murda Mook and Dame Dash Call Out Drake For a $15 Million Dollar Battle] reports KOTD’s Dirtbag Dan admitted there was a plan for Drake and Mook to face-off at the event. The site also spoke with KOTD co-founder Organik. He told the site, “Drake just really wanted to help us push it further the way that we do. He wasn’t trying to step in and do that. It’s not to bring [the battle rap scene] mainstream, it’s just to provide the best events and continue to do what we do and build our own little niche market and run with that.”

BR’s Chris Mitchell spoke with Mook about how the Drake showdown almost happened. The veteran battler revealed the idea he could jump in the ring against the Toronto emcee at “Blackout” did initially cross his mind, but at first Mook was not fully convinced the match-up would go down.

“It was gonna happen. It actually developed maybe about two hours before [the event] was over,” said Mook. “Organik came to me like, ‘If I could get [Drake] to commit to doing a one round battle, would you?'”

Mook responded by saying he would need to speak to Drake before agreeing to the impromptu battle, because the Harlem native admitted he did not have bars specifically aimed at Drake. Mook also took issue with performing for free, though he acknowledged it would have been the biggest battle in history.

The Dot Mobb member wanted to make sure he gave the public his best performance against Drake, and he felt the last-minute battle would have been a disservice to fans of the culture.

Despite the hesitation, Mook said he began to work on material for a one-rounder at the event, but Drake’s management apparently shut it down. However, he is still open to a face-off in the future.

“Hey my man Drake, I know this sounds familiar, but what are we on this Earth for? Let’s try to get this thing worked out in a real manner,” stated Mook. “I know he wanted to do it. I seen it in his eyes.”

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Listen to Murda Mook’s full interview with BattleRap below.


    Nah f that! Drake doesn’t deserve it, acting like he all that when he a bubblegum rapper

  • Sinbk Legend

    Mook u mean to tell me u needed time to flame drake? Smh

    • rocnation30

      yes cause drake got them bars don’t underestimate em….he raps for a living

      • Sinbk Legend

        So does Trinidad James? What’s your point?

      • rocnation30

        Yeah u right … But drake got them bars, that’s why mook had to practice in the bathroom….. Cause drake got them bars….unless u saying Trinidad James does too…

      • Sinbk Legend

        Not at all

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  • Ike’s Mood

    I thought that mook guy was about biz…he frontin

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  • LetsGetIt

    “Didn’t have material for Drake” = He can’t freestyle smh

    • rocnation30

      but he got bars for days

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I listed to the whole Mook phone interview………….. Mook always talking about he “does it for the culture” but wants $ all the time………….in the interview he said he wasnt prepared and then towards the end he says “i was planning for this”. and the scary white boy KOTD faggs doing the interview too shook to call that out.

  • End of Days

    Would have been writtens against an assault strike of battle rap freestyling. His name has murda in it for a reason…

  • Eli Pinilla

    Would have been a waste of star power. Market that shit and get as many buys as possible….

  • MrNoName2K

    LMAO @ the “biggest battle in history”.. everyone want to be so quick to make history.. im sorry but in all realness, tha dude “Murda Mook” will not go down in the history books..

    • StylesDc

      Right. Dude doin the interview is kinda of ignorant. This battle would be dope to see, but cassidy and freeway was nuts. That was rocks fella and ruff Ryders at their peek.

      • MrNoName2K

        thats real talk, you aint never lied!

      • noseheldhigh

        Hov vs DMX was that ish…

      • StylesDc

        Hardknock life tour #Classic scene. It’s more of a freestyle session than a battle but definitely will go down as being more memorable than any drake battle lol

  • One Nite Stanley

    Mook ain’t stupid though. Drake did his homework, and probably had a months worth of material saved up for this “impromptu” battle. Then Drake’s “management” shut it down, after Mook started writing at the event? SMH. Cause they know, it only takes 10-15 minutes to come up with some flamers for Drake. He just got punched in the face, he’s from Canada, his boss kissed another man in the mouth (and now is trying to leave his pedophile, i mean boss), Nickelodeon…i mean the list goes on.

    • Eli Pinilla

      U just gave mook all the material he needs lol he prolly reading your comment right now.

    • gurdyghost

      It sounds like drake will only battle if his opponent is ambushed and not given the same time he got to write.

  • Papi Peligro

    Drake doesn’t have any personals or bars. Rap battling is not his thing. Stick to crooning. I know of no great drake diss ever. Stick to the Frank Sinatra.

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  • He erred on the side of caution thinking Drake probably had days of prepared material ready. I get it.

    I get it but I don’t excuse it.

    When you’re in an arena where you call yourself the best, you have to always walk around prepared. KRS says he keeps bars ready for every top rapper in the game every year – just in case.

    If you’re a BATTLE rapper and you say you “didn’t have time to prepare” then I’m sorry, that’s not a good look. That’s what you do. Just go ahead and ask Jordan for an impromptu pickup game and see if he don’t give you that work.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Super consign. It’s all about being a “professional”

    • imma darkboy

      he was prepared with bars but nothing specifically for Drake…and judging from the last time he “played” around and battled Adrien Broner(who prolly prepared heavy for that) i can understand why he wasn’t 100% in…but im sure he had somethin in his bag

    • Jama


  • THOT Provoking

    …Mook knows hiphop and he knows Drake got bars for real…Drake don’t put out slaw shit (Stay Scheming)

    • digitallife

      Drake got real bars…damn the standard of real bars has hit the pavement.

