Erykah Badu Expresses She's Not Into Azealia Banks' Music; Banks Says Badu Is Jealous

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks and Erykah Badu got into a Twitter exchange today. The back-and-forth stemmed from a fan asking Badu if she listened to Banks’ music, and the “On & On” singer simply replied “tried.”

Banks saw the tweet and went back at Badu by claiming the statement was a sign of “jealousy.” The two performers ended the social media conversation seeming to have settled any issues between them.

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Read Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks’ tweets below.



















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198 Responses to “Erykah Badu Expresses She's Not Into Azealia Banks' Music; Banks Says Badu Is Jealous”


    Just cause BADU listened, TRIED to get it & found it ‘wasn’t her thang’, she’s ‘throwin’ shade’?@!# GTFOH – people have ‘opinions’ & they RARELY agree with that garbage trash racist ho AB! BADU’s been relevant for 20 years now, got audiences all over the World rockin’ with her, this AB ho gonna be ‘yesterday’s new’ in 1 year! A LESSON in how to NOT do it!

  2. Immortal

    I really don’t think she wants any of Erica and so fcking what if she didn’t or doesn’t like your music? That having the last word shit “just trying to make sure you’re cool” was BS. Another “artist” who wishes she has the respect and the musical depth of Ms. Badu.

  3. Celz

    Lmao real OG shyt.. You cool? Cause you obviously don’t want to step to me in my forte.. Since we both know that I’ll let you vent on twitter if it makes you feel better..

  4. Montezuma1

    Badu is a vet so she should’ve known not to feed into this. Azaelia’s pretty good actually. Badu used to be good. Then she got really weird. I believe there’s some jealousy there. Old artists past their prime are often envious of the next wave. Being a has been is a tough adjustment but it happens to everyone. Even Azaelia.

      • Guerilla♢Cle

        They are but ppl still rock to them. Be real. If Erykah throws a concert and Azaelia threw a concert with all her new shit “i personally have never heard 1 of her songs, raps, what does she do? ” who’s going to make the most money? I’d bump into you up there lol

    • Celz

      Azaelia sucks bro.. I just listened to about 5 songs today.. It’s not good music. She can rhyme pretty good and sing pretty good but the songs aren’t very good man.. People like her because of her style and her videos are on some weird shyt..

  5. Black Jay Supreme

    Much about nothing…. Erykah did kinda go at her first. Musically, Azealia doesn’t stand a chance. Artistically, the two are miles apart. But maybe not…. They both took off their clothes for money, right? Chalk this up to “Chicks always fight”. Don’t read too much into it.

  6. macknificent

    U new Muthafuckas be killing me,,,u gotta put some numbers on the board before u start trying to size up the greats..,, bitch have u even sold a unit? What song do this bitch even sing… Why is she even on the radar…,all she known for is some twitter rants.., I mean seriously and this is suppose to be some type of what ? Eryka done did everything u wanted to do twice then did it nice…. Stop if wit the bullshit dammit maan

    • southside4lyfe

      Bro I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that shit. She should be trying to get Ms.Badu to help her produce a hit instead of talking shit.

      • RapItUp

        Tru dat. I’ve said it before, but whatever inkling of talent Azaelia MIGHT have, I’m not even remotely interested because she won’t shut the hell up and release some music first. People shit talk Kanye, but at least he put his work in before turning into an asshole. He’s contributed. What did this cum dumpster do?

  7. kane pacino

    banks seems like the kinda chick that just wanna be famous n talked about . . just so happens that its music that got her here . . but if it wasnt that then it would of been something else.

