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TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith Blames Interscope For Kendrick Lamar's Album Leak

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated new album To Pimp A Butterfly was leaked early on iTunes over the weekend, and the CEO of K. Dot’s imprint is not pleased about it. TDE’s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith expressed he feels the early release of the album is the fault of Kendrick’s major label Interscope.

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The official release for To Pimp A Butterfly was scheduled for March 23. The project features George Clinton, Snoop Dogg, Bilal, Rapsody, and more. Purchase the album here.

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111 Responses to “TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith Blames Interscope For Kendrick Lamar's Album Leak”

  1. THE.

    wait, didnt they say the early release was tribute to Pac or some sh!t like that…. If the album is fire, its a win win for them still.

  2. Markus

    The entertainment industry is all about leaks. The real fans will come out and support if the album is worth it which I believe it will be. Why Interscope would do this with money to lose is anybody’s guess.

      • keepitthoro

        Interesting…especially because the content we’ve heard so far is not specifically geared towards the people who traditionally buy albums: white folk and women.

      • Furious Styles

        Along with that, the fact that Top Dawg promised it would go platinum first week.

        Not sure how that works and if the iTunes release 8 days early means it’s for retail.

        But from what I’ve heard of the album, I’ll be shocked if it goes platinum first week. I like it but everything you said makes it hard for me to see it going platinum soon.

        I could be wrong. We’ll see.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the fact that its dropping now shows you how much faith they have in that album … ijs … big albums drop 4th quarter …… new artist, risky projects and promo tapes and singles drop top of the year / 1st quarter ……. i bet you never see drake drop an real album around this time …

      • Spirit Equality

        What the heck is a “real album”? Drake just released an album a month ago (aka “around this time”) and his first album was originally scheduled to drop in March, but it got pushed back.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        come on G!! lol .. retail album … that thing he just dropped…. if you reading this its too late is an mixtape per drake … but @ the most its an EP …. a real album = Take Care, Nothing was the same, Thanks me later etc…..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sn keep in mind you said his “1st album” and re-read what i was saying ……………………..

      • pimpsquadpop

        nigga drake album just came out a few weeks ago. fawk u talmin’ bout bro???

      • pimpsquadpop

        It was purchased by me via iTunes and it counts against obligation to his record label… It’s an album in my book.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        due to the history of street mixtapes … labels especially CMB dont like giving away free product anymore … the creator of that body of work called it an mixtape … “the business” made it an album cause they feel the need to capitolize instead of give away promo product especially product that features original material … so if you think like an corporation vs a fan who follows the creator of the work … then fine …. we can agree to disagree …………………………………………………

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        for all you LOOKING FOR AN ANGLE TO SOUND RIGHT MOFOz … heres a little info from wiki – – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is the fourth mixtape by Canadian recording artist Drake.

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    sounds like Top about to get on his dame dash …. WHO SAID THAT THEY COULD RELEASE MY ARTIST ALBUM WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW FIRST !!!!! WHAT ?? YOU SENT AN EMAIL ?? ………….. lol

  4. The Legendary Troll

    they tried to do the drake thing and just put it out there to see if he will have the same affect. we’ll know by next week

    • BLUE

      They leaked the clean version by mistake early yesterday and after that happened they panicked and put it on Spotify and iTunes as fast as they could. I think they were just mad cause they didn’t approve of any of this like okay albums leak but the TDE camp felt Interscope didn’t have the right to put it out early cause of a leak and they did it without talking to them. They do have the right though lol, they own the publishing and they are paying everyones checks; it’s their music once he sends it to them. No one ever learns how this label stuff works.

      • William Witherz

        So you’re saying once TDE sends the album Interscope can do what they want? It’s not just a distribution deal? That sounds effed up. I’ll never understand the shady music biz.

      • Sinbk Legend

        So how does it go? Bcuz the label decides if an album can get pushed back or released….

      • J Burn

        Labels release albums based on quarterly expectations… 4 quarters in a year…. If they think for some reason they don’t have a strong enough product(s) to cover the projected income or of they don’t see the album meeting sales projections… then they push it back…. And promo more or release it later… In the case of Kendrick the label leaked the clean version probably because they didn’t have a gauge on what he would sell… So they ‘leak’ it to get a concensus… Once the buzz builds up they’ll probably release the explicit version on the original release day…

      • Sinbk Legend

        Hey am I following u still? And how did u get back to commenting?

