Drake & Madonna Respond To Public Ridicule Over Coachella Kiss

(AllHipHop News) Drake’s awkward response to being kissed in the mouth by Madonna led to the general consensus that he appeared disgusted, disturbed, or sickened. But Drizzy says that was not the case. The “Energy” rapper took to Instagram to respond to the public’s reaction to his reaction.

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“Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 100 about that forever. Thank you Madonna,” wrote Drake.


The Pop superstar used her own IG page to offer a veiled reply to the social media firestorm over the onstage kiss. Madonna posted a couple of pictures that included #unapolgeticb*tch. The iconic entertainer also borrowed lines from her single “Human Nature” which was the song she performed at the Coachella Festival before kissing Drake.

“I’m not your b*tch. Don’t hang your sh*t on me. Not then… And not now. Not ever,” stated Madonna. 



  • Anthony Mason

    Nope. Nice try you Succubus.

    • Dark Matters

      Took his whole life force. Drake is about to start dropping straight trash, from now on. Whoever Madonna kisses ends up crashing and burning. Just look at Britney Spears.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yup. I have been trying to say that. History shall repeat itself. This b**** is evil incarnate.

      • Q.

        “about to start dropping straight trash” <==== LOL tears

        "ABOUT TO"

      • Dark Matters


    • MrNoName2K

      lol good one…(for once)

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  • i don;t think anybody thought that was awkward that was awkward and gross at the same time

    • Dark Matters

      The kid damn near puked in his own mouth. I’m not sure why he’s trying to dress it up, now.

      • the only thing i could think of he is not trying to embarrassing her by not acknowledging how stink her breath is it probably smells like polly grip and stella d’oro breadsticks LOL

      • Dark Matters

        LOL Chick got that just woke up with a hangover in a vineyard breath LOL

      • she stays having morning breath LOL

      • B.U.

        You actually think Drake is powerful enough to embarrass Madonna? C’mon kid.

      • anybody can embarrass you there’s so much material from her age that reaction he gave after she kissed him and so on and so on

      • B.U.

        You think she cares? She’s an icon who’s laid her mack down on this game for over 30 years. Drake is just a baby swimming around in the bathtub.

      • forget the icon thing for a minute nobody what’s to get embarrassed i don’t care who you are and over 30 years ago you didn’t have social media with people getting directly at you so it’s a different time were if something happen you have to deal with it

      • B.U.

        You have to care what people think to be embarrassed and Madonna doesn’t give a damn dog. She never has.

      • as i said i don’t care who you are when things like that happen you got to feel some kind of way because there making jokes about her having bad breath theres parodies about it legend or not your a person at the end of the day

      • B.U.

        I doubt it, bruh. Drake is known for his wack exaggerated facial expressions. He didn’t embarrass anyone.

      • i don’t think that was one of them that look like grandmas funky old breath almost made him want to throw up

      • B.U.


      • Anthony Mason

        Bruh you sound like you have bought some of her music and are a big fan. Why so defensive though?

        But by “mack” do you mean Kabbalah practicing satanic whore? I didn’t know those were synonymous terms. If she is a legend in your mind, then so be it. Don’t worry about anyone else thinks then.

      • B.U.

        Madonna is a G, bruh, and I definitiely bought some of her early stuff. She is the originator of the “bad bitch” persona that these fraud chicks are imitating now. She’s manhandled that cake boy Drake and had him makin faces like a little girl instead of standing in the pocket like a man. By “mack”, I mean she’s been kicking down those white male supremacist doors since the 80’s. You know, the the same doors that these new weak stomach niggas are afraid to touch now?

      • Black Adam

        Did the same just looking at it. Matter fact, the headline alone had me doing that retching noise you make when you’re holding your mouth before you’re about to vomit.

  • B.U.

    Madonna is way too real and kicked up way too much dust for this guy and his simple ass fans.

  • I bet some of you folks wish it was you that she kissed and not Drake. LOL

    • chill plz

    • Tanman01

      Speak for yourself. Nobody want that old withering white bitch kissing them.

      • I’ve seen bro’s kiss worse in clubs. LOL
        To each their own if I was into Grannies I’ll be more than willing to own up.

  • Raheem Classick

    Now Drake got all that (80’s Rap Dick residue) in his mouth”

    • Q.


  • IceBergSlim

    Madonna is the type of chick that likes to shock you and she could careless if you love it or hate it she keeps it movin

  • Q.



    “Started from the bottom, now I’m here…(tasting)…Is that Dennis Rodman???” (PAUSE X 50)

  • 5% Hov

    Madonna the type of chick to keep sucking after you cum and wont stop even when starts hurting….

    • ytgarner


  • Guest


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  • baller187

    madonnna washed up trying anything to hold on, no one cares about your 70 year old ass

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