  8. ancientGOD83

    I have worked, went to school with chicks like her, cant even call her a sista. her confidence is strictly a result of the “white peen” that she secretly sucks while pretending she is “Independent” those women have split personalities that can be triggered anytime credibility is brought up, they live with hella defense mechanisms, because bottom line, they sold Out. So they attack anything/anyone that can expose who they true Massa is. For example, I never heard this chick rap/sing till this day, but I noticed she was going hard at that Australian rapper, as if she was Down for her folks but she was Jealous. yes that other chick sucks, but banks felt that she Sold out 1st, therefore she deserved what was promised to her. She wasn’t mad about art being messed over, she was mad that the other chick, who prob had the same white peen behind her too (no pun lol) popped up, had a Way better gimmick and Blew. So for a month she appeared down with us, but think about it ,that’s how sell out women act.
    They jump from click to click, man to man, style to style, while protecting they true self and motive/until they get what they want. Now they are schitzo lol. that same chick at work gassing the “real oppressed” to quit, walk-out, hit the manager; will be the same ones riding with the manager, going to lunch. Just like she is now posing play boy for the same creeps she allegedly was outing. She was just jealous massa found a gimmick better, that resembled him. these chicks are the same 9-5 “niggs aint shit, they broke, lazy, cant get a job, no good” yet they help keep the system going because they eagerly comply. they the same that get a HR position, and wont hire one brotha, yet they go to happy hour and complain that they are single bc dudes lacking/aint responsible. The system fails when our ladies quit being the chick on django “sitting up pretty while two brothas fight to the death”
    she is merely the glue that keeps the shit going. this chick is prevalent at every 9-5

    • southside4lyfe

      Bro I feel what you saying but, damn how do you have the time in your day to write these long paragraphs. I mean damn I wonder if you put as much effort into your day job as you do writing these long as paragraphs on AHH.

      • ancientGOD83

        the same way you took time to reply. I used my brain to type that in 45sec to a min. the 1st sentence “I feel you” you could of build off of that and made a point. and I don’t work, gave that up years ago. messes with my health. but fyi Im figuring out this blog shit so I can create sumthn. if that helps mane be safe out there

      • Elayorx El

        Now this is the AHH board that I remember:-) Signed in just to salute you brothers. Respect.

      • Terrance

        ancientGOD83 started this dialog. As you can see, he was TOTALLY on point. You’re right too… this is how it should be goin’ down on this board. BROTHERS BUILDING! #BLESS

      • Mad Max❗

        Respect. Real money is in this online ish. Check out anticareer.c0m He schooled me on alot of this stuff that turned into residual money for me. Been paying for college past 2 years off blogging.

      • Mad Max❗

        Its nothin. Always tryna see someone else come up outside of the ol 9-5 route. The domain bidding / flipping is a naaaasty come up! Trying to figure out how to incorporate this Diqus into some form of viral marketing since its really linking folks up lately. Its on practically every site now.

      • Celz

        This is damn near the only social network I got. Real recognize real.. It’s some cool dudes on here fa real.. The day AHH shuts down the comments is the last day I visit the site..

      • Elayorx El

        Real respect out here for you brothers. Keep banging on these boards. Respect.

      • Celz

        We gotta let other niccas know that we are out here… It doesn’t take as long as the people arguing over politics, sports, or reality shows..

    • Terrance


      All I will say is…
      There are way too many sisters out here giving brothers a hard time for NO GOOD REASON.

      Sure there are a lot of brothers that need to MAN UP and GET RIGHT as well.

      In my experience tho,
      I just went to the supermarket and EVERY single sister in there (4) gave me the evil eye.

      None of the other races even noticed me.
      (except for when I let 2 old ladies skip my line position)

      This sh*t is like the f*ckin twilight zone.

      I LOVE my ppl more than I can explain.

      However, the Nubian female needs to understand the role of being the NURTURER of her own kind.

      I know there are MANY Brothers out here running from responsibilities but, I’m beginning to think… they are running from the attitudes of women that are supposed to be a support system.

      Not ALL sisters are this way but, it’s becoming increasingly hard to consistently cross paths with the GOOD ONES.

      Sisters need to remember to HOLD ON TIGHT to Black Men.


      When the sh*t hits the fan (and it will), who will they have to turn to?


