Young Thug Speaks On Engagement, Rich Homie’s Rich Gang Split & “Homage” To Lil Wayne at Barter 6 Listening

We were the first and only to speak with Young Thug in Atlanta on the eve of his engagement to girlfriend Jeraka which also marked his mother’s birthday and of course the official release of his controversial album The Barter 6. Amid all the animosity and shots from former label-mate and rap veteran Lil Wayne, he claims he’s simply paying homage. Hear this and more about why he feels Rich Homie split from Cash Money below.

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  • tra mo

    Dam he should’ve stayed in school

  • Lump Beats

    The chic in that pic must feel like every chick on Flavor of Love after they kissed Flav. She prolly gargling Lysol right now and crying like Jim Carrey did in Ace Ventura when he kissed Ray Finkle. Yeah, that was my train of thought, lol.

    TOTALLY BIASED ALBUM REVIEW – means I listened even though I knew it would suck.

    Track #3
    3. Can’t Tell (feat T.I. + Boosie) – T.I.
    is one of those dude that’s extra nice on the mic, but wouldn’t make my
    Top 10. He is stupid, dope, fresh with this wordplay (#thobak) but his
    subject matter is limited. This verse is huff. Good to hear Boosie… well good to hear Boosie is outta jail. He’s still the same gangsta-squirrel-voice dude on the mic.

    Track #13
    13. Just Might Be – This Just Might Be the best part of the album mixtape. The last track. In his own way he is actually rapping… no, wait. Back to singing. Simple beat, but I like it in a strange way. This Just Might Be
    one of the 3 tracks I would give some minor consideration to keeping if
    I ever got so tired of everything else I have ever listened to and
    downloaded this album without paying for it.

    that8hiphop dot wordpress dot com

    • Mrs. Davis804

      Lmao@ album mixtape

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Why didn’t he mentioned how birdman bought him matching gold and diamond anal beads. Matching lip stick. Matching uggh boots. How birdman makes him drink a cup of his sweat and booty juice for a daily vitamin to keep him going. Be on the look out for thugs new singles we like man booty and taking it straight like a G. Dedicated to all of those young thugs fans that support the man booty movement. SMH!

    • IceBergSlim

      lmao..This joint was retarded

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        hahah You know I had to get him like I usually do. haha I know his supporters on here which are the new people to this site few that love thug will hate this because i am clowning their savor as one guy said. Why do you keep making fun of thug and begged me to stop I am dead serious.

    • Shock

      Bruh you sound gayer than him with all that homoerotic talk. Is that the kind of shit you think about?

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        It is a joke and because I made a joke doesn’t mean I accept
        his lifestyle. Sensitive ass people like yourself who might be really gay only
        have an issue with it homie. Been on here for years never heard of you. I don’t
        wear dresses, lip stick, call men bae or lover. You might like the mans music
        and support him. I don’t he is a joke. By the way plenty of comedians go way
        farther with the gay jokes but does it make Dave Chapelle or them gay? No you
        have the dvds and laugh you’re a$$ off. Shut your fking dumb a$$ up with a
        statement that makes zero sense. I will continue to make fun of him. Got a
        problem with it go complain to him.

      • Shock

        I don’t like his gay ass, and I don’t want to hear all that gay shit from you either

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Sure you do otherwise you would not have gotten mad. Don’t front for me lame. You don’t like it hey don’t watch television don’t watch any comedians they go further. Hypocrisy is a word you need to learn. Fk off!! You sound like you are a fan because you are mad as hell about it. Listen go listen to his music call your boyfriend and shut the fk up. Crying your ass off don’t make jokes.

      • Shock

        So that’s how you are going to deal with this? Just accuse me of liking him? If I did I wouldn’t lie about it, especially not to a nigga I don’t know. Bottom line, you were graphically homosexual in your language, it was weird and unnecessary, and no straight man wants to hear that.

  • Ronlg1

    So the chick on the picture looks cute. Are we supposed to believe that she would kiss/date someone like Young Thug if he didn’t have money and wasn’t “lightweight” famous? THIS is why these chicks say they can’t find a good man or that men are no good. How do you expect to be treated when we know what you will do for money or fame? (And no, I ain’t talking about all women)

  • IceBergSlim

    Girlfriend you mean boyfriend get the hell outta

  • Yavakius TheGallant

    The Nigga can’t even answer questions professionally. That’s what happen when you don’t keep the brain stimulated and running. Read a book Nigga.

  • El Dogga

    LMAO!!! This dude is dumb as hell! You can tell he didn’t know what “initially” meant!

    He could barely answer the questions…….smh how did this bum get signed?

  • Leonard Tarver

    DOn’t ever ask this dude questions again… Unless you want huh? what? say that again… Uggh? Answers… lmao

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  • Felix

    well nigga shit, if u aint wanna do the interview just say you don’t wanna do the interview. 2 minutes i can’t get back

  • Markus

    As far as I’m concerned this clown is no better than iggy. Ruining the essence of hip-hop with his form of rap and suspect behavior.

  • Ionithus

    Special announcement: This is a cover up. That is all. We know what you do bruh… it ain’t women.

    • JerZeBoy

      u nailed it! record sail it rock bottom cause cats dont go for that, now he needs a cover up to try to get real heads back on board….

  • JerZeBoy

    why does he repeat every question she asks???? because liars do that, it gives them more time to stall.

    • nawumgud

      because that chic was retarded

    • nawumgud

      If she was paid to do that interview, they should be looking for a replacement.

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    He stupid, I could have answered those questions myself like rs. Lmaooo she said thanks and he was like “da hell?”

  • donald

    ….shouldn’t this dude know to speak INTO the mic? damn.

  • Gonja


  • Leonard Tarver

    He should of called his album “Dumb & Dumberer to the Dumb Dum Dum Doom Doom Dumb 😂😂😭😭😂✋

  • Kim Macharia

    Looks like some major regret written on my mans face…

  • that dude

    Wow, this dude dumber than dumb……..

  • hoeyuno

    “we were the first and only to speak to young thug” …Congratz AHH gets its first exclusive in 2 years and its with this obortion survivor! ! Some firsts are not worth mentioning.

  • Charter

    19,000 though lol

  • dbfromdc