Meek Mill-Drake

Members Of The Battle Rap Community Share Their Thoughts On “Meek Mill Vs Drake”

Meek Mill versus Drake has become one of the most talked about industry rap battles in recent memory. Hip Hop media, social media, mainstream media, and even corporations have weighed in on the contest between the “Dream Chaser” and the “6 God.”

With both performers having links to the battle rap culture (a young Meek battle rapped in Philadelphia, Drake has stood on stage at King Of The Dot and URL events), their recent feud is an extension of the competitive streak taking place in battle leagues across the globe. So what do the people making a living off of these lyrical contests think about the Meek-Drake clash?’s Senior News Writer Yohance Kyles and veteran battler/songwriter Okwerdz contacted several notable members of the battle rap community to get their thoughts on Meek claiming Drake uses ghostwriters, the two performers’ respective diss tracks, and how the events of the last few weeks ultimately played out.

Find out what the battle rap professionals have to say about Meek vs. Drake below.

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Brizz Rawsteen

Brizz Rawsteen

In my opinion, it’s a “real vs. fake” situation. You have a ghostwriter, you become exposed, and now the exposer gets ridiculed. Drake is winning to the masses, but I’m not all shocked because these days any and everything is acceptable. Rappers wearing b*tch clothes, makeup, etc. He was invited to the cool table. There was no Degrassi in rap! Some people are forgetting that though.




Much to the dismay of the average Hip Hop purist, Drake vs Meek Mill was the first big feud of this generation. In the footsteps of 50 Cent, it ushered us into a new era of beef. The “Petty Era.”

From the beginning, Drake was playing chess, while Meek was playing checkers. Drake played the long game and beat dude psychologically. By the time Meek had finished processing the first track, Drake hits him again forcing Mill to push his plan into action earlier than expected.. But it was still too late.

Meek’s ace up his sleeve was this big ghostwriting accusation which ultimately kind of flopped anyways – poor form. I give it to Drake 3-0 before “3 Peat” even drops. Sending Charlemagne the bottles and school donations was just extra credit. Actually, 4-0 Drake, because he lost Nicki too. At least people know who you are now though right?




Truthfully, it’s good for the culture! Everybody is so cool now, it’s like the competitive nature is lost. The only way artists can evolve is by testing your talent against your peers! Drake got that one! His whole plan of attack was thought out and executed! Plus you can tell he watches current battles! Ha!


The Deadman

The Deadman

We still don’t know exactly what triggered Meek Mill’s Twitter rant, but it seemed to be an emotional response. I think he reacted on impulse, but I also think he might have underestimated the level of support Drake has from the Hip Hop community. And Drake, with his recent talk about wanting to step in the battle rap ring, must have been waiting for an opportunity like this to show what he’s really capable of.

I feel like Drake’s response was very strategic. It was very well thought out and properly executed. He definitely seems to be a student of battle rap and delivered a multiple-angle attack covering all his bases. It almost reminds me of an ending scene from The Godfather movies.

And the craziest part is, I don’t think Drake is done. I think he has one more coup de grâce that he’s been waiting to deliver at the right moment. Now all the pressure’s on Meek to see if he can send a strong enough response. Just glad this stayed a competition on wax and hasn’t led to violence, because Hip Hop doesn’t need that.




The night when Meek showed the world who Quentin Miller was I thought it was over for Drake. I actually DM’d him on Twitter with the word “bodybag.” I know he saw it. When “Charged Up” dropped, I said to myself, “This is a good song, but it’s the softest, most subliminal indirect diss record in history.” All Meek had to do was deliver, and it was a wrap, until Drake dropped “Back To Back”

“Is this a world tour or your girl’s tour? This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.” Straight fire. These are bars anyone from the battle world can respect. I hope Nicki really didn’t leave Meek… at least his album was fire.




I feel Meek’s diss record wasn’t that good, because he took too long to drop it. No matter what he would have dropped after the days he waited to drop it, it wouldn’t have been that good. The expectation level was just too high.

If he would have dropped it right after Drake dropped his first joint – which really wasn’t a diss track to me, it was just touching on a couple of things. If Meek would have dropped it then, it would have gotten a better response. Then once Drake dropped his other diss track, Meek’s would have got a good response. Then it could have gone back-and-forth.