      • ancientGOD83

        mane I know, years ago I worked at a real deal bank doing collateral shit and I got to date, and hang out with sum of the baddest chicks that would not have given me 2mn if I didn’t work there. I noticed off the bat their confidence is what they did and not who they were. they got a house nigga job, and that is the 100% back support for their confidence.
        when in reality its willie lynch ol shit. give the women the job it breaks up the family. and they use it as a confidence boost (don’t let them have a degree and be in a wack frat) to feel Superior. when in reality they are destroying the village. “nails on fleek, glorias happy hour, new foregin car, high-rise apt” what can a good, in shape, handsome, grounded brother say to her “nadda” unless you have More cars,money, etc. but Trust me as the economy shifts, and more bilingual jobs are required/and more are shipped outta the country. these chicks are gonna have to get Real jobs where hard work/great personalities reign supreme. growing your own food etc. that career shit got about 5-10 years b4 its OVER forever. and only real folks will make it and having a manicure will make life harder lol

      • Terrance

        You are telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

        I failed to mention the reason these chix were acting like that was because… I was wearing my sweatpants and a jersey. Ha Ha.

        However, when I’m in my suits or blazers, they get googly eyed.

        (as if I’m the come up).

        Mind you, these chix work in a supermarket.
        (which I have NO PROBLEM with)

        Sh*t is pitiful.

        Of course I know the difference because, I alternate wearing business attire and straight ragged clothes.

        By your dialog, it is obvious you know that program as well.

        Ways back, I conducted a social experiment…

        I met around 100 Nubian women and around 100 White women.

        The sad reality was, I had more in common with the white women than my own sisters.


        Around 90% of The sisters acted as if I had to prove something to them and wouldn’t budge unless, I G’d them or showed my wealth in one way or another.

        Around 90% of The white women took me as I was.

        (whether in a suit or ragged clothing.)

        They liked ME. Not what I could do for them.

        I ended up marrying a white woman when I really wanted a SISTER.


        The white women just KNEW how to treat a Brother like a KING.

        Besides, I could talk about ANYTHING with the white women.
        Whereas the sisters acted like I was lame for wanting to talk about sh*t like QUANTUM PHYSICS.

        I guess talking about something else would have been more acceptable.

      • ancientGOD83

        Brother all my patnas take care of they children and are trying to retire by 35 not trying to work. ALL of they old ladies trying to get bigger houses, newer cars, thus making it impossible. I think when they said they looking for the messiah that is black to rise they meant All of us. because from the looks of it we have to elevate our women back up. I still keep my promise and speak to every brotha/sista I meet, but at times I sigh at how they mind is completely GONE.
        That banks chick acts like every chick me and you and countless other talk about because they are AFRAID of losing they job. So they always on edge, because without it, they don’t exist. Now they treated like us nagas lol.
        mane we to most handsome, loving, caring, cool, stylist, smart etc. and we get the HARDEST time from our women. its like 1+1=10 don’t add up. and with Scandal and that Henson chick, they really feeling that anything goes to “make it”

      • Terrance

        I can’t believe the TRUTH you are telling right now.

        Got wifey right here reading this and you are making Brothers look really good right now yo.

        Damn near everything you just typed, I have already said to my wife.

        Please believe.

        Down to RESIGNING at 35 and starting a business. (which I did)

        I can tell you are a GOOD BROTHER.

        Trillions of $’s have been pumped into DESTROYING the BLACK FAMILY.

        It has worked better than expected.

        Our ppl can’t even get together without BS poppin off.

        There are MANY decent Nubian folks out here but, we are not shown this through media and… Are now taught to celebrate the Ballers and not the Everyday working man.

        Having a decent job and taking care of the Family doesn’t seem to be good enough nowadays.

        I remember the days when even HOMELESS ppl on the streets would wear suits.

        Now we have all this to look at daily.

        You don’t have to be a Hoe or a Hoe n*gga to make it.
        However, a lot of us nowadays are subscribing to this and believing the LIE.

        Can’t blame the white man tho.
        The reality is…


        (caucasoid is just enforcing his master’s plan)

        Our folks better wake up soon because the GAME is almost OVER and an ordinary job actually WON’T be good enough in…


      • Celz

        “Trillions of $’s have been pumped into DESTROYING the BLACK FAMILY.It has worked better than expected. Our ppl can’t even get together without BS poppin off. There are MANY decent Nubian folks out here but, we are not shown this through media and… Are now taught to celebrate the Ballers and not the Everyday working man.”

