Drake Addresses Possibly Battling Murda Mook At Smack/URL Event (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The “will they” or “won’t they” talk about the potential battle between Drake and Murda Mook has been ongoing for months. The news broke last August when Mook posted pictures of Drake supposedly issuing the challenge. Since that time Mook has called out Drizzy at the BET Hip Hop Awards and in a verse over the “6 God” beat. Mook even claimed he wanted $15 million to set-up the match.

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The two met face-to-face again at King Of The Dot’s “Blackout 5” event where an impromptu battle almost broke out. At URL’s recent “Nome 5” showcase, Drake was asked in front of Mook again about the highly anticipated face-off.

“You gotta beat [Tsu] Surf first before you come see me,” Drake told Mook about possibly battling in the future.

URL host Smack then asked the OVO boss if he would finally take on Mook if the Dot Mobb leader defeats Surf at the upcoming “Summer Madness 5” event. Drake replied, “We can negotiate. We can talk about it.”

“I feel like we go can right now though,” responded Mook. “I will murder this n*gga if he ever wants to get on this stage. He knows that.”

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Watch Drake and Murda Mook speak on their possible battle below.

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    drake has nothin’ to gain by that — battle rap and song-makin’ rap are 2 different things

  • gurdyghost

    Agian,Nut up…or shut up Aubrey.

  • Damany G

    They trying to be the Mayweather/Pacquiao of Battle Rap…… This will take years to happen, IF it actually does

    • Shyne Po

      the Mayweather/Pacquiao of rap already happend…it was Jay vs Dmx.

      • Damany G

        Not even…. That was back in the day and a totally different battle arena. I’m referring to the mainstream popularity and hype behind this battle

      • Shyne Po

        theres no hype, Drake got bars for prom dances…..Kieth Sweat got a better shot.

      • hoeyuno

        DMX/Jay was Tyson vs Hollyfield

      • hoeyuno

        This right here would be Tyson VS Orlin Norris

    • hoeyuno

      They definitely on a promotion run together

  • Obi Won

    Mook should brush it off now.

  • Bleek Gilliam

    That yellow nigga looked so uncomfortable.

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  • Bleek Gilliam

    Peep his body language–all them smiles and hands in his pockets. He look like a fish out of water. Drake don’t make hand gestures with guns anymore, I don’t believe you. just sing nigga, sing.

    • Dark Matters

      M Eazy. This you? Why you hatin’ on the youngling?

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  • RichFromBX

    Drake should just do it. I don’t think anyone expects him to beat Mook but if Drake could hold his own it’ll change people’s perception of him, in a good way. And if Mook wipes the floor with him, who cares, it’s not like Drake will lose his fan base. Most of Drake’s fan base probably don’t even know what battle rap is.

    • hoeyuno

      Very true.

    • Dark Matters

      IF : That if is looking mighty huge from where I stand, my guy.

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  • Dark Matters

    Fizzy Drink was taking instructions from some chick in the background. How interesting.

  • Markus

    Drake doesn’t want to get clowned. You can see how hesitant he is to commit to battling. He has too much credibility to lose if Mook eats him on a stage with cameras everywhere capturing him taking a L. I’m not holding my breath for this. Doubt this ever goes down.

  • Soulgasm

    That chic with the red hair looks like she’s dehydrated….cuz her thirst is too real…

    • Dointer

      hahahah damn! She gets mad shadowed at 1:17 at tries to play it off.

      • yourdad

        lmao, bitch is thirsty as fuuuuuuuuck!

    • LoL…didn’t even notice that the first time I saw the vid

  • I do have to say I respect Drake for being a talented rapper. He has extremely better talent than most rap artist even though ever one wants to sound like other for some reason. I just don’t understand why he just do him be more independent with the art of the records and stop trying to impress everyone with emotions. At the end of the day these artist just want to say that whoa I got a chance to convo with drake and they just his biggest fans which is how they gain hype. LOL Kayne West didn’t have to kiss everyone behind for respect he respected himself, his art of music, and his potential to create new lanes by himself regardless of some battle.

  • Anthony Mason

    Drake can write well but I don’t think he is ill enough to hang with Mook. Maybe Madonnas witch coven will chill out on Drake long enough though. LMAO.

    I could be wrong though because Cassidy’s retired…. car accident a** ……obliterated Dizaster in that Battle. I thought Dizaster was the man until that battle. Cassidy is insanely intelligent.

  • IceBergSlim

    I’m not a fan of drake but I respect that cats hustle. He stays consistently on top of the charts for the past few years. That is not an easy task to consistently make hits. At this point in the game I wouldn’t indulge in no rap battle for what ? What is the purpose to make a name for his self already done or to entertain Mook, pointless.

  • Slaughtr

    I can’t stand baby boy voice ass nigga I would love to see Mook trample this nigga.

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    Here we go again…

  • Cothiere Filmz

    Battle rap the culture will booooooo a mosquito it’s just yah not up on game and the culture. If you didn’t know boos are apart of battle rap yah people slow

  • 1Fly_A$$_N!gg@

    Blah blah blah


  • Eli Pinilla

    Tsu surf though??? Ngga coulda said charlie clips or hollow da don….mook gonna eat tsu surf up.

  • Charter

    drake was nervous smiling like a mug

  • Ask Drake he don’t want it with Mook NOOOOOO

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