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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Explains Why He Left America (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Yasiin Bey left the United States two years ago to live in South Africa. The man formerly known as Mos Def dropped by the Beats By Dre headquarters to discuss his decision to leave America. According to Bey, the social situation in the States was hindering his ability to create.

“America’s really a very challenging place for me. Sure there’s great business opportunities, but given the current social, political, economic climate it’s very difficult, unnecessarily difficult, to create to the degree of fullness, the type of robust creativity I like to have – it’s very difficult for me to produce that here,” says Mos.

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Watch Mos Def’s interview below.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Ok I see what he’s saying because its hard for EVERYBODY out here right now. Its a mad sensitive time and everything is so disorganized. On the flipside tho, it makes me wonder what he’s trying to create.. it hope its something powerful enough to justify his reasoning to just abandon the ones out here that support him and his point of views the most(for however long it is). None the less, its his decision. He has his own freedom of choice so whatever floats his boat..1

  • Markus

    Didn’t know he made that choice. Wish him well.

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    Doesn’t he also owe lots of Child Support?? Hmmmmmm He has multiple children with different women.. But.. Yah

    • Spirit Equality

      How could you possibly know how much child support is owed by anyone other the people with whom you have children, “ApMillz CT”? Unless you have kids by Mos Def and are owed a check, save your comments for things you actually know about. I hate that Internet gossip nonsense.

      • A.P. Millz-CT

        IT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE…. Move along.

  • I don’t know…. I’ve traveled abroad quite a bit and as f*cked up as America is, there’s probably 2 countries that’s good for Black Men outside of it. It seems to me that Mos has a few other issues going on. Like how can you up and leave your seeds to fend for themselves in America while you’re out and doing your “art”. Doesn’t this dude see the news reports and what is happening to Blacks? How could he turn his back on them and leave them in this jungle? Yeah….. Mos got problems.

    • Jonathan Bacher

      2 ? Where did you travel ?

    • DaHomey6Deuce

      And those 2 countries are…

      • Canada, Belize….. There may be one more….

      • The City

        Really? Ever been to Senegal or Morocco

    • heysus christo

      2? Really? You’re a white troll or you’re lying. There are a dozen countries in Africa where a black person can go and not have to worry about getting his neck broken by a pig.

      • Are you talking from experience or word of mouth? While you may have a point about cop abuse if you go outside the country you’re going to sacrifice something. Whether it’s healthcare, corruption of their government, corrupt police, poverty, terrorism etc, it is not America. There are only maybe 2 or 3 places where Blacks won’t feel heat. You want to find out what corrupt police are? Go to Asia. Hell, The Philippines don’t even show people of color on their television shows. Corrupt government? Go to Africa (that’s right I said it) And with Africa, you also have to remember you will encounter a form of racism there as an African American. Mos is privileged BECAUSE of his fame as a rapper. Take your ass there and watch what happens. Bad economy? Check out Brazil. The people in Brazil only like you BECAUSE of the American myth of having loot. But look at how they treat darkskinned people there. Dark skinned folks are servants and street vendors. Hardly zero people of color on TV. Want proof? Check out their number one TV network GLOBO. Tell me how many Blacks you see there. Brazil still has blackface and sells the offensive dolls with white lips in their stores like it ain’t sh*t. 1940’s and 1950’s racism? Go to Europe. There’s a reason Hitler came up. Gangsta sh*t? Go to Jamaica. Clarendon, Kingston, it doesn’t matter. There’s a reason most people are fleeing Jamaica. Believe those stupid ass “Come to Jamaica” commercials if you want to. The drug dealers run Jamaica. And don’t get me started about Mexico, Venezuela and those Latin countries. Trust me. They’ll show you quicker than a KKK member what color you really are. They’ll let you know with the quickness that your brown skin isn’t the same as their brown skin. As much as this country absolutely sucks, it is waaaaay better than many other countries for Black folks. So while you’re out here talking sh*t and probably haven’t even left your city, take it from the folks who’ve actually traveled outside of this country. America is f*cked up, but take your African American ass to Russia and watch what happens. I bet you won’t make it back. I’m talking because I’ve been to most of these countries. Step up your passport game and get educated.

      • heysus christo

        Your whole diatribe was meaningless when you referred to Africa as if it were a single country. Classic sign of someone who has never set foot on the continent.

      • Reading is fundamental. I didn’t refer to Africa as a country. I also spoke of Asia dumb ass. It doesn’t mean I called Asia a country. You’re not dealing with Sarah Palin. Get it right. Don’t get mad cause you have never traveled and can only give talking points from what you heard.

      • Malik

        You are yet to mention countries in Africa that won’t welcome Africa Americans with open arms and accommodate them adequately apart from the conflict zones.

      • Dark Matters

        He’s a turd. Don’t listen to him.

      • heysus christo

        I know for sure you’re a white troll pretending to be black. All the places you talked about are exactly the places a white person would mention. The fuq would I go to Russia for?

      • Dumb again.


        I heard Egypt and Libya were real bad for black people, and Spain still has the “black inferiority” mentality???

      • Dark Matters

        LOOOL You n words kill me. Hearsay, is your favorite reference material.


        Dog, don’t get your panties in a bunch!!! We’re just on here politican!!!

      • Dark Matters

        I feel ya. The problem with some of us is, “politican (sic)” very quickly becomes “FACT” to ignoramuses pretending they know what they’re talking about.

      • Dark Matters

        “And with Africa, you also have to remember you will encounter a form of racism there as an African American.”

        It’s funny this is the sort of horror fantasy that pervades our community about every damn thing. We’re so scared we see ghosts in everything we look at.

        That ish read like the Tommy Hilfiger rumors about not wanting black people to wear his clothes, meanwhile he was one of the first designers to put rappers (Grand Puba) and other urban artists in his clothes. Stop talking BS.