        I took an American Pop Culture class and I already kind of knew it but my Professor broke down how the Minstrel Show was THE START OF AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT AS A WHOLE. Now that America is the dominant world super power American pop culture is basis of Pop Culture world wide. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Europe, Africa, or India. African American music and the white American film industry is parent source.

        The Minstrel Show was created to allow white people to emulate and enjoy black culture without having to assimilate or respect it. The character archetypes including the Sambo and Mammy were solely created to disrupt the balance of power in the black family unity and destroy it. These images are so ingrained in the psyche of any human alive today that we don’t think twice when we see Madea or Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. But they carry the exact same physical appearance and disposition.

        Before the civil rights movement entertainment was the only profession African Americans could get into rather easily. So naturally that’s what gets passed down to the next generation. The music industry went from excluding blacks from black music, to exploiting blacks in black music, now it is in the current phase of watering down blacks in black music… Since technology has eliminated the need for major recording studios, distribution, and marketing they force feed us an image instead of art, so now you need money to get noticed instead of talent… Cold Game.. Notice how every evolution of black music is ridiculed before it is commandeered. It’s as if the critics subconsciously say it takes the white man to make each genre into art.

        Manipulation = Power and Power = Money..

        For the black man to rise we need to take control of the American entertainment industry, kill it, or wait until it bleeds our culture dry and moves to the next prey..

      • Celz

        You a real nicca family. All I can say is continue to drop knowledge wherever you go. Ignorance is contagious but so is the truth..

    • SobekSet

      A lot of pissed off Black men commenting. Is this carry over frustration from the Trayvon Martin thing, the Mike Brown thing or the Eric Garner thing? Or maybe some other thing all together. I don’t recall Azealia Banks asking for any of your so-called opinions but it’s great that you have a forum to go to where you can release your tension, anger and frustration. Good job guys!



    • Celz

      Hey this new lil nicca from NY is hot.. Tweezie sound pretty cool.. NY has been strikin out lately.. I fuccs wit Joey Badass but Troy Ave is hot garbage and ASAP are a lil too swagged out for me..

    • Dope

      But then… what would she be known for if she didn’t have a twitter account? Don’t make her go and actually do something, let her enjoy her twitter fame.

      • pimpsquadpop

        When he started all that “Canada Dry” talk. Drake bodied him on “Stay Schemin” and Com Sense had to cop a plea. The beef was all over Serena in the end and to me that makes Common a hater.

      • Blaq_Boi

        He disliked Drake as a person over the Williams chick sh*t. This is about the trait. Context.

      • pimpsquadpop

        He disliked Drake as a person because of Serena and went about it by dissing Drake as a rapper… Classic case of hating and that is the reason Common apologized in the end.

      • STFUUIgnants

        I think he was baiting him to respond, it just didnt work. It did seem out of character for Common tho, like he was bored and need a challenge for motivation. At the same time why is Drake talking about battling Mook, but wouldnt respond to Common. Out of respect or scared? Who knows.

      • STFUUIgnants

        Just saying Common was dissing him to sell records (which may or may not have been true) wasn’t really answering him in a lyrical way. It was on some-I’m too successful to really engage you-type ish. But then he’s thinking about battling Mook? Why not battle Common on record.

  10. Ryan Cole

    When you’re known more for your social media beefing than your music, it’s time to find a new career. Azalea talks big shit, so I figured she was the next coming of Lyte, and I looked up “212”. That song is wack as hell. No better than anything Iggy puts out. I guess I’ll get a Twitter diss now.

  11. a.c.

    Banks is a attention whore anything for attention I never heard her music I don’t know where she came from was she part of love n hiphop or something all I know is she thinks she da best has she dropped anything out has she sold millions or something

  12. Felix

    This is were the lil bitch lost with me. If nobody is more supportive to underground and underrated chicks its badu. Lol bitch just lost another one

  13. RomeRebel

    Man smh this chick is walking herpes, just keeps popping up to cause an itch. This the kinda chick you gotta give it to like how Dmx gave it to Keisha in Belly, except keep her face down in the pillow.

