Is Diddy Suing Empire Over The Show Being Based On His Life?

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The word on the street is that Diddy is suing Empire because he thinks the show is based on his life. Ok Puffy well we have several questions. Would this mean that one of his sons is gay and that he killed BIG? Was Bad Boy founded by drug money? Who went to jail for almost two decades for him? Did he ban Quincy from appearing for more reasons than him not being the music producer? But wait wasn’t Empire loosely based on Jay-Z’s life? Diddy does throw some nice white parties though. We must say this is all comical.

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  1. therealest1

    This is reaching way too much, but I guess it was written just to get views.

    This is a baseless rumor. I haven’t seen the show at all, but I believe the aspects of the characters are based on real life stuff of prominent individuals in the music game over the years.

    The company on the show being founded by drug money seems like how Death Row was established, and the wife on TV who did time seems like Harry O who funded Death Row while imprisoned.

    Other than that, I know nothing else about the show.

    • Ijibteu

      You should watch it, I never heard of the empire since I barely go on social media, and don’t watch shit. But my sister showed me it, when I first watch it I thought Oh God another corny fim about black people and music. But I kept watching, and it got better and better. I dont know why everyone talks about the gay son i find the oldest son to be better, he has bipolar disorder. What show with a black person has bipolar disorder? None. The media always show only white people have mental disorders, or eating disorders but in reality any race can have it. But back to the diddy rumor, i can see smiliarlites with him and the father but I don’t think diddy have 3 sons, a crazy but hot ex wife, and his entertainment isn’t public, no one can just go and audition. It’s sad but I don’t think any hip-hop entertainment is public in America. And thats a little something of why the show is different. Plus the music is good, especially the gay son music, I forgot his name lol.


    Wait. There’s a character on EMPIRE that steals the spotlight from his artists and rapes them financially ?

    • Thought Dog

      According to xzibit and a few other people he most likely touches those booty holes birdman style as well.


        haha. If this really is about Diddy I need to watch it though. I always wondered if he wrestled with his conscience while screwing his artists out of every last penny he could get away with.

  3. RichFromBX

    Wait, I didn’t the miss the episode where a large donation is made to a University in exchange for a football scholarship, did I?

  4. water_ur_seeds

    Ive never watched it, but Im guessing they take bits of Puff, Jay, Suge and Ruthless’s story and merge them…

  5. MrNoName2K

    HEEEEEEELL TO THE NAW..now this belongs right where it is..the RUMOR MILL! If Diddy going to sue then so can everyone else that claims themselves to be a self made..”drug peddler-turned mogul”..FOH

  6. Dutch Masta Rillo

    This is by far the best rumor I’ve read on this site in the past 2 maybe 3 years. An actual rumor about some real hip hop shit. And what made the rumor better is the questions the writer asked. . . .ESPECIALLY THE BIGGIE QUESTION! Bravo to all hip hop for this one

    • Dark Matters

      LOOOOL We need to stop being so hard on these cats. Illseed and his rumor crew are going to need a shrink pretty soon, judging by the disapproval ratings.

  7. keylon jackson

    hmm quincy didnt fuq amber (gay) shine went to jail for a long time… Big death was a lil weird, diddy been around jacques agnant, cat and many more…

  8. Markus

    Guaranteed there’s no lawsuit speculation if this show didn’t take off and be successful. Diddy,we don’t believe you.

  9. RA

    Why is anyone reporting on this rumor when it is not substantiated? People want to throw darts at Puff all the time because of jealousy and envy. Why do so many people speak on things that they don’t know are true? All Hip Hop is a joke of journalism for even publishing this article. Get something real to write about.

    • Dark Matters

      That’s why it’s called a rumor (although in allhiphop’s case, they probably started it).- it’s not substantiated. I do feel you on the sub-par writing/journalism, though. AHH has taken cues from today’s rappers. You don’t need to be good to do numbers, until the fans get tired of your weak writing and you actually stop doing numbers.

  10. tdotkilla

    that would mean he SNITCHIN’ on himself…so this is the DUMBEST rumor ever! whoever wrote this article should be fired!!!

    i’m suing because just like the show i also killed ppl and had ppl shot and been associated with murders and sold drugs or by the way my son is not gay but he was to be gay 2-3 is good anyway you want to look at it HE FUCKED!

    ps. fire the editor thought this site was to be credible even if its a rumor its the dumbest rumor ever

  11. Doodoo Browns

    Man I don’t see Lucious all on stage dancing or hear him on the track saying “take that” gtfoh Puffy

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah lucious altho somewhat devious seems like he actually had some talent … he writes produce and sings no auto tune

      • Doodoo Browns

        Right and just about every hit Diddy ever made was already a hit

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        def tru especially his rnb stuff with mary



  13. Getatme

    Shame on you AllHipHop. Stooping to the levels of Bill Oreilly and Brain Williams. Kickin this bull as a rumor that doesnt even make sense! How could it be about Diddy or Jay? No resemblence, pure BS.

      • BlueBuds

        where the hell have you been…Dre is a billionaire he was name the first hip-hop artist to reach a billion, last year

      • Sean Planes

        It was a billion dollar deal with Apple but Dre didnt get the full billion. He get a percentage. So no he’s not a billionaire but he the richest man in hip hop.

  14. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol @ everyone trying to attach themselves to this show by any means lol fif tried to say they copied power and its nothing like it …. and if you look around theres really no one in the game that fits the story line … you can piece lil stuff together but no exact match especially jayz lol …

  15. DiscoverDior.com

    This show Empire is becoming over saturated with black celebs all in one show. Every black celeb wants to be apart of this show. I give it another couple episodes until people start to loose interest.

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