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Young Thug Says His First “Barter Six” Show Will Be In Lil Wayne’s Hometown Of Hollygrove (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) “I’m from Hollygrove, the holy Mecca,” raps Lil Wayne on Nicki Minaj’s “Only.” Weezy has always represented for his New Orleans neighborhood, and now his rival Young Thug is apparently headed to the location.

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In a video message posted on his Instagram page, Thug tells his followers he is headed to Weezy’s hometown to perform. The clip also includes other men in the background brandishing firearms.

“Carter Six coming out Friday. First show New Orleans, Hollygrove,” Thug states. “F*ck nigga, meet me there. Better yet, beat me there.”

This comes after Wayne recently told a crowd at his concert not to support Thug’s new album. Thugger then expressed he would not respond to the Young Money leader, because he saw Wayne as his idol. But another vid recently posted on Thug’s IG page included the lines, “Young f*cking money. F*ck you. I kill you.”

Young Thug also announced he changed the name of his forthcoming project to Barter Six. According to the Atlanta rapper, he was facing legal issues if he kept the original title of Carter Six.

“Can’t name the mixtape Carter Six cause the f*ck ass n*ggas trying to sue. Just like some hoes,” says Thug in a separate video. “I’m a big ol Blood, so I’m going Barter Six.”

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Watch Young Thug’s Instagram videos below.

#c6otw Udigg!!! VIDEO BY: @yslapparel

A video posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on

4/17 #BARTER6 VIDEO BY: @mpaduke1 FT. @yakgotti_

A video posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on

  • Sean Power

    this guy is trolling Wayne, and winning cause Wayne keeps replying and giving him PR

    • golder1

      This dude will be out the game real soon. His music will not last. He is winning because his fans are blind

  • Celz

    Fake ass niccas.. If you changing the C to B you’d change the S too.. Carter Six would be Barter Bix.. But them niccas never been around real bloods in they damn life…

  • Big_Chill

    SMH, Nigga you ain’t no BLOOD!!!!

  • WilliePapers

    Should change his name to Big L, no disrespect to the late Harlem great. Big Ls for this lame and all his sheep, I mean fans.

  • El Jeff

    SMFH…yall niggas keepin this lame hot

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  • Fosho3528

    Black lives matter…..except for this dummy

  • Obi Won

    Like him or not, with all the years and hard work Wayne put into this game, for him to get disrespected by this fad of a rapper is unacceptable.

  • Fuc Yo Life

    Check the full IG post–He talking about bring your dicks or some gay ass shit and the end. Real live homo thugs. SMH.

    • tra mo

      Yea i thought i heard him say dicks too smh

      • Fuc Yo Life

        Yeah I had to bring that back like…Hold up..What?>

  • Anthony Mason

    This nigga already bartered his soul for for some airplay, a few dollars and a Sh**ty 360 record deal.

    This cat is all over the place sucking his teeth and licking his lips like a damn fiend.

    • Fuc Yo Life

      Agreed 100%–Dude literally sold his soul.

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  • Saiyan Prince

    Omar from the Wire got all these ninjas f’d up

  • Brindle

    Where are his supporters? Who’s willing to admit they support this retard homo? And yall wanna welcome these types to hiphop!!

    • Tweley

      There are no rules to hiphop, he is applying the pressure to Wayne to step up. Wayne took up skateboarding instead of the mic, Thug stepped up. His songs do get played despite these comments.

      • Brindle

        You sleeping. There are many rules to hiphop, they just never had to be spoken until this new generation. Now the rules have to be explained, but no ones willing to press pause and explain them…. I believe his songs get played somewhere. Media pushes gay sh!t, especially gay black men so gay hiphop is right up their ally/ass (homo joke)… but where are the Young Hug supporters, defenders, purchasers of albums? I never see them on websites or making comments, and I definitely don’t see them in person… they should be lined up and shot down…. if they exist

      • Tweley

        I’m not ignorant to label him gay without proof he been with a man instead of internet trolls that get him on blog websites. I go to event his music seem to get the crowd pumped up. He has supporters, I support artists in general I look pass the antics and see what they bring to the table. He has his weird style that works.

