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Lil Wayne Throws Microphone & Storms Off Stage During Concert (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) It has been a stressful week for Lil Wayne. Two days ago Wayne was a victim of a prank call that had the media reporting gunshots were fired at his Miami Beach home, and there was also an incident with an unwanted prostitute being sent to his house. Now video has surfaced of the Young Money leader getting visibly upset with a DJ at his concert in Florida.

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Wayne was performing at Nova Southeastern University when the DJ apparently played the wrong version of the song “CoCo.” Weezy wanted the track from his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape. He then threw his microphone at the DJ stand and left the stage.

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Watch footage from Wayne’s concert below.

Lil Wayne is here and rocking the stage! #NSUSharkJam

A video posted by NSU Student Activities (@nsustuact) on

It's Weezy baby #NSUSharkJam

A video posted by NSU Student Activities (@nsustuact) on

The crowd is loving Weezy #NSUSharkJam

A video posted by NSU Student Activities (@nsustuact) on

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  • ChinoX813

    Seems like a stupid reason to throw a tantrum and walk off stage in front of people who paid to see you perform. Then again, what else can you expect from a kid who was raised in the entertainment business.

    • jazzoh

      You have to take your craft seriously to get to that level. Most of those people are perfectionists and emotional. If you paying someone a good piece of change to do a job that will only reflect on you and you are out there focused and flawless and the dj can’t hold up his end, I can see that pissin a person off. Who knows how many times in how many shows dude messed up. It ain’t like it’s a house party. If a person wants to play and get paid at that level no room for error.

      • ChinoX813

        Just because something doesn’t go your way is no reason to take your ball and go home. That’s A spoiled brat mentality. He could have carried his show off until the end and then fired the guy afterward just out of respect for the people who spent money they made working real jobs to see him perform.

      • jazzoh

        For me that’s a given of course there was a better way to handle this. Wayne is more acting as expected than anything else. I can’t say this is shocking or unexpected and it doesn’t mean it can’t be a valid explanation for his actions. My response is connected more to it being a stupid reason …that is that mans job. maybe that is the difference between those that make it in entertainment and those that don’t

  • Solo

    Hahaaa dayum bro! Wayne pissed! DJ.. you know you fucked up right? Now when he goes to get gigs they’ll be like “wait a min…aint u the one that fucked up wayne performance @ NSU? Nah we good.” Hahaaaaaaaaa FOH!

    • ZUBU

      real-spit, his body of work or lack of (work) will follow him…

  • TheAfroRican

    LOL @ Wayne acting like a spoiled kid. I understand the DJ made a mistake but tossing the mic and walking off doesn’t make the situation any better. Welp, hope the DJ has a stable day job….

  • Slaughtr

    None of yall know what this nigga is going through and when your performing and the when the Dj fcks up it can be irritating when your vibing trying to be in form i show mode. I just saw Kool G two weeks ago and his DJ fcked up during a song and G was pissed.even though G stil completed the song that’s not the point everybody has a different human reaction to shyt. Lastly this nigga is a grown man most act like he is still the young Wayne. Put yourself in his shoes when you can do that let me know.

    • I guess life is so hard for Wayne, the DJ playing the wrong track and it’s so upsetting that he should just leave and go home….Yeah right…Big thug hard core gangsta rapper and he can’t handle such a small mistake. Now the world must stop because Wayne is upset.

  • yomomma

    Acting like a straight bitch

    • Ipullcards

      Fux U talking about? He didn’t know who the fux was performing?? Dj can’t get the music right?? I’ve seen every top rapper react the same fuxing way.

      • yomomma

        You acting just like him too….a straight bitch

      • Ipullcards

        That’s how u talk to me? Smh I could of been your pops.. Young dumb nigg@

      • yomomma

        Suck my dick

    • Michael Cooper

      How he acting like a bitch, dude had one job and fucked it up, that’s the equivalent of you ordering your food a certain way and you get home and it’s not what you asked for, would you or would you not be pissed?

      • Rappers act like they are so perfect, like they don’t make mistakes. It’s a simple mistake, Lil Wayne seem to have an anger problem, just like how he went on social media to air out to the world about business issues with the label.

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  • NY hold this Tai’L #Retired

    Lmfaooo and Wayne did not the DJ that night.

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  • MR.X

    its not like there up there free styling they have rehearsal before the show plus im pretty sure Wayne sound guy gave him the tracks to play and the order to play them in DJ just fucked up on this one


    Where’s the “you had one job” meme ?

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  • MrNoName2K

    diva sh*t.. nothing new..on the flipside though,DJ did f*ck up so he got every right to be mad, i would too if i spent my hard earned money to get to that sh*t(which personally I would never do) but reason to act like a little hoe and storm off.. give the people they moneys worth dirty n*gga

  • wow…as DJ myself that was wack as phuck.. lol…

  • Say what you want, but when you go against your Boss (Birdman) nothing is going to be the same.When he was in good terms with his Boss, life was smooth for Wayne. Don’t bite the hands that fed you.

    • Eyedre

      But..what if ya boss said “suck my d*ck, it would make you Richer”……would you just drop to your knees? Entertainers compromise things you cannot Fathom to stay relevant………Hollywood ( Modern Day Babylon) demands that from many……….just sayin, Have control of your own World!

      • It’s not that simple, Lil Wayne aired out his dirty laundry on social media. That’s not how you conduct business. If his issue with the label was so bad, then he should have gotten his legal team. Just like like in the video, the DJ made a mistake and he throws the mic and runs off stage. How old is he dam, control your temper.

  • phame

    Lil Waynes new Remix will have a new hook: Go (away) DJ, that’s not my DJ., Go (away) DJ

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  • Dam this time 3 years ago Lil Wayne and YMCMB was the hottest thing on the planet. Now not so much. I guess Maybach music is the last indie label standing. I have always said that once a label starts to sign too many big names on there roster it eventually get too complicated to handle so many huge personalities on one label.