      • Tisha Woodley

        I don’t know are you still following me? I told you that I’m being stalked again. So that’s who probably got me banned. That’s why I’m on private now..😞😞😞

      • Tisha Woodley

        Ok, you can still text me.. But I still check in with your comments to give my upvotes.. Something wrong?

    • Furious Styles

      So far, I’m half way thru. “Wesley’s Theory” and “U” (especially the last verse) have true replay value, which is why I’m only half way thru.

      But thus far and to be honest, it’s pretty good.

      • William Witherz

        I’m in my mid 30’s, but I actually can’t wait. I’m curious if it is as “politcal” as everyone says.

  5. Eli Pinilla

    I download everything good. And buy it if it’s worth it. Just downloaded it. Will give it a go. Prolly buy it later on today if its worth it.

  6. TruthHurts

    Haven’t heard it yet but the early consensus is that people are NOT liking it. I heard it’s a bit too “artsy” for people with a lot of spoken word, and non-traditional type songs. Hopefully KDot didn’t make a mistake and make this album not approachable enough. Happens to a lot of artists hence the “Sophmore Jinx”. Looking forward to checking it out because I liked the last album, but I still don’t think Kendrick is as good as people make him out to be. I also didn’t like his last performance on SNL.

    • Celz

      I’m not sure if art can be to artsy.. I hope it’s full of spoken word.. I was just listening to like water for chocolate..

      • Terrance

        “Like water for chocolate” is what’s really good.

        “Nag Champa” changed my DNA…

      • Celz

        The weight on my shoulders fluctuates like Oprah’s….

    • Alan Ashanti-Mandinka

      Technically GKMC was Kendrick’s second album… so I don’t think the sophomore Jinx applies here. He’s innovative on the new album. Hip Hop needed this album.

    • Black Jay Supreme

      I’d be the first to put Kendrick on blast if what you wrote were true. But seeing as how your pic is “I’m scared of Kendrick-Lamar-ass-Drake” what more should we expect?

      Kendrick’s new joint SHOULD be a classic but it’s not. And the only reason it’s not is because of that b*tch ass song “I”. Otherwise Kendrick’s album ate 50 boxes of Ex-Lax and took a wet sh*t all over Drake’s album. Drake gave the world statistics. Kendrick gave the world hip hop. I respect that more.

      • EquinsuOcha

        Did u even listen to album? The “i” song changed on album its a new and better album version.
        And 1 bad song doesnt mean albums any less than classic

      • Black Jay Supreme

        I heard it. I still wasn’t feeling it. Maybe because it was sourced from some bullsh*t. Otherwise I’d give him classic status. But just cause he recorded it live don’t change sh*t for me. “I” just got under my skin. I’m from the KRS generation of “F*ck a remix”. Rock it right from jump or don’t release it.

      • EquinsuOcha

        yeah i understand what you mean im just old enough to remember biggie as a kid on the radio wutang dmx and young enough to like this generation. and ican agree with generation of hiphop sucks. that said kendrick is the face right now imo.

    • fakename

      it might be a lil bit over your head dog. i don’t think your mental capacity reaches Kendrick’s level. you seem like your more on an oj da juiceman level, mentally that is.

      • JEM

        Em been trash since The Eminem Show.

        Pac was always overrated. Average lyrically, albums were always inconsistent filled with filler, and he wasn’t that deep, or complex.

      • Top Bunk

        Really? Pac’s Brenda’s got a baby, keep your head up, dear momma, changes, Holla if ha hear me, and so many tears were all “deep” songs and socially conscious.

      • JEM

        So what? Still overrated. He ain’t the god his stans portray him to be.

      • Top Bunk

        No one’s a god. Nonetheless, he made socially conscious music and people respected him for that.

    • illwill216

      Album trash compared to the first i.understand the politics but this is.waaay left idk lupe fiasco shit is a banger

  7. TruthTalk

    Just listened to the album. The album is dope but its not what most will expect, Kendricks mind state is different. It’s different and more laid back. I respect it because it doesn’t sound like anything out today. Not the same feel as GKMC but still worth the buy.