        Music has no rules, you just seem too ignorant to the fact you want to hear things get played one way which you are used you.

      • Brindle

        You don’t have to be ignorant, take a leap of faith, plus the fool does gay shit, if it barks, its a dog. You like to use the word ignorant, but your a coward (afraid to just say you support the ignorant idiot) while calling me ignorant and supporting what could easily be the most ignorant rapper ever. You want proof he’s been with a man when he says/does gay sh!t all the time, who wants to see him with a man for proof, you waiting for the leaked porn video or something? Looking past antics, but I’m ignorant, you turn a blind eye but I’m ignorant… foh batty boy

      • Tweley

        I get it, it’s easy to label him as a batty boy but you fail to notice he is doing these things to support his 2 kids and mother, and baby mother. This is entertainment, as well as giving up his pride. He seems to not care, why should “we”?

        I turn a blind eye because I see pass the fuckery, this is not B2K pt 2, it’s you falling for homo antics.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I know gay men with biological children. But what I dont get is where is honor and respect for the legacy he is leaving behind.

      • Tweley

        I honestly think he doesn’t care about his legacy because he already forged his way into Lil Waynes which gives him a spot in the rap history books. Money talks in his eyes so his little antics are paying off.

        I don’t support it, but I do give him credit for coming up with unorthodox music style.Which works.. check song isn’t bad lol.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I dont know about pop, but my father passsed my musical taste to me, and now as a mother, i share that with my boys and expect them to hone their discernment. This is our culture, and like i said before to many outside ideals are ruining the culture that breeds innovation, and soul. If u hear sample can u name it? If so how quick without google?

      • Tweley

        I mean no one is really vested into music to name a sample without being a producer or building their knowledge up on their own.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        How long have u been listening to hiphop? I ask that because thats all i had and i can do it. So can most people i grew up with.

      • Tweley

        I’m 25 since the age of 9 more seriously during my teens to study the craft and revisiting classic albums. I have respect for those who came before, but the youth dictates what’s hot.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Oh ok. The young being young does not equate hot. We need classic, and not classic because theres nothing else. Classics bred classic. All that you are catching up on would not have been there without the appreciation for the material, not those who made it persay. So Wayne fighting back and letting the garbage operate the garbage truck is exactly what he should do. Albeit they recycling flows, he picked his own successful successor.

      • Tweley

        Young does mean hot because older artists can’t compete. You see krs one selling out arenas?

        Wayne fighting back with words instead of quality music. Not saying Thug will drop classics, but he has that trap lane which Gucci Mane paved for him covered.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Slim Dunkin had the trap covered. Tay, Wooh, French, Flock, and especially Juice. He doesnt hold a candle. And every word was understandable.

      • Tweley

        Gucci does hold the candle lol you have no history lesson for me then. Gucci put 80% of current trap artists on or was responsible for them getting their shine due to someone else he put on.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Lol. I didnt mean Wop.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        You honestly think Im going to sit here and politick with you as a black woman and entrepreneur and not know the history of Mizay ent?

      • Tweley

        Hey I questioned it for a second. It’s all good though.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        When I named them those were just a few of his solid co-signs. But personally I dont see it for dude against his co-signs. Even racks on racks dude. I respect the music always more than the artist. Therefore fandemonium doesnt trump the art.

      • DJ7

        Not anymore…you’re being marketed to and don’t even know it. How? Majority of the youth have no idea what marketing is nor how affective it can be…proof…Young Thug…D4L…Soulja boy

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Maybe youre on to something. Lack of appreciation seems to be the root too.

      • Tweley

        I respect Wayne, but he has to move over, his songs have been terrible.

      • Brindle

        I’m calling you batty boy… “why should we?” that sums up the problem right there… and I haven’t fallen for anything, I call it how it is… your the one with the broken moral compass… Stand for something, quickly

      • Tweley

        See you’re ignorant calling me one without even reading what I said regarding why I defended his music not actions.

        Big difference, stop labeling people and look at yourself. It’s a reason why Gucci Mane co-signed him to begin with.