  14. Cloud Air

    azealia banks needs a chill button- but i will say i think her music is phenomenal.. the only thing i really dislike about her music is there’s so much illuminati symbolism in her videos

  15. spanky520

    i only hear of this banks bitch through these type of articles.i never hear bout her music.she runs her mouth like a hoe.trie learning how to have a career as long as badu’s dumb bitch

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      well some random fan asked badu if they listened to her i think thats pretty big … as an artist to have a random fan ask an established artist about you and they actually recognize you wether they like the music or not .. is a major feat in itself for a new artist ….

      • coach jenkins

        she’s not new technically. She been out for 4 or 5 years now.

  16. Dan_Tebasco

    I don’t believe I’ve actually heard a song from Azelia Banks but to claim someone is jelous because they don’t like her music is retarded

  17. Malik

    Congrats, you had me fooled for a second, and enjoy the adulation that comes from massa while you pose nude for Playboy.

    For all the time I rode for you Banks…I’m DONE!

  18. SobekSet

    Erykah Badu does not like Azealia Banks as a person. Regardless if one can identify with her genre of music, the fact is Azealia Banks does have talent. For example, when Janelle Monae began her music career as a new artist her underground sound was just eccentric and outside of mainstream as Azealia Banks (you tube some of Monae’s earlier music projects). However, Erykah Badu jumped all over the Janelle Monae band wagon when she was on the come up. What’s the difference? Artists openly support who they personally like, and as in the case of Erykah vs. Azealia, artists tend to throw shade on those they don’t like. The problem I have with Mz. Badu in this context is she should know better. She’s an older, more mature artist and a mother of three. She has a lot of wisdom and advice to offer and should be positioning herself as a role model for young black underground artists. Mz. Badu is a legend, and legends should keep it classy. Unfortunately, Mz. Badu allowed herself to get sucked into the Twitter troll drama, Banks snapped back and now Mz. Badu is asking “are we cool?” Who started it? But since Mz. Badu is on tour right now, maybe she needs the publicity? Idk. Love you Erykahhhhh! You too AB!

      • SobekSet

        Nigga, cracker, wetback, kike…call me whatever you like. It is what it is. Mz. Badu lowered her standards when she should have remained neutral. We are fans of both Erykah and Azealia and there are enough fans to go around for both, Thanks for reading though.

    • Dope

      Wow.. talk about blowing things out of proportion. All Badu ever said is ”Tried”. Nothing more, there is no hate there. I can say for many musicians I tries listening to it, it means I was open minded enough to give it a chance, I didn’t like them and went on with my life listening to what I do like. Same thing with Erykah. Azaelia is the one who caught feeling over it and used it as a reason to go on another twitter rant and got her ass handed to her with one simple tweet. Nothing more there.

      • SobekSet

        I’m not sure why folks are being so gullible. This is a classic media marketing stunt called “stirring the pot” between old and new artists in the hip hop game. Truth be told Erykah and Azealia are not musically even in the same lane and they would both probably like to keep it that way. I’m sure Azealia really doesn’t care what Erykah thinks about her in private because Erykah is not one of her favorite artists although she does respect her talent. The problem arose when Erykah voiced her opinion on Twitter, and since that is clearly Azealia Banks territory someone retweeted what Erykah said to Azealia and all hell broke loose. Now if you guys honestly think Erykah did not PURPOSELY create this drama to get more attention to coincide with her current tour then you guys don’t know Mz. Badu very well do you? Pfffttttt!!!

      • Dope

        As I said Azaelia is the one who made that word ”Tried” into a thing about jealousy of old towards the new etc.. when all Badu said was ”Tried” and probably didn’t even care enough to bother saying ”Tried, didn’t like it”.
        It was nothing, just a random answer to a random fan, which Azaelia took as a chance to go on another one of her rants. If she didn’t catch this opportunity she’d find something else to rant about anyway.

