Young Thug & Birdman Accused Of Conspiring To Kill Lil Wayne

(AllHipHop News) The news that Birdman may have thrown a drink at Lil Wayne at a nightclub seemed drastic, but a new report suggests the Cash Money Records co-founder may have gone to more extreme measures against his former protegé.

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According to Atlanta’s WSBTV, court documents claim Birdman conspired with Young Thug to try and kill Wayne. A Cobb County indictment filed in June states Thug and Birdman were involved in a RICO conspiracy to have Wayne’s tour bus shot.

The incident allegedly stems from Wayne’s attempt to leave Cash Money for lack of payments. Thug apparently threatened Wayne, and the “Stoner” rhymer’s road manager Jimmy Winfrey (aka PeeWee Roscoe) carried out that threat. According to the indictment, Winfrey was driving the vehicle involved in the shooting.

“After Atlanta Police discontinued their escort, [Winfrey] and fellow Blood Gang members entered Interstate 285 from Atlanta Road in Cobb County in pursuit of the buses occupied by [Lil Wayne’s] group,” the indictment reads. “[That’s when] the white sports car pulled beside the buses, shots were then fired into the buses from the sports car with a .40 caliber handgun and a 9mm handgun.”

Winfrey was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct and discharging a weapon near the street. His next court date is scheduled for Friday, July 17.

Thug and Birdman have not been charged in the tour bus shooting.

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89 Responses to “Young Thug & Birdman Accused Of Conspiring To Kill Lil Wayne”

  1. tra mo

    Here Are The Full Details On Young Thug And Birdman’s Alleged Involvement In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting
    BY GOTTY™ • 7/16/2015
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    2014 BET Hip Hop Awards – Show

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    Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting back in April wasn’t a random act of violence. He was a target, at least that’s what police allege in their indictment against the alleged shooter, Jimmy Winfrey.

    It’s already been established that Winfrey had connections to Young Thug, appearing in at least one of the rapper’s videos. Now, after viewing the 18-page indictment, we’re given a clearer picture of Winfrey’s relationship to not only Thug, but to Birdman as well and both artists’ connection to the shooting.

    Here’s a synopsis of the information contained in the indictment:

    — On April 26, Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform at the Compound in Atlanta. Blood gang members associated with Young Thug, including Winfrey, left another Atlanta location and went to the Compound as Wayne was about to perform.

    — Cops noticed the group of Bloods as they pull up at Compound. The indictment highlights that Winfrey is driving a white 2015 Chevy Camaro. While he’s headed to Compound, Winfrey allegedly calls a phone belonging to Young Thug.

    — “Fearing gang violence,” police escorted Wayne and his crew away from Compound and to Interstate 285. They also attempted to detain Winfrey, who ends up fleeing the scene in the aforementioned Camaro.

    — Winfrey again calls Thug while he’s allegedly trailing Wayne’s tour bus and the police escort.

    — Police end their escort as Wayne’s bus exits Fulton County and enters Cobb County. Shortly thereafter, Winfrey and other Bloods enter 185 from Atlanta Road in Cobb County. The indictment alleges that “a white sports car” pulls up on the second bus and opens fire. Ultimately, both buses are hit with bullets before the white sports car exits the highway headed back into Atlanta via Interstate 75.

    — While he’s traveling back into Atlanta, Winfrey makes a call to a cell phone belonging to Birdman.

    — Wayne’s buses choose not to stop for fear they would be shot at again. Instead, they head back to Atlanta and meet police at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

    — While still on the phone with Birdman, Winfrey leaves the Vault and heads to the Mandarin. There are no details on what exactly happens.

    — Winfrey hides the Camaro and makes haste for Miami. He later tries to delete a picture of the car from his Instagram profile. Police later discover where he hid the Camaro, obtain a search warrant for a relative of Winfrey’s and recover the vehicle.

  2. Celz

    This whole incident is fake thug shyt.. These dudes should be outcasts after pulling some corny shyt like this.. But naw niccas still gon still be playing they music..

    When did gangsta or real nicca shyt become anything a person with money does..

  3. Black Jay Supreme

    Man…. Somebody snitching!

    Regardless of that fact though, who would’ve thought that Birdman was that stupid? F*ck! Hold up…. Since both Bird and Wayne considered themselves to be father and son, is this officially considered attempted filicide?

  4. Rozay23

    Young thug hold these 3Ls…one for having thug in your name then hiring someone to do your dirty work.The second L for them failing to get the job done and the third L for your ryda snitching on you afterwards.

    • Realist4200

      The fourth L for being a battyboy
      “Fif” L for being Birdman’s love interest
      And the sixth L for signing a deal with Cash Money

  5. Isa Ibn Maryam

    Heads need to realize that bangers are going to put that work in…the streets are always going to be their daddy and their mommas going be the County jail.

  6. Markus

    Real extreme accusations being made here that I doubt will stick. Connecting the dots to this leading back to these two clowns is going to be hard to prove. Still it must be hard to believe for Wayne that his daddy he’s been stunting for all this time would be plotting to murder him.


      Indictments usually means something, looks like they been putting in some legwork, LOL. I wouldn’t take this lightly, and who’s know what dudes done said to the police.

    • bigdoe6

      Bruh he got hit with RICO. That’s a charge you don’t want. More than likely he will talk. This guy was used as a pawn. Like Pusha T said ” Them niccas using you as a pawn, you see they never loaded their guns”.