        I can’t hold a conversation where you throwing batty-boy accusations without any merit because you fell for his trolls. I guess you said same shit with Kanye West back when he had cowboy boots.

      • Brindle

        No ignorance, it’s inteligence that lets me know something indefenceable. Gucci Mane co-signed, he sucks too… and this comes down to you stepping up your mindset when it comes to good music, what is hiphop and what is not, understand that music like his is promoted for the sheeple… but that would be a little to deep for you and I hate typing… as for Kanye, nah, it wansn’t the boots, it was the leather dress… like I said, if it barks, its gotta be a dog, to hope its a cat is ignorant…

      • Tweley

        Trust me I listen to ALL types of music mostly old reggae down to punk or classic rock, beat tapes from 90s etc. I just have an ear for catchy songs and he been making a lot of that. That check song wasn’t bad, I hate to say it lol.

        With your mindset artist would have to rap a certain way and look a certain way. Not co-signing his cross dressing, but it proves people can do whatever they want, you are just a listener. I go by the direction of the song and creativity being put into it. You can spit the hardest bars and come off as trash based on delivery.

      • Brindle

        its simple, you cross dress? I don’t want to hear your talent… If your talented, I don’t want to see your cross dressing… there’s a million other fashions for people, gay is not the only alternative to creativity and individuality… your argument is a cop out… the dude sucks, vanilla ice was way more talented

      • Tweley

        You have people bleaching and warping their bodies for attention. I just listen to the music at this point. Getting caught up on fashion is a distraction. Vanilla Ice lol you hating at this point.

      • Brindle

        and you’re supporting it all in the name of “I just listen to music”… that’s why the music’s gotten so bad, but you like that bad music (young thug)…and you think vanilla ice can’t out rap young hug, you’re trippen… I wasn’t being funny…

      • Tweley

        Young Thug- Halftime

        His latest song and he has a few others that are good and do get parties going. I’m not making this up, people don’t understand his lingo but blast his music.

        and no Ice can’t Thug has a catalog of songs I’ve seen dating back 3 years where he raps normal but sounded too much like Wayne. Better lyricist than Ice and his ghostwriters.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        This needs to be discussed. If this man does numbers rules will be the last resort..What sane man would want that cover on their phone while listening to the garbage?

      • Tweley

        English please.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        U couldnt read that? No wonder u dont know the unspoken or unwritten rules.

      • Tweley

        I read it, but it’s not a numbers game.. It’s a game of who is making music that gets played. Wayne singles have all flopped.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Thats what I want to see. Because if this man succeeds we need to call a roundtable meeting. That emo, anti-gender, “hiphop is what i make it” ideal doesnt fit. Too many years vested.

      • Brindle

        quit being stupid, how you don’t know what he’s saying?

      • Tweley

        Read below..

      • Obi Won

        I could’ve swore Wayne was trying to drop C5, which he said had good quality music, but Birdman put a halt to it. Thug didn’t step up, he got lucky with the gibberish he spits, and Birdman using the Cash Money resources to put it out.

      • Tweley

        You can’t get lucky with good songs back to back, hats off to the producers though. Thug isn’t in 1 hit wonder category.

        Wayne singles sucked, his mixtape was easily forgettable. His flow needs to be revised and wordplay as well. I mean he even said it himself if it sucked he would still go Plat. Not even trying..

      • Obi Won

        “Hats off to the producers”, exactly, other than his weird over the top gayish tactics, the producers should get credit for his light. And again, he has Birdman as his machine to push it out. He reminds me of the light that Chief Keef had only Chief Keef wasn’t down for the dresses, and homosexual antics.
        Now with Wayne, dude been rapping since before he could buy cigarettes, if its time to hang the mic up then cool, he’s put in his work. BUT hang the mic up to let this dude take his spot, FUX NO!!!

      • Tweley

        He should hang up the mic for simple fact that he isn’t making any good music and is focused on being the best skater. Like I said have you heard his singles lol and despite hate for Thug his songs catch on quicker than Waynes..


