AR-AB Drops “Back To Back” Diss On Meek Mill

Things just got a bit worse for Meek Mill. He’s had a major falling back with Ar-Ab, his former comrade.

  • Juleo478

    Meek should have kept his mouth shut lol.he just opened up a war on two fronts ask hitler how that ended.

    He just put him self in a rock and a hard place.he can’t talk that I got more money than you and your hating on my roley talk with drake.

    And he can’t talk that I’m realer street dude than you talk with AR.

    Plus AR hit em immediately unlike when meek waited a whole week to respond with an less than stellar response with drake.

    ar murked him and I was siding with meek until he did this.

  • TruthHurts

    😳 Go Ab…. Meek taking loss after loss after loss. Should have known this was going to go bad when Ross didn’t respond from the get-go. Must’ve known Meek was going to get ethered on all fronts.

  • Anthony Mason

    This is a real diss record….And that how your really write bars…

    Good thing AR wants to stay out of the hands on bulls*** now. He would actually do something….

  • Uncle Ruckus

    This is the only way Meek gonna be able to get the wolves of his ass….give his girl up as a sacrifice!

  • dfwricwil

    Dam…I guess Meek got what he was looking for. Lol..

  • Uncle Ruckus

    The man said Nicki’s on Booty Duty.

  • ChoMama

    I heard AR mentioned Cassidy. he don’t want it with cass.

    • Anthony Mason

      Cass and him are cool because Cass reached out between bids….Plus Cass is a literal genius…lyrically and literally Cass is book smart and street smart….

      • Cass booksmart bro ?

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah he actually is. He got nice grades in school….I’m not making that up. He didn’t have to be a rapper…

        He is Lupe and Bun B smart….people don’t know that though. It’s why he murked Dizaster. Cass is a calulating dude with a vocabulary out of this world. His mind is dangerous….growing up in his hood he was known as a smart cat…

      • Never heard or read that. Wouldnt say he was either, just streetsmart

      • Anthony Mason

        You can look it up. All good though…Dude is extremely intelligent.

      • I hear you and I tried. Nothing to be found, only which school he attended.

      • Anthony Mason

        When I was a senior in High school….I worked a part time job with a dude that knew him and his people and they had the whole drop on him. It was hot for him to go back to Philly back then too…he had some real beef. That was back when he was mainstream…..jealously I think mostly from cats he grew up with ……

        There is a really old video speaking on it but it’s so old it probably is deleted by now….I’m talking 2003-2005.

      • justmathoughts

        yea he went to central, thats the top high school in philly… very few get accepted

      • Anthony Mason


      • chosenxeno

        5001-0 in rap battles. I’m going to guess his brain works pretty well lol

  • Drake was ducking behind the fact he had a ghost writer. Umm

    • dwill

      Q. Miller didnt come around till 2014 drake been dropping fire from 09…. You don’t give your ghost writer credit on your album… Takes away from the ghost part 😂😂😂

      • Remember Drake was a nickelodeon actor. That’s cool he has talent rapping I give him that. If he had one he had one can’t take it away. Funk Flex has the material. Who knows if there was something else ghost like from 09-14. You can also tell that there is something ghost like about him paying his way out of a situation if it gets Grizzly. He said it in one of his songs. Lol I respect the board games he plays but remember when he had issues with Breezy some of Meek them did that for him in the club. He was hiding. HE GETS GHOST HIMESELF AFTER A WHILE. I would like to see him if he could have handle the 2nd side of his own version of Beef himself. SMART BUT SEEMS TO BE A WELL ROUNDED GHOST WITH SOME FIRE LYRICS.

  • Trying to swim easily to be King of Hip Hop.

  • Gang in this bitch

    there is a 43 minute video of this goof bigging up meek hold this L bum ass fake muslim

    • dwill

      Yea I agree but wasnt meek doing the same about ar-ab lol goes both ways….

    • codaworld973


  • 5789007

    Should’ve left this nigga alone. This shit is better than Drakes shit

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      its all copied off bobby smurda

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah….that was the first thing most people think…realist comment of the year….

  • Markus

    It’s Meek vs.the world and they’re beating him senseless and merciless. But dude lets his fans gas him up at shows and with the added sound effects, you think he’s really saying something deep when actually he’s still bringing up the rear in all this. Don’t ask the yes men around you or your girl for feedback.Aubrey is not a favorite of mine and i can’t deny who’s beating who. Surrender.

    • Anthony Mason

      Someone in his family circle might need to literally ….. physically whoop his a** like a disappointed parent to save him from himself….

      If I was Meek’s close friend I would have an intervention with his whole camp present there…

      • Markus

        Lmao I don’t know if laying hands on dude will wake him up from his delusional state,but clearly his inner circle is not doing the right thing and telling him the truth.

      • Anthony Mason

        He is in Tyga mode…..Those dudes don’t react to negativie stimuli like normal people do….

        They only retain positive stimuli,(gifts and money)…..and it determines their future actions instead of them factoring the negative side in….

        These guys are heavily programmed and controlled….

      • Markus

        Well I can’t fathom how the vibe in the streets hasn’t hit home with him, his girl or his people. I bet his next album reflects what he’s doing to himself with each failed attempt at retaliation.

      • Anthony Mason

        Now you think people see why he is such a hot topic???

        Weapon of distraction/destruction. Nigga is a buy one get one free who can’t even comprehend his dilemma!….