        You didn’t even have the decency to break it up into paragraphs. Behave yourself Jay.

      • I don’t want to assume here so I’ll do the intelligent thing first and ask, how many of these countries in Africa have you been to? For me I speak from traveling to 4 different countries in Africa so I ain’t talking outta my ass.

        Dudes are quick to say someone is pushing propaganda but they have nothing to back up their own positions. Every country I’ve spoken about, I’ve personally been to. What about you homie?

      • Dark Matters

        I don’t even know where to begin with your irresponsible crap. I’m so disappointed in you and am considering ignoring it altogether.

        First of all, none of the nations you mentioned are in Africa. So,
        that’s the first bit. Secondly, the stupidity of your comment is so
        obvious that the fact that you missed it and keep pushing ahead is an indication of your lack of basic reasoning skills.

        So, let us begin: what is racism? For there to be racism against African Americans in Africa, there has to be a significant population of African Americans living in Africa – enough to be considered a minority group. How many African Americans have ever boarded a plane for overseas, let alone set foot in Africa for there to be racism against African Americans in Africa?

        Now, let us take your assertions on face value that you have actually been to 4 African nations. How long were you there, how many people did you personally meet and how many of them treated you worse than they would treat any other African person on the basis of your being African American? How did they know you were African American? They saw your dark skin and kente cloth hat and figured you were from America?

        Were you denied entry into restaurants on the basis of you being African American? Were you spoken to rudely on the basis of you being African American? Were you treated worse than normal by police on the basis of you being African American? Were you given poor seating on a plane by an African airline on the basis of you being African American?

        The majority of Africans live in poverty as defined by the World Bank. Where will they find the time from their suffering to “look down” on or discriminate against African Americans whom they’ve never met and of whom their only experience of is through celebrities like Michael Jordan, Jay Z and Beyoncé?

        Jay are you actually stupid enough to try and pass off that BS you wrote as fact? Come on son.

      • Once again, just answer the question. Have you even been to Africa or any country within it? Have you traveled to any of the other countries I spoke of? If you haven’t then your only point of reference is hearsay and what you’ve read. Meanwhile I’ve been there. So you’re right, this conversation is pretty much DOA due to your inexperience in this discussion (if you wanna call it that). I’m not going to insult you because you’re already doing that to yourself by even attempting to attack someone with hearsay versus experience. So a good one to you.

      • Dark Matters

        I’m not here to brag about myself to you. Let’s just say, I know you’re fibbing with your “racism against African Americans in Africa” fantasy.

      • Brag? You haven’t given one piece of concrete evidence to back up your so-called “position”. Meanwhile, anybody that has ever traveled to any of the locales I mentioned know the sh*t I wrote is real. Now I’m not knocking anybody for not having the means to travel. Anybody could be on that particular list. But don’t sit up here and try to disqualify sh*t based on what you heard. Because there are some of us that are lucky enough to afford to do so. It doesn’t make us better. But in certain discussions it makes is more qualified. So let’s just move on because it’s obvious you’re not qualified. One!

      • Dark Matters

        LOOOL Believe me there isn’t much you can tell me about the rest of the world. As I said, I’m not here to brag about myself to you. Besides, there’s nothing I can tell you here about myself that I would be willing to go out of my way to prove. So, it is a futile approach to take with me.

        The one thing we do know is despite of all of your bluster, about Africa, there’s not one single documented incident of racism against African Americans, in Africa. Nor have you provided evidence to back up your assertions about Africa. Yet, you demand evidence from me in debunking your false assertions. If that isn’t bass ackwards. I don’t know what is. Keep pushing your “truth”, though.

        I guess saying you’ve been to four countries in Africa, without even so much as stating what those nations are constitutes “evidence” to you. LOOOL

      • Dude… Just move on. You’re playing yourself. This convo is done.

      • Dark Matters

        Shut up Jay. Unable to take his own advice. He eagerly dishes it out as if that makes for a cogent argument. G’day unskilled one.

  • RayStantz

    I feel him, I’m plotting my exodus from this country too.

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

      • MURDER(2.0 coming soon)


      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter


      • MURDER(2.0 coming soon)


      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah you just white – meaning you cant think of nothing to say

  • puffinpiff

    most countries are now F’d up thanks to usa and its filthy allies but saying that if you can get out of usa then go for it

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  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    Does this guy ever make music ? Last I heard was the album with Kweli like 40 years ago. FOH

  • chosenxeno

    You people sound like catty ex girlfriends. “Don’t he owe a bunch of child support” Stfu. I’m gonna start calling people around here either Peaches, Coco or ‘Sheeda.

  • dbfromdc


  • big brain

    South Africa has issues with the whites owning all the land and farms. They have high crime and unemployment in poor areas of blacks. Don’t think it’s that much better in South Africa. He just likes being the biggest celebrity in the country and the treatment that comes with it

    • Cyber💂🏾Soljah

      “He just likes being biggest celebrity in the country…..”
      Says a random commenter named “big brain”

  • Spirit Equality

    Enjoy South Africa. There are a lot of great musicians in that country.

  • Q.

    Mos Def/Yasiin is Hip-Hop’s Renaissance man, a cultured global citizen.

    Amerikkkan society is a bubble. Once you step outside of it, its strengths and weaknesses become more apparent. Black folks should travel to gain perspective. You’ll see how white supremacy is a global disease, but also the beauty that other nations have to offer.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      should travel dumbass? you know everybody but you cant say anything smart – foh

      • Q.


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        another dumbass with nothing to say

      • Q.


  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    he not facing child support over there lol


    Checkout a documentary called “Blacks without borders”!!! From what I saw in that “doc” moving to South Africa was a good move!!!

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