    • Mrs. Davis804

      Dang. He could have at the very least been

      • as i said he did that fowl shit to juvenile and this is pay back it took some years to come back around but it came back

      • Mrs. Davis804

        If u look at CMB then and now karma been kicked in.

      • that’s true because if you look at alot of the moves through out the years there was alot of underhanded moves were made like how artists complained they were not getting payed artists albums never came out

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I still want to know about magnolia shawty. Turk really confirmed to me that karma been on stunna for a min. Wayne was following orders. Probably the pawn to keep Juvie.

      • from what i can remember juvie was leaving the label and at that time he was the main star for that label shortly everybody else started to leave that was why i said wayne is getting universal pay back juvie had an album called 400 degrees and wayne decided to put out 500 degrees so when it comes down to it all them niggas are cut throats

      • Mrs. Davis804

        The year guerilla warfare came out was the year i got my L. I remember cuz I was there. Thats why its more distasteful now because hwaring Turk talk about back then was bittersweet. But that man was child then. There ia no excuse for boogawolf. I wonder how many PT cruisers and xhains he got instead if his publishing.

      • honestly i think the reason why alot of the hot boyz got ripoff is because they were kids the real adults were birdman juvie and mannie fresh so they knew there worth because if you notice mannie and juvie don’t seem to be hurting for money it’s only the younger members suing

      • Mrs. Davis804

        He said all the lawyers and admin was in house. All of them came from economic trauma so u know if the big homie eating it feel like the crew eating if you getting material things. Turk is only suing for 1.3 mil.

      • something shady was going on because alot of artists complained and had law suits against birdman for not paying them

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Yes. That was well know but in the media they made it seem like speculation. Even when no limit and them was supposedly beefing it was out there.

      • i never really got that beef they had two different styles and two different movements going on at that time as the old saying goes what you do in the dark has to come to the light so all there dirty is coming out

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I lost so many during that time. Dudes would either have the no limit chain or cash money. Smh

      • William Witherz

        I just listened to Juvie interview on Combat Jack show – he said he shouldn’t have left, he went about it the wrong way, and they were all learning at the time. He said he brought all the dudes together in a huddle and said “our money ain’t right” but somebody went back and snitched to Baby. he said it was downhill from there.

      • if you look at were his career was when he was on cash money he was a star after he left cash money it was zzzz and cricket noises so if i was him i would say that too

      • William Witherz

        Yeah I agree… but the only thing is that you’re not him. I’d rather hear it from somebody who was going through it than from somebody who read about it, even if he ain’t being genuine.

      • first nobody was talking to you this was a conversation between me and my boy so i don’t even know why you are even commenting on something that don’t even involve you

      • first of all nobody was talking to you this was a conversation that me and my boy was having so i don’t know why you are commenting on something that had nothing to do with you LEARN TO MIND YOU BUSINESS

      • William Witherz

        That sounds good, but I responded to you yesterday with the Combat Jack show interview comment, and you responded to my comment.

        “… if i was him i would say that too” was said in response to my post on what Juvie said. So you were talking to me. My response comments was a$$holish, but I wasn’t trying to argue. It’s all good on my end, gangsta.

      • what ever pimp juice

      • Mrs. Davis804

        That was a very good interview. I like combat jack.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    This is straight from the boondox. Gangstalicious vs the other one forgot his name but they eventually team up after the gangstalicious kisses the other rapper in the mouth. Thug love song.

    • Kolor_meblind



      I miss the Boondock.

  • Black Adam

    F’n pathetic.

  • Caribbean

    WOW! in the 1990’s it’s was a THUG-LIFE thing now it’s a FAG-LIFE thing.

  • hoeyuno

    Yo remember when Dre was planning to release Chronic 2000 then Suge’s ass tried to mislead peoples By Dropping Chronic 2000 still smokin..Which is why Dre named his shyt 2001 .

    • Anthony Mason

      That was a smart move. It actually fit the album content too because chronic 2001 was so damn futuristic at the time there was nothing like it. Plus the album was still hot in 2001.

      Only other album in that era that sounded nearly that futuristic was Stankonia.

