Dame Dash

Dame Dash Speaks On Charleston Church Shooting (VIDEO)

Dame Dash made an appearance on South Carolina’s 102 Jamz today and the topic at was the recent church massacre from 2 days ago. Dame brought his own opinions to the matter at hand in his usual unorthodox style. Regardless of how blunt he can be, the gems that he drops are always noteworthy.

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  • Juleo478

    I gotta say i do agree with dame dash.

  • He brought up Black-on-Black crime so f@#$ him. {{-_-}}

    • Dark Matters

      You’re stupid.

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  • I see broke people

    Dame Dash has been spitting the realness lately… im afraid they might try and take him out next… His message is for every black person to follow… Quit complaining, quit doing drugs, quit trying to “turn up ” instead focus on making Yourself a better person. Stop worrying about what “they” doing and crying about a system. its 2015, as long as you living and breathing in America you are blessed.. You should see what REAL struggle going on in Africa, not some imaginary struggle you created in your mind.

    • TMillz74

      Well said, and very true..

  • Damon Wright

    102 jamz is in greensboro nc not sc smh..thats like 7 hours from Charleston sc

  • No name

    Hell yea! I love how dame dash says what he feels alot of people say they are REAL but to me he defines speaking the real. We need more like him. I just hope he does not come up missing from speaking so real. We all know how this country is. I don’t care what anyone says Pac is dead from being to real. Biggie being killed was to off set the whole thing. East coast west coast beef was an opportunity to kill him. They used another Blackman to kill him. How you gonna kill a man on the Vegas Strip a celebrity at that and know one has enough info to solve it? Come on….they can solve biggie and pac but choose not to. What’s in it for the government to solve it? Not a damn thing (Chris tucker voice) pac had to much influence and followers so dash might get silenced he probably don’t give a shit cuz he knows this needs to be heard. Btw he soned that caller!

  • L’ouverture

    Dame is absolutely right,again !!

  • Was that dude looking for Dame to provide a solution ?

    As peeps can tell I’m not a fan of Dame but I’ll still listen to stuff with an open mind.

    If there’s one thing that Dame said which surely grasped my attention, …. The civil war aka black on black crime. Peeps turn a blind eye to this and think its ok, but when another race attacks a black folk there’s an out roar.

    I’m from the UK and a I’ve seen situations where black folks treat other black peeps with disdain and treat other races with the utmost respect. Whatever happened to equal opportunity?