    • therealwayno

      uh? Someone asked Badu a question and she answered it. She didn’t @reply to the girl or nothing. Shit she did try. I liked some of what I heard before AB got signed, but she seems to be another one of these angry disgruntled artists who have had some legitimate setbacks, but can’t get past them and now she can’t get out of her own way.

    • Jeanette Berry

      Please clarify how Mz Badu snapped back? And please let me know how it is Ms. Badu’s responsibility to try and talk to someone who would rather call them jealous than ask why Ms Badu wouldn’t has only tried to listen to her music. Why would Ms Banks want to come at Ms Badu? Is there a mutual respect? She said nothing about not liking her as a person, she only said “tried”. That’s all, and Ms. Badu even said, Maybe I don’t get it. I actually like Ms. Banks’ music, just don’t understand why she wouldn’t engage in a respectful conversation. Maybe that happened off of twitter. who knows.

  19. EDub

    Azealia is OK. But her beef/tweet/drama to music ratio is horrible. She should focus on that career and not try to turn everything into drama.

    And going at an OG is just a bad look.

    • RapItUp

      It’s too late to ‘focus’ on that, bruh. She already made her choice. And continues to do so. How long can you support that madness? You’re just begging to be disappointed as a fan. Good luck

  20. Ravishing Quinc Rude

    Shorty is bugging out. Just because someone don’t like her music, it’s automatically envy and “because she’s old”? It’s not the fact that the only place you can hear Azealia Banks is Euro MTV and gay clubs.

    That’s what be making me shake my head at her. She just can’t take criticism well. Erykah Badu handled it well. Better than I would have

  21. RapItUp

    How long are you AB supporter gonna find ways to stand up for this disgruntled, trout mouth hefer? How many passes should she get? Gonna let her talk slick to Al Green next? Disrespect MLK? What about talk down on possibility of a black Jesus? What’s it gonna take? This chick’s talent is invisible to me because there’s too much of THIS happening. No respect, social media responses where she’s not welcome. Stop giving this annoying heaux the time of day.

    On another note, this controversy caused me to go watch Erykah Badu ‘window seat’ video.. Mm, mm.. I’d like to saddle up on her crazy ass..

    • SobekSet

      And I’m sure Mz. Badu would not hesitate to kick you in the balls so hard they come up through your mouth. She’s not a horse you idiot, she’s a woman. AB is not even on your level so you can miss her with your SuperFly commentary as well.

      • RapItUp

        I know AB isn’t on my level.. She should be removing the trash bags and vacuuming after majority of people leave my office.

        As for getting swift kick to the nuts from Ms. Badu.. Well.. that would be my hip-hop story.. As long as I got to rub on that..

        Pretty clear who didn’t get any Valentine’s love last night. Bitter much?? Want a hug boo? Haa

      • SobekSet

        I’ll pass….I had a GREAT night actually and day. Lots of love in the air and everywhere! The “rubbing” thing is so disgusting. Ewww.

      • RapItUp

        How do you know it’s disgusting.. Are you asexual? You don’t know anything about me. I could’ve rubbed up on you before, and UOENO.

        I’m glad you had a great day and night. Not here to pick a battle with somebody who isn’t objectively responding to the topic at hand. You don’t even know who you’re defending here. What side are you on? This isn’t a women’s rights website, sweetie. This is hip-hop. Please, have a seat over there.

      • SobekSet

        I have responded, several times before you even posted your first comment. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. If you bothered to scroll down you would have known that. I don’t take sides I challenge the irrational thought patterns of others such as yours. And yes you are disgusting, I’m quite aware of what type of site this is and the last time someone told me to have a seat I handed them their ass.

      • RapItUp

        I have no problem reading, as I’m responding to the foolishness you’re kicking me. I came on this page, responded to what I could see on my phone, and left it at that. Didn’t look for your messages to troll upon, as you did mine. I don’t care WHAT you said, if not in response to me. Firstly.

        Lol @ handed them their ass. Sweetie, the only thing you can hand me is a check. Other than that, you got nothing for me. Go back on over to Perez Hilton or TMZ now. Or bother one of the other posters. I’m not gonna entertain your estrogen powered rants, similar to the hussy you’re on MY website defending. Like I’m supposed to be afraid of your typing?? LOL girl gone.. I was being nice. Good day. The red X at the top right hand corner of your screen will deliver you.

