Did Birdman Throw A Drink At Lil Wayne In The Club?

Man, the interwebs are hot this morning with rumors that the issues between Lil Wayne and Birdman got heated over the weekend. Footage of Wayne performing at a club hit the net, but people are saying somebody at the venue threw something at Weezy while he was on stage.

Social media was lit with talk a bottle or drink came from the hand of Birdman. Other people are saying it wasn’t actually the Cash Money founder that threw the object, but it was someone from his entourage.

This is kind of crazy since Wayne just announced he’s trying to bring his hometown of New Orleans together at a Tidal concert next month. He even ended his beef with Baby’s other former protegé Young Thug.

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37 Responses to “Did Birdman Throw A Drink At Lil Wayne In The Club?”

  1. Markus

    Crazy how people still take chances going to clubs with lame unofficial security and no capacity rules where almost every time the night ends in an unscheduled mosh pit. Luckily for me music today stinks to the point where none of the current rappers out are worth injuries. Pass.


      I read on another sites that Wayne get’s $100,000.00 for a 5 song 15 minutes set, can u believe that, and what the best rapper alive doing clubs anyway? Most clubs do go by the rules (security Capacity rules etc, i been in a club(when I used to go) and the Fire Marshall shut it down because it was so crowded he couldn’t find the fire exit.

      • Dope

        Doubt even he would get that much for a 15 minute set. A full set in a bigger venue, sure, but in a small club I can’t see him being worth that money.


        My exact thoughts, but that what the article said.How true it is, don’t know, but my thought was, the cost to get in that club had to be Really Expensive. LOL!

  2. The Legendary Troll

    these niggas been waring for almost a year now. Its time to either talk it out or let wayne go completely. It doesnt make sense to hold him up and its not making bird brain any more money

  3. Suck My Toe

    This how we gon do this fucckk Wayne fucckk Birdman fucckk Cash money as record label and as a crew and if you want to be down with cash money then fucckk you 2 Drake and Nicki Minaj fucckk you 2 Young Thug fucckk you 2 fucckk all you. I’m on my 2 pac shyt today we hit ’em up

  4. D_Ably

    This sht makes me laff. when Drake came out everyone was on that young money sht and now they cnt get away quick enough. they was paintin themselves as going dwn in history and all sorts lmao

  5. Chris Ridiculoslylongnfakemidd

    Birdman ain’t throw it he got too much money for that…. but he standing there like a G ” And if I did throw it?”

  6. therealwayno

    Beef is when I see you, guaranteed to be a drink thrown too, one more time what’s beef? BIG would be so proud.

  7. Lurther Junior

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  8. IceBergSlim

    Throwing drinks, that’s what the chicks do .straight tender dude throwing drinks like a lil bitch..lol

  9. the internet makes you dumb

    at least they didn’t shoot up the place and kill people… i ain’t mad about a drink being thrown.

  10. mr morgan

    Tmz said Wayne was performing a diss track, now I kind of understand why Bird did what he did, but I gotta give it to Wayne what a way to make a statement

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