A$AP Rocky Confuses & Amazes Instagram Users With Elaborate Art Pieces By Robert Gallardo

(AllHipHop News) Some of the followers of A$AP Rocky are in a state of confusion after the A$AP Mob representative began posting a series of pictures on his Instagram page. Pretty Flacko uploaded over 160 photos to his IG account which included pics that were simply all black, all gray, or all white.

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The first pic went up last night and included the caption, “This new experience brought to you by Robert Gallardo x Awge.” Rocky continued to post images throughout the night. He ended his “experience” with a single white post.


A photo posted by PRETTY FLACKO (@asvpxrocky) on

A photo posted by PRETTY FLACKO (@asvpxrocky) on

IG users that only saw each individual post on their timeline did not understand what was happening, and some began posting comments complaining that Rocky  was “spamming” their TLs. Others just thought it was a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming album At.Long.Last. A$AP.


As single posts, it may have been difficult to grasp the concept of Rocky’s images, but when viewed on his actual IG app page, you could see the full works Gallardo created. Many users were impressed by the completed artwork and tagged friends to visit Rocky’s page to view the pieces.


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Check out A$AP Rocky and Robert Gallardo’s artwork in the gallery below.

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14 Responses to “A$AP Rocky Confuses & Amazes Instagram Users With Elaborate Art Pieces By Robert Gallardo”

  1. DaHomey6Deuce

    People are easily fooled SMH@ this is art

    A f*cking collage of pics which you can make with instacollage is now….a ..big..deal..???

    • Papi Peligro

      Really I think its the natural progression. Rap is like the economy its allot of people invested in it never changing. I think allows these artist to leave the genre to pursue other things helps Hiphop in a whole because the audience for this type of thing isn’t buying Purple Swag

      • THOT Provoking

        True, but someone had to pave the way for all these artist and that person is Lupe Fiasco

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