      • SobekSet

        You tell someone to have a seat and when you get dismissed you want to cry “leave my site”. Go away George Jefferson….(after he’s had his fifth swing of Jack Daniels), Weezy said it’s time to go night, night.

  22. Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    So just because someone doesn’t listen or like a person’s music they’re a hater? FOH with that Banks.

  23. King Kredible

    One of these ladies is talented, classy, gorgeous, credible, and can actually sustain a career, and the other is Azealia Banks.

    • MassConglom

      I -uck wit banks but it’s hard to come to her defense when she attacks an OG like Badu. Erykah’s music is timeless and award winning, so I don’t see her being jealous of anything Banks is doing. Banks threw the extra shade simply because she was hurt that someone as credible as Badu didn’t like her music.

    • SobekSet

      I don’t think AB wants to be, nor does she care. Why should she? She’s talented in her own right. There is only one Erykah Badu and that’s enough. Azealia Banks is who she is and is cool with it.

      • SobekSet

        Well yes, she does have a way with words. She is actually a very good singer and song writer as well, but that sometimes gets lost in all the Twitter beefs.

      • SobekSet

        Nope, my mind is precisely where it should be I like her music AND Azealia Banks is definitely talented.

      • SobekSet

        Don’t try it Fred Sanford. AB is holding down the fort on her end. She has supporters that will defend her against haters of all kinds. Including you.

      • RapItUp

        Tell your idol to STFU, stay off social media, and make some music.. then you wouldn’t have to throw your cape on and make a fool of yourself defending an idiot that would probably SMEAR you all over the web if you tweeted her the wrong thing. Doofus

      • SobekSet

        Why is it every time I TRY to converse with you in an intelligent manner you disappoint EVERY time. Why? Just why?

      • RapItUp

        Operating word- TRY. You fail. Miserably. And with school being out tomorrow, that’s another day of no tutelage that leaves you to torment the working class of america w/ your sideline cheering antics. Good luck w/ AB, you’ll forget about her in a couple months and realize how much of a fool you looked rooting for this absent-minded tramp. Have one of your older friends pick up that new playboy issue for you too, while you’re at it. You can rub one off to your idol, and listen to her God-awful music at the same time!

        Bye, Sobek.

      • SobekSet

        Ahhhh, looks as though you have closed your children’s dictionary and thesaurus for the day. Well, I guess you get a “E” for effort but an “D” for being a straight dumb ass. We’ll meet again soon I’m sure, I’m always on the lookout for the ones who can’t make a point without being insulting. You guys make this all worth white. Do Svidaniya!!!

      • RapItUp

        I get “an D for a straight dumb ass”. “AN D”? Lol. The irony. “An” comes before word beginning w/ vowel. “An O”. “An E”. So, you omitted the “AN” before awarding me the “E”, but put an “AN” before the D merit, and proceed to call me a dumbass?? LOL

        You’re done. Bye, Sobek.

      • SobekSet

        Oh, still here? So now you want to debate grammar and semantics because you have nothing of substance left. I will play….what next?

      • RapItUp

        Lol she riding hard homie.. I didn’t realize until like the 4th comment.. haha but she’s going in

      • SobekSet

        And why are you typing in all caps? Does it sound louder when you type? *Smh*……And no, I am very much a heterosexual but have great respect for the LGBT community. They are good people. Well, except the ones who are racist.

      • dbfromdc


      • SobekSet

        Once..again….CAPS LOCK key. Don’t worry I’ll walk you through this and you will be fine. Now, the CAPS LOCK key looks just like it sounds. It is located on the left side of your keyboard usually underneath the TAB key. Once you have located the CAPS LOCK key I need you to “press” it once.