  7. RayStantz

    He’s worth more to CM dead at this point. I’m sure there is tons of unreleased material besides that Cart V album. Its hard to beat the RICO, they must have some good evidence besides what they are telling us. Phone/text records and such.

    • bigdoe6

      Phones records to another phone owned by Baby is what’s going to screw him up. He also messed up by pulling up to the club in a WHITE camaro with a assault rifle in it. If you’re a hit man you don’t move like that. You don’t even supposed to be visible to anyone. So he exposed himself from the beginning.

  8. THE.

    This Birdman character is nearing to an tragic end, now you can understand why he is always balling like they ain’t tomorrow. He knows soon or later the grimey riper is gonna come collect!!

  9. bigdoe6

    I can believe this. Baby owes him money and Wayne wants his money. Turk just got paid. So what does a grimey dude with money does???? He gets a pawn wannabee gang member to do his dirty work. Oldest trick in the book. Good thing no one got hurt over something senseless.

  10. THE.

    What he doesn’t comprehend is that the world has changed, technology has made it easy for law enforcement to track criminals and criminal acts, you can’t just pull old gangsta moves anymore!!

    • therealwayno

      The expressions of the three dudes in the background is priceless. The greasy dude like WTF, the guy in the middle is either in awe or he wants some of that action and old boy with the rag wants no part of it. lol

    • Moccahontas

      Daaaam that’s deep.. The lips tho like that Mafia shit? Never saw this before and makes me change my opinion about listening to their hard rap with such soft azzes, disgusting!

    • SBRon

      Yo, you get the “up”, but don’t front like sistas ain’t on the same sh*t?!? Y’all just don’t take it to the morgue…thankfully!!

  11. WeakSauce

    AllHiphop, imma give you all a tip for your next article or even so you can catch up with everyone else but…… Word on the street BirdMan suing JayZ and Tidal for streaming lil Waynes latest CD… 50Mill

    • Dark Matters

      Come to think of it, Birdman has a point (even though it’s a hypocritical one) Wayne is still under contract to CMR whether via YM or directly. Therefore, to stream his music on a for profit platform without the permission and financial compensation of his record company would be a breach of contract.

      I say it is hypocritical because Youtube makes money off of Lil Wayne’s official and unofficial releases and not once did Birdman think to sue them. Just goes to show the mentality.

      • Dark Matters

        For the illegally uploaded full albums that are monetized on youtube by non-permitted parties?

      • Dark Matters

        because youtube is making money as a result of it being hosted on their platform and ads being run on the content. If Megaupload could be taken down for hosting copyright material, why should youtube be excepted for streaming copyrighted material without permission?


        I dont think Megaupload is a fair comparison lol
        Aint nothing on there that IS legal + it’s way more than music and videos.

      • Dark Matters

        To suggest that there was nothing legal on megaupload isn’t just way too erroneous. People used sites like Megaupload to share large files, that they couldn’t send via email. It had a real function. The reason why Youtube didn’t get the same treatment is because Youtube is owned by Google and they work closely with the government in the government’s illegal spying projects.

  12. Jo boy

    Out of all the old goons birdman got y’all want me to believe he skipped them and went thru a cross dresser?

    Lol. Yea right.

    • Gota lotta

      Why so racist?? Why do you frequent hip hop sites?? If your a black dude talkin bout” these coons” in front of company (whites), then KILL YOURSELF. .niggers like you give blackfolks a bad rap because you can’t stop hating yourself.. troll..

    • Gota lotta

      Oh by the way cold pissa is a security guard.. lol.lmao. really?? No wonder you hate yourself. If that’s all I could be then damn. I see why your a hater.. call 1800 _ get money. Mabe they can find you a better job.. bum…lmao

      • coldPissa

        Don’t get all butt hurt because I said something about your lil FUCKBOY hero rapper

  13. lean6

    Let this be a lesson, Wayne…don’t ever kiss a grown man on the mouth and call him “daddy” if he’s not the father.

      • chicagostyl

        yeah man back in the day on MTV/BET wayne Baby and Manny Fresh used to be kissing talking about real gangstas kiss each other…

      • WIWYCB

        yup..turk said all of em except juvy kissed each other in the mouth..he said it on the breakfast club. said it wasn’t anything gay to them, it was just something they did. idk….

      • Realist4200

        There’s another picture from a separate incident too.

        And who else remembers on MTV cribs, Birdman(I refuse to call that creep Baby) had a hot tub in his living room. Imagine the stories that thing could tell.

      • Moccahontas

        How can you be such a hard core rapper but gotta soft a$$ that’s crazy and yeah that’s gay shyt all day long

      • lean6

        Saw it regularly…they pretended to be in some sort of symbolic parent/child relationship.

      • WIWYCB

        I agree 100%…if these were dudes that were walking with you or taking the cta eating roman noodles & penny pinching then I might do the time(just make sure its $ on my books), but for some spineless industry cats? id be singling like a canary. shit baby aint loyal to mannie fresh or even wayne, TF he think about a PeeWee Roscoe???

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

        Fugg that snitching chet, birds of a feather flock together….you don’t see G’s running with snitches.

        Never talk cheese with rats or bread with birds.

  14. Faceda59

    Yep, jail time is coming.Young Thug got to be stupid to let baby get him in all this ish.Everybody left cmr back in the day,why try to kill Wayne?Baby is going to fall very hard going after Jay z.Lets see what happens next…..

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