  • hoeyuno

    The leotard retard strikes again!!! I swear man who the fucc is buying this knock offs shyt??

  • Mrs. Davis804

    He ratch just like a broad.

  • Ipullcards

    Ima say this cause I lived in hollygrove 8 years… I won’t name drop but he won’t make it out of there alive with out baby. And there still a chance that won’t matter since babies from the 10th/3rd and hg is the 17th. Not baby’s hood at all. In fact they use to beef.. Young thuggery don’t end your career and perhaps your life

    • this hood pass is brought to you in part by SKIP (Juvenile Homey)….remember…Juvie back with Cash Money! Skip is an affiliate now…Birdman making these moves happen! Birdman nor Wayne could step in Hollygrove with some pass!

      • Ipullcards

        Them biggaz on oleander and letting none of that fux sh1t happen. But hey you got your facts and I got mine. I’ll be out there for his show. Watch how we turn up!

      • Keyser Soze

        You’re right homie… Skip a OG.. and a real one at that if anybody think he gonna ride with baby over his hood they sleep plus them young boys back there ain’t tryna here nothin bout no pass.. only pass this lame can get is NOPD

      • Ipullcards

        Facts & nopd laugh dead in his face. They got Instagram all that.. They see the sh1t he’s talking. Boi.. He might as well cancel that! I know 2 OGz that ain’t letting that rock. Only way he might be able to even come is if he pays that toll! And that might not even matter. Them guns going off. New Orleanians don’t take well to feeling played!

      • Keyser Soze

        You already know… We the feel played capital of the world!! Lol.. I’m not even from round there lol I’m from Cross Tha Canal BUT soon as I read that I text my people from uptown cause I felt played lol them boys said man you know how uptown rock I said say no more💯

      • Ipullcards

        Ha u already! A&C g here. U know it ain’t going down like that! Wrong city wrong state!

      • Ipullcards

        And skip on Earnhardt at the car wash coolin. He staying out of this bs

      • Mrs. Davis804

        That makes since, UTP was dat shit. Is Wacko with them too?

  • Mrs. Davis804

    After hearing Turk’s interview with the BC my heart broke. What hiphop head would sign to YMCMB? Turk confirmed all the pre-social media rumors.

  • B.U.

    This is just Baby trying to say he made Wayne so he can replace Wayne. Of course sending this crash test dummy to get Wayne’s attention just makes him look desperate.

    • Mrs. Davis804

      Exactly what he tried to bully Juvie with when Weezy did 500.

  • Eastatlantasown6

    Nigga stupid af, it’s like Wayne saying he gon do a show on Cleveland ave only, shyt ain’t gon turn out right

  • Keyser Soze

    This boy clearly gotta death wish… I’m from New Orleans.. I got people out pigeon town and Hollgrove believe me when I tell you them boys would smoke this clown on camera Smh he really sleep out chea..

    • Tanman01

      No doubt. Birdman know better than to send this dude out here like that Smh

    • Dointer

      For real man, I am not a Wayne fan but I feel his background holds enough weight to know dude wont mess around when he gets dissed this directly.

  • Django 2Chainz

    The L’s that are held in this article can not be contained in 1 Comment….Hold this Eternity L

  • STFUUIgnants

    Under what definition does he define a fuc nicca, that doesn’t include himself?

  • Anthony Mason

    This nigga looks alike an AIDs donor.

  • Real Talk

    This dude is just inviting some sniper to take him down

  • Charter

    I kinda hope someone fulfills his request. This guy is no good on all fronts.

  • ChinoX813

    How Ya’ll can look at a picture of this dude and not break out laughing is beyond me.

    • paul hill

      Lollll rite

  • Sinbk Legend

    N.O. niggaz about to turn up on that show. ..while Wayne gonna be home skateboarding. ..smh

    • THE.


    • Tanman01

      N.O. dont really get down with wayne like that but they’ll get at this dude even if just to prove a point. This is one place you don’t wanna go with the gun talk. He’s asking for trouble.