  8. chrisduece1

    Its gonna be interesting to see how his “Pro Black” approach is gonna be perceived to the masses. Don’t think he was necessarily aiming for commercial success with this album. That can be a good and bad thing. Still patiently waiting for that Kendrick/J. Cole Album tho.

  9. RAMADAwhite

    i dig the album so far. The concept of the album comes from a grown up achieved some success perspective in my opinion

  10. Guest

    good kid m.A.A.d city is a classic. To Pimp a Butterfly is average. I’m sorry but except a very few tracks, this album is not working for me. The problem is not the lyrics or the concept. But it’s coming from the beats. I bet Kendrick smoked too much kush in the booth cause obviously the producers were out of control in the engineering room.

      • Guest

        The lyrics are good and the message is powerful. But the goddamn beats are wack. I was expecting a different sound.

        This album won’t sell like good kid m.A.A.d city. To Pimp a Butterfly is too “political”.

      • Thomas Smith

        The music is a mixture of LA, east coast (old east coast), Philly, the South, The midwest……..can believe he grab that knxwledge beat omg…….its your opinion about the music that shit right now my crew creating inspired…….but i’m tired of the 808’s and heartbreaks that we are subjected to everyday on the radio as well as the internet is annoying now….smh

  11. MassConglom

    “To Pimp A Butterfly” is for the core “Section80” “Overly Dedicated” fans who knew who he was before Dre and the Interscope hype.

  12. ll3acdafukup

    that “King Kunta” hook will be the new saying in the south but the message will be missed…

    Bitch where you when I was walkin’
    Now I run the game got the whole world talkin’, King Kunta
    Everybody wanna cut the legs off him, Kunta
    Black man taking no losses…

  13. Solo

    Smh, album aint been out 24hrs yet and already niggas simpin. Dont care what anyone says this is some of kendrick’s best work right here! Once niggas get over the fact of “no bangers doe!” or “i cant bang dis out da whip”, they will stop and appreciate this for what it is, instead of what it isn’t (GKMC2, which is pretty much what nggas were expecting). This kendrick album is definitely more mature than GKMC and thats the reason why i feel some dont like it. They want something for their ears and not for their minds. This is hip hop niggas, and it comes in many different forms. Everything aint all about “bangers” and “slappers”. Damn, do n*ggas even listen to music anymore? Aww wait i forgot, mf’s just listen to beats nowdays, don’t even F’n care what the artist talkin bout. Shit, if anything he took it back to his ROOTS with this one. He put Rapsody on the album, thas real! Rapsody dope af but mad slept on (go listen to “the idea of beautiful”/albm or “she got game”/mxtp n*ggas) but bcuz of “no slappers doe” mf’s call it boring. Man i swear n*ggas losing iq pts listening to migos n sht. Now another genuine and creative hip hop project is labled as “boring” and “mediocre”. FOH!! Go listen to meek millz or fckn gucci mane if u want beats with no substance, some chief keef n*ggas! This shit right here tho is for the real hip hop heads with ears to listen and who can appreciate real music and real artists who are influenced by other genres instead of just trap shit. TURN U-… naw turn tf down. Real recogize real, this some real music. Appreciate it, its new kendrick muhfukas.

  14. Fortune 5000

    Much respect goes to Kendrick Lamar for displaying his vocal artistic range on his latest Lp. Its good to see that Interscope and TDE are both in conglomorant with each other while releasing his latest project. What concerns me is without the vouching of Dr. Dre on his previous release would Kendrick Lamar still be in the position he is currently in the rapp industry game? Would he have the artistic freedom in being this is only his sophmore album. Wouldn’t Interscope try to push out more product and music catered to his previous debut release for record sales and maintaining the genre to saturate the market/ It’s good to that Interscope had the marketing intelligence to let kendrick Lamar brand and find his own niche while still just a sophmore debut artist. I personally don’t think Kendrick’s unique production team will carve out and pioneer a new trend and fad in hip hop music. Ibelieve its not the production team thats sets trends and pushes the envelope its the unique sound/mix and tones that sets aside a new sound.

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