        Fetty Wap is the same. He doesn’t process information how one would expect….

  • The Legendary Troll

    Drakes plan worked perfectly. Now he got this nigga to get at meek

    • Please read my post

    • That was some perfectly phone calls.

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

      YOU think so?? ┐(´д‘)┌

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  • The 6 God is the God of Gossiping and getting people to turn heads. The Legendary Troll the reason why Drake had the Iphone Power Point on the diss track because he CHARGED IT UP TO GOSSIP ABOUT PEOPLE TO MAKE HIS ASSESSMENTS.


  • I also think that drake has a ghost watching team that views all blogs from 2 a.m. in to the morning until whenever calls hit up 24 hours and says I need to tell you this ghost writer on deck. Y’all be fooled if ya want it’s $25 dollars an hour.



    • Aiden_Abetting

      Thanks for explaining your last dumb comment.

      • You mad? Lmao why trip about it like the other comments when it’s just Entertainment. Thanks for reply.

      • Aiden_Abetting

        Cool dude.





  • Y’all Suck Up people can you see?????


    • Leo514

      Seriously? So What Exaggerate Everything is S.W.E.E

      • LOL

      • chosenxeno


      • Lol I just wanted to see who was good on the OWL GAME. GOOD JOB LEO514. You deserve an honorable mention. lol

      • RapItUp


  • Dark Matters


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  • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    This ish hot garbage

  • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    F ar ab ole dick riding ninja

    • Phillip Fuller

      Says the meek dick rider

      • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

        -drake fan
        enough said

  • chosenxeno

    “You was a bum before rap”. We know. We watched this dude go from YouTube Star to Mainstream. That’s why he’s going to be harder to bury than people think lol. Meek has a deeper connection to his base than most rappers and uoeno. Real Talk. I was hoping for some deeper revelations from this.

  • Str8_BLACK_History

    So now this fool thinks he needs to be heard

  • Chaining Tatum OVO 👌

    Im feelin this

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

      I bet YOU are. (^.^)

  • TD King

    Shit went too far all this start because Drake did not TWEET Meek album

  • OfficialDre_P

    This dudes called meek a street nigga a real nigga when he begged with cass now he says he is a bitch and not from the street ar-ab get this shit together man. Stop eating dick

  • Celz

    AR AB releases a new diss called “Back to Back 2” aka “Yo Drake pls sign a nicca we starvin low key”

    • Reed Johnson

      facts lol

  • Celz

    Hot garbage.. This nicca thirsty and his flow tired.. Someone get him a sub..

    • Phillip Fuller

      This Nigga killed meek. Quit hating so call thug nigga

      • Celz

        Yea right when the Cassidy beef popped off he was going on and on about how real Meek was and he didn’t want any problems..

      • RespectA

        Right and now he saying Meek is weak. These clowns confusing themselves with their own words

      • Lol they still gonna rap

    • etalaie hitie

      Lol. He look like he need a cheeseburger.

  • Michael

    Witnessing the destruction of Black men and women…. they blame us, but they glorify this junk I know, go ahead and call me racist but what did I say that was wrong?

  • It’s not the street game no more it’s the OWL GAME .

  • Celz

    How many wack disses can one battle have? Daylyt, Drake has 1, Meek, Safaree, now this nicca? I heard Quentin Miller has a track too..

  • It’s not dissing it’s OWLING LOL

  • RespectA

    Please make it stop please…………..or just give us one good diss song out of the 20 or so cats jumping in this

  • Ar ab allhiphop needs to sign him a record deal. They have a company. lol

  • Drake paid Ar Ab $50 for this and $2000 more coming if it chimes

  • Oh might be residual if ITUNES except it. Whoa

  • if this was 2004 id probly be ok wit this but its not. . . its 2015. these niggaz still talking bout killing each other. lol why not keep it funny r something. both these niggaz from philly, im pretty sure ar ab coulda dug up some pretty funny and discrediting shit about meek in the streets

  • chosenxeno

    I love how people exxagerate how much trouble Meel’s career is in. This in not Ja Rule. This man has something Ja Rule didn’t. “The Nicki Factor” lol They don’t just give wax figures to anyone. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a Nicki factor with some of you dudes on these boards lol.

    • Yup lol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yo real ish nicki just as fake as that statue … and its a bunch of other fake a$$ having fake tit$ fake hair having fake broads out there aint no one worried about nicki …. altho i like shes about her biz … but once again its alot of them out there but we men !! we aint really worried about that niether but its a good bonus … nobody worried about nicki mane …. @ the end of the day Meek start both these beefs …. the real question would be who is hyping up meek ?? and im a meek fan … checked every ar ab interview cause i thought he took the drake bait .. but he didnt dude keep it 100 … meek didnt …. im just keeping it 100 …..

      • chosenxeno

        Doesn’t matter what you type. Fact is fact. She can more than keep him a float. Which is my point. When I speak of Power

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        tru but a true man dont care about that only a boy would mess with a female strickly cause he can live off her … or a pimp … real men stand on they own feet …

    • Str8_BLACK_History

      The Nicki factor”? But that’s his girl’s tour.

      Ja Rule was miles ahead of meek with back to back good songs that sold themselves, his subliminal shots at 50 were at least OK, and his 50 beef had more to do with 50 being a coon and snitch than 50 having bars.

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