      • paul hill

        I disagree I have homie that use to live there they riding wit him

      • Tanman01

        Speaking from the inside. he might have one or two bootleg bloods for backup but thats about the extent of his influence in n.o. bruh

  • Anthony Mason

    The fatal lean overdoses always seems to happen to artists people want around. This fool will probably live to be 90 years old.

  • doughboy215

    This dude need his ass beat. He ain’t say nothing when then goons had his bus held up in VA. He gonna go to NO and have a problem on his hands. I hope he get what he asking for

  • IceBergSlim

    Str8 Gump

  • The Legendary Troll

    The irony of a blood using the word six

  • The Truth✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Did this nigga show some guns and said “meet you with the dicks?”

    • Fuc Yo Life

      Yes he sure did–He also said and I quote ” we smoking penises” in another post.

      • paul hill

        Wow somebody please bring tupac back cuz now where listening to gay thugs? lol

  • THE.

    Bird man told you to chill whilst his dick in you mouth ha? Smh.

  • RichFromBX

    can we all just agree right now that when the cops run up on his bus and start arresting fools that it’s not because their black but instead because their stupid. This idiot just served up probably cause on a platter.

    How stupid do you have to be to jump on social media with a video of you threatening someone surrounded by dudes with guns. I swear motherfvckers are getting dumber and dumber these days.

    • Q.


  • Billy Batts

    He looks like a cartoon character.

  • Jonny Niko

    Cash Money releasing this trash on Friday just shows how much of a sinking ship it is.

    Wonder what the Return on Investment on this dude gonna yield the Cash Money books

    • Fuc Yo Life

      So it appears this is a mixtape. If you listen to the 1st part of it he says they not gonna let me name my mixtape Carter 6. Plus the Friday release date threw me off bc thats the date that most artist release mixtapes. I could be all the way wrong but it makes sense. He has no singles spinning despite all the music hes put out. Lifestyle was his hottest record to date and was released about a year ago. Dudes a clown and works off of gimmicks and a gay agenda. Probably a strictly digital release–He doesnt have enough weight to just drop an album with a week or 2 notice.

      • Solo

        He released a single called “check”.

  • maybe wayne will kill young thug and spend the next 30 years in jail… major win for hiphop.

    • Weezy Got that Sack

      Wayne going to jail isn’t a win and someone else dying isn’t a win either. Such a hater.

      • accidentally clicked on to your profile when i was trying to respond to you…. I see you ride lil wayne side saddle so im not responding at all… you got it….

      • Weezy Got that Sack

        don’t forget kendrick, drake, mac dre and other legendary artists. You probably ride 2pac and ems dick, or maybe biggie and nas. A major win for hip hop would be if people like you would stop hating everything that’s new unless its from the underground. KRS One once said if you’re a hater of someone or you can’t do what they do and you’re talking crap about them then you’re not a fan of hip hop at all. You’re a hater and you don’t know what’s good for hip hop

      • LOL… go to the Chrome Radio page on Facebook… I AMMMMM HipHop!!

      • Anthony Mason

        Come on man….don’t hurt the kid.

      • you look so comfortable….

  • Weezy Got that Sack

    I wish wayne would just destroy him so he’d quit trying to mess with him. He needs to drop the most fire record just to shut him and baby up. Baby like a old man who hasn’t grown up yet and thug ain’t know nothing about the game.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Why is gangster killer thug Blood wayne taking the legal route instead of busting any of his dozens of guns?

      • Weezy Got that Sack

        because Wayne is a grown man and that would be childish just because of a small rap beef.

      • PeoplePlease7

        “Baby” apparently owes wayne’s millions, how come wayne hasn’t released his legions of goons to get that money back? That’s not very gangster to go to court.

      • staticb62

        It is when you’re LEGALLY owed millions. It’s not like he owes him drug money.

      • Nutball63


      • justmathoughts

        you cant get millions of dollars from someone if youre busting guns at them smart guy…. street shit stays in the street and legal shit stays in the courts… ask anyone from the lox why they didnt press puffy that way

      • Knickfan4life

        The lox no better puffy knows old gangsters from they are from yonkers not the five boroughs.