      • dbfromdc



      • dbfromdc


      • SobekSet

        Not really. Azealia Banks has spent the last three or four years touring and doing shows and concert venues in Europe. She has a lot of latino fans in the US and internationally, fans in the Middle East, in Europe, a good number of Black fans in the US (though most hate on her) and a lot of combined support from the LGBT community. Racist, gay, white men hate her though because of beef started by Perez Hilton. But since Perez Hilton has yet to apologize to Azealia for his racist comments about her I hope Azealia continues to stand her ground and refuse to bow down tp Perez Hilton and all of his gay white media friends who continue to write all the negative articles about her. There are some cool gay white guys out there and Azealia rolls with them too.

      • dbfromdc


      • SobekSet

        Oh I forgot, you are a challenged reader. Okay, I’ll make this simple for you:

        Do-not-ask-a question-if-you-do-not-want-an-answer. Mmmkaayy?

      • cricejr

        Strangely, ive never met one, or heard one, or read one, or anyone besides you that has given this person props. .

    • staticb62

      Erykah shut her down on some classy/street(og) shit without AB really catching it. That was the coolest way of saying, “Bitch, I don’t/fuck wit/YOOUUU!”

  24. RapItUp

    Ok guys, just in case you didn’t pick up (I admit, it took me a minute before I saw all of her drone-like, whipping-girl responses)…. SobekSet is a free intern over at AB Enterprises.. Her compensation is a free youtube streaming of AB’s next music video.. which might not ever come out.. due to the incessant Twitter beefing.. Oo, and custom AB pom-pom’s to root for her hero, on various websites after a random Google search.

    • Bust_1_InyaEye

      Peep the profile. This is either a AB Stan (which is very unlikely) or AB herself. The profile only comments on AB stories. Being as tho that’s the case there aren’t many likesor post since there aren’t many accomplishments by AB.

  25. bklyn reprezenta


  26. Getatme

    When I hear more about ur off court antics than ur music-that means ur trying to over compensate for a lack of. Their convo seemed more sort of matter of facts than shade. The only shade I caught was on Banks behalf.

  27. King Kredible

    What’s funny is that starting celebrity beefs to keep your name in the public eye is a certified strategy that works. Azealia Banks music sucks so badly though, that she can’t even make that work. In order for that hustle to work, you have to have at least have a semblance of a product that someone wants to see or hear and she doesn’t. She sucks terribly and so far, there’s nothing she’s been able to do about it.

  28. M. Skittle

    This chick needs to just focus on improving her horrible music. You had one moderate hit and it took a top name producer to get it. You should be lucky Badu even recognized that your work exists. Now go take your clothes off for Playboy, make a mill, then it’s back to waitressing for you.

  29. Charter

    Erykah Badu = Legend, with multiple awards, global notoriety for her work, and records from the 90’s that STILL get air time/sound dope.
    AB = A loud, (ugly?), obnoxious nobody with not a hit that trolls social media all day.

  30. THOT Provoking

    Badu was like, “I can’t listen but I’ll still bone tho! Don’t take it personal” lol…Banks was like, “Yeah, I’ll bone too…just making sure it’s still on” I’m trippin

  31. RichFromBX

    damn, AB too stupid and caught up in her own sh!t to see that Miss Badu politely laid facts that she ain’t sh!t..Miss Badu, a real artist, told you she tried to listen to your ish and found that it’s ain’t ish then condescendingly agreed with you that she was “too old”…In less than 5 years AB will be on gov’t assistance…not that gov’t assistance is a bad thing but when bragging about your cash…know what I mean…

  32. jubileeshine

    Stay Black & Die: DLabrie ft. M1(dead prez), Jacka RIP, AdisaBanjoko, Shamako Noble,S aikoDelic


  33. Marc Christopher

    Erykah didn’t @ or # AB so to me that means she wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. AB either all on Mz. Baud tieline or searching her own mentions. There wasn’t a diss or shade

  34. cricejr

    I put this on every thing: I have no idea who this banks broad is and only read it because badu was mentioned. It strange how the only way ive ever even heard of this person is her mentioning someone else’s name. She clowned herself comin at Badu loke a fool, but maybe im jealous that I dont have twitter fame.

  35. Renegade

    AB is so insecure. Why doesn’t she just let some shit go? Get off twitter & get in the studio and make song that’s worth listening to.

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