  • $21384666

    Fuk drake soft as fuk

  • jon dubock

    How is he going to respond when Drake spits about how beautiful his eyes are, how succulent his lips is, and how he is the best drake’s ever had????…..

    • chosenxeno

      lol wtf

    • Vinsanity

      lol,omg… phuckin rolling

    • Jared

      Lmao damn

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  • MR.X

    don’t listen to drake much to say im a fan ive seen a lot of mooks battles on youtube but tha kid drake he’s like mayweather when he throws a jab hes accurate not a lot of power blows but dead on just my thoughts mook has more to lose cause battle rap is his shit I think it’ll be cool to see tho 4real!!

  • Aiden_Abetting

    Drake is shook

    • rocnation30

      why is he shook??…he got a huge fan base that he’s not tryna lose 1st…..second he has too much dough….he has everything to lose and nothing to gain where as mook has nothing to lose everything to gain

      • Aiden_Abetting

        The real question is– Why does he keep acknowledging it and then backing out like “I don’t know if he deserves it, I got a folder full a bars for someone buttttt”….and mook is the number 1 battle rapper so who else would “deserve it” ????….and I doubt any of drakes fans follow battle rap and I also HIGHLY DOUBT they would care if he lost a battle…rappers nowadays can wear skirts (Kanye, ASAP rocky), kiss each other on the lips (Wayne and baby), or even date transgender females or imply they are GAY (chase god, young thug) And still not lose fans…….hip hop is in a fukd up state right now……

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  • digitallife

    “I got a phone full of bars” means you lost already bruh

  • Guest

    I almost fvcked Iggy! We was once in the same state!! Smh @ AHH

  • Immortal

    “I definitely have a folder full of bars in my phone for somebody one day, so we’ll figure it out.”….I guess I’m old but I remember when rappers just battled off the top of their heads; not from the memory of a phone.

    • Splatter

      yea that was cool and i am from that era but the bars are not gonna be shit if you hosting a battle in arenas and shit. off the top is cool for the lunch room and corner. Battle rap is in another league today. its about destroying your opponent.

      • Immortal

        True, but if you are standing onstage and you have to use anything to help you remember, then maybe that stage isn’t for you. I believe that rehearsing your lines beforehand with a few more in the back pocket is key, but to destroy your opponent through your iPhone isn’t where it’s at. I’m sure Lux, Cal, and the rest all have their stuff written down or even on a device somewhere, but when on the stage their prep and delivery is what wins, sometimes not even the verse itself. Drake isn’t ready.

  • Leonard Tarver

    Drake dun proved himself already without battling anybody. If I was him I wouldn’t waist my time… lol

  • spanky520

    drake aint no battle rapper.he’s a bitch rapper from degrassi.the fact that he says he has a folder full of rhymes for the battle show how much of a bitch he is

    • Jayssonbell

      Drake may have more battle bars than you think, as well as Minaj. If I were you, I wouldn’t underestimate Dude.

  • Jayssonbell

    As far as I’m concern, Mook lost this battle from the start because he was ill prepared to get a drake when he had the opportunity to get at him. I’m not even a Drake fan but the kid knows how to play chess with his opponent. like female rap check out my girl
    1.Dominique Larue
    2.Sa Roc
    3.Rita J
    4.Yani Mo
    5.Nitty Scott
    6.Boog Brown
    7.Hawk House
    Youtube and soundcloud these ladies.

    • Rapsody got all of them beat!! Sa Roc and Nitty close though!

      • Jayssonbell

        Yeah you right in terms of word play and lyricism, but for overall appeal I like Rita J. She’s done tracks with Guilty Simpson and J Live. I myself like the video with J live called “The Cut” and she has one with Guilty called “Outlasted” you can search for these singles on youtube

      • Rapsody did songs with kane,raekwon,common,Erykah badu,problem,nipsey hussle,Kendrick lamar,ab soul,big krit…..should I keep going? ?

      • Jayssonbell

        Listen my friend I’m very familiar with Rapsody and Im also aware that majority of her production has been done by 9th wonder which keeps her winning. To add to the list You can’t include Rapsody without

        Tiye Phoenix and Jean Grae. Also Rapsody and Tiye phoenix had a rapp cypher together. Tiye Phonenix was in the first round and Rapsody was in the second round, which was way more competitive than the first round because Lady Luck and Nina B brought that heat.

        You can find the cypher on youtube
        The Freestyle” Featuring Nyemiah Supreme, Tiye Phoenix, L.A., Brianna [Round One
        The Freestyle” Featuring Audra The Rapper, Lady Luck, Nina B, Rapsody [Round Two

        Besides the point know matter what I’m still a RITA J fan, I’m going to stick with her for a while. I just hope she continues improve and to amp her game up, because it is competition amongst women, while at the same not forgetting the core fans and hiphop-roots. I think on her second Ep album she experimented a little more, but it was still some dope with songs, like .Perseids and The Dough, which were the best songs on that album. Her first Album Artist Work-Shop which came out in 2009 is her best work yet you can’t really compare the two.

  • baller187

    this nobody MOOK trin to piggy back DRAKE into some csah, DRAKE DONT NEED IT

    • nobody Mook? lol different lanes man… Mook is huge on the mic… if it goes down I take Mook.

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