      • justmathoughts

        maaaaaaaaaaan lol

      • Nutball63

        WTf that mean? I’m from Detroit, but I know plenty of lead pushers from Highland Park that will walk up on anybody in D and leave their thinker on the sidewalk meaning anybody can get it

      • Nutball63

        Y go to jail when you can get money?

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  • It’s a publicity stunt because every time they mention his name, they seem to mention the album. #publicitystunt #Marketing

  • . . . This guy again? I don’t respect ahh how your headline led me to believe I was going to be ready a story about just that. You used that headline to promote his album and tell us some other bs then slightly mentioned the headline

  • jerucker

    dude is a fag

    • paul hill

      Yep a gay thug wow this make me miss tupac wish he was here

  • Banksy

    Its crazy how Baby is allowing his new man to do his ex like this. Just goes to show Baby was never loyal to his first boo, I mean son like that.

    • hoeyuno

      Nah he was only loyal to the money wayne was making him.

  • paul hill

    Did he say at the end of the video wit those dicks wow this is wht hip hop came to a gay thug where the tupacs at wow lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I’m dead can’t stop laughing

  • RayStantz

    How can you get sued for a mixtape name? You need more people. This dude is beyond wack at this point.

  • Ronlg1

    Niggas be hard as hell when they holding guns. Shit is funny. I know real niggas watch this type crap and think “damn, did they stop making guns after they made yours?” How bout you put them hands to use. Damn, are dudes even capable of seeing people with their hands anymore?

  • Fuc- all you fake ass stealing style biting phony artificial fraudulent unrealistic corny rappers and all they fake can’t hear or understand what real talent and unknowing dumb asses of what real music is fans ,,,,, ” not a metaphor ” ,,, i am serious ….

    fans you are being short changed , believe me …

    Best Rapper Ever ….

    All this Frauds Stole My style and don’t want 2 show true Respect, { If You Don’t Know What I Mean , That’s What I Mean ,,, ” True Phonies ” …

    { Crocodile King } …

    [ Pepsi ~ Money ]

    Amazon , Cdbaby , itunes

    Might not be as famous as ya’ll fake rapers , but i know 100 % i am better ,,,

    That’s That … Signed { Crocodile King }

  • 1Fly_A$$_N!gg@

    Niggaz stuntin with they replica pistols

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Let’s analyze this for a sec. How you call your boys into the studio and tell them , “bring the guns. I’m making a video for instagram”? Because we all know this clown wasn’t sitting around in the studio with dudes randomly having MACHINE guns smh.

  • Ryan Cole

    Only thing interesting about this whole thing is watching to see what happens when two garbage ass rappers try to have rap beef, and when neither of them have the lyrical capabilities to make a half decent dis record, will they fight. Both of them dress like hoes and are fake gang members.

    • Kolor_meblind

      Wayne has bars ur bias prolly a Kendrick or J Cole fan smh

      • Ryan Cole

        No, just a fan of niggas who can actually rap and say something relevant and be coherent.

  • Q.

    “Beat me there…with them d!cks too, n!gga.”


  • best_believe

    Wayne helped that Gay movement by slobbing Birman down. You reap what you sow mo!

    • Southcidal

      You do know this post sounds super suspect right?

    • My Father

      i.s.l.a.m. !

  • TD

    I know this nigga gay by our standards. But he not gay he do this shit to make us talk. If you can recall Nicki was gay too. Her first album was gay power & shit. Its just to keep people talking and to sale records. White people & gay people by music.
    ps. He is gay thou lmao

  • JerZeBoy

    this dude is the biggest clown…..why would he name his album that anyway, be originally. One minute this dude saying Wayne his idol, next minute he dissing him, make up your mind…..whi even listens to the muppet???

  • 5% Hov

    Barter Six?

  • i’mreloaded!

    I see Baby keeps him drugged up like he did Wayne also. That’s his game, he keeps them loaded and then blames all the missin money on their “bad habits”. Dumb fools.

  • i’mreloaded!

    This could work to Wayne’s advantage. Put out a hard diss track for the summer and get back on top. It’s still in him. Do us all a favor Tune and end this bipolar retard’s career.

  • JD McFly

    So im from Oakland. I have been around real gangsters….these two are not. Instagram gangters. Nothing will happen, they will just talk over the net.

    • Because it’s fake beef…They are all cashing in, and laughing at us….Every time they mention Young Thug, they mention his album, the release date, and attach it to Lil Wayne’s name…And Wayne didn’t drop yet so for both of them to drop albums at or around the same time is the ultimate marketing scheme.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      you fools think bums are gangstas, people livin’ at mom’s and cant support themselves if she put em out – foh , they degenerates that will do nothing but go to prisons , be a broke felon, and go back

    • Southcidal

      If you think that they only make “real gangsta” looking a certain way then you’re a fool. What’s funny about most “real gangstas” is that they rarely look the part. I don’t know any of these dudes so I won’t judge them. But they’re baffonish performers, who knows who they really are. And being from Oakland doesn’t automatically qualify you to say who is a gangsta.

  • I might be wrong but it seems like this Young Thug guy might even be the newest artist on YMCMB and they are all in on this huge movement to usher in this gay artist into Hip-Hop by creating a fake beef with Lil Wayne….Every time Young money delivers new material it stems from fake beef within the same Young Money camp. Just a theory.

  • Here are some quotes you all might find interesting..”On March 28, 2014, Ronald “Caveman” Rosario, director of Urban Music at
    101 Distribution, cleared the situation, stating that Young Thug signed a
    management deal with Birdman’s Rich Gang, not a record deal, and is still signed to 1017 Brick Squad..Young Thug song “The BLanguage”, uses elements from Canadian rapper Drake’s “The Language”, was released the same day.[25]
    In April 2014, Young Thug released a new 808 Mafia-produced song titled
    “Eww”, which was named one of the five best songs of the week by XXL.[26] The song was announced to be featured on Thug’s debut album, including a guest verse by rapper Drake. “Thug’s debut album was said to be named Tha Carter VI, a continuation of Lil Wayne’s upcoming album, Tha Carter V. He said he plans to carry on the torch, when Lil Wayne said he planned to retire after the release of Tha Carter V.”…The quote suggest that Young Thug is basically starting off where Lil Wayne ends….A fake beef with Lil Wayne will distract the world and bring a huge amount of sales to Young Thug which satisfies Birdman’s job as his manager.

    • ThaREALDook

      Unfortunately it didnt work for thug an carter 5 still wont move drake units so everyone is dumb

  • Aiden_Abetting

    Stop trying to use Wayne to jump start your career that never was…..this is borderline homo…..get off the mans D…..and he actually thought carter 6 would drop without someone stopping it. Even baby knows that Wayne will sell more than young scrub, he probably stopped that

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  • Southcidal

    Word of advice to young thug (what a creative stage name btw): step your pen game up. Weezy has bars dude. And please don’t go to Hollygrove. Wayne won’t be anywhere around, but the current residents do not phuck around at all.

  • trilltalk1

    did this nigga say with them dicks? wtf does that mean

    • Kolor_meblind

      Extended clips

      • trilltalk1

        man that just don’t sound right to me. maybe it is because i am a from a different era. but these niggas keep playing in the grey area when it come to the gay shit. they seem confused and need to just come out and let it be known.

      • Kolor_meblind

        Young thug is clearly in love with Wayne and has homosexual desires to say it blatantly

    • Robert Butler

      He talking about them extended clips on them guns

  • Dartanyan Winston

    Beat me there…with them DICKS too! #LMAO

    • Persefunee

      😮 lmfaooooo!!!!

  • My Father

    this is all just a press stunt. i personally hope it back fires on him. too many Good dudes in hip hop have met an early demise. It’d be nice for a agitator like this to be made an example of. This dude is a Fed weather he realizes it or not.. no respect for the principles, culture , or code..

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  • krawf32901

    If he comes to wayne’s hood wit that bs he’s asking for trouble,but @ the same time this will show how much support and street cred wayne has in his section.Did you give back Wayne?Is there any luv for you in the Carter,LoL…

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