Meek would have to drop another joint, but it would look like it’s going back-and-forth instead of it looking one-sided. The fact that Drake dropped two diss songs before Meek dropped one made the expectation so high for Meek to drop his first one, no matter what he would have dropped it wouldn’t have met the expectation level.


Hollow Da Don

Hollow Da Don

I think Meek made a fatal mistake by playing his trump card. He should have called out Drake first, then waited for him to diss him back. Then Meek should have exposed the reference tracks to the world on his comeback while snapping with bars. But since he didn’t calculate his moves, Drake outsmarted him.


John John Da Don

John John Da Don


About this whole Meek and Drake battle, Drake is definitely winning. He’s clearly winning this. I feel like Meek might have barked up the wrong tree at the wrong time. Drake is not playing.

Being that Meek started all of this is also giving Drake’s disses even more power, because it’s like “N*gga, you asked for this.” He just awakened some kind of beast in the light-skinned n*gga Drake.

As far as the battle goes, Drake is definitely winning. I want to see Meek come back swinging. I know Meek got something in the tank. A lot of people don’t believe. I’m rocking with Meek, but he’s f*cking losing.


Lush One

Lush One

I’ve been a fan of diss tracks going back to the Golden Era. I think Cam’ron and DJ Quik are two of the potent – and also slept on  – creators of the best disses ever. I wish more artists would be like Cassidy. In the sense, they would be willing to step into the actual battle arena and get it poppin. But they need to drop the ego and unrealistic financial expectations of a still growing subculture within Hip Hop.

But as of now, diss tracks are still the equivalent on an industry level, they inject the game with an appreciation of lyricism, and add necessary excitement. Props to Drizzy for going the extra mile and not only destroying Meek on a track and in life (hope he don’t lose his girl smh), but also showing some genuine willingness to hop in the actual battle rap arena as well.

Meek is an artist I respect, but this diss hit so hard it actually affects how the general public views him in general. He needs to fight back quick or it’s a wrap. These rappers need to sack up, hop in the ring, and make some real money while putting their reps up. The branding opportunities are endless. Floyd and Manny were literally the highest paid athletes of the year… It ain’t rocket science.


Marv Won

Marv Won

The funny thing about this whole Meek/Drake beef is… ten years ago, if Meek would’ve dropped these references, the world would’ve lynched Drake. This is so not the way Meek thought this would play out. Lol.





I’m a huge fan of Drake and Meek Mill, but I was a little underwhelmed by the diss tracks on both sides thus far, although “Back To Back” was a step in the right direction. I don’t think this generation has really been exposed to real diss tracks that say names and even get people hurt like that just yet.

Drake’s chess game, however, is very impressive, and the most entertaining part of this whole “beef.” Competition is good for Hip Hop, and it’s kind of cool to see Drake put his battle rap influence to good use. I hope to see them face off in the ring!


Real Deal

Real Deal

Overall, I just think it’s clearly not the same. To me, from jump Meek was in over his head. If this were 90’s style diss records and feel, then possibly the “street” approach would hold more weight. But where Hip Hop is now, Meek seems outgunned.

Drake has a larger fanbase and voice and was quicker with the draw on the responses. The hype waiting on Meek’s response seemed to leave anything short of a “Hit Em Up” comeback doomed.

This day and age of people seem more “sheep like” than ever. If person A goes Drake there will be a line of followers who may have never even heard Meek’s comeback to follow suit. Having said that and heard all tracks, it’s lost its interest to me, and even more so I don’t feel it’s real.


The Saurus

The Saurus

Clearly, Drake has won the war between the two, and as a result, I think the term getting “Meek’ed” will almost replace the term “ethered” in Hip Hop culture.


Uno Lavoz

Uno Lavoz

I think this Meek Mill and Drake “beef” is a good look. It shows that battle rap is still alive in mainstream Hip Hop, and it brings back the competitive nature. I hate that Drake is kicking Meek’s ass (me being from Philly) all over the place. But hey… the better man won.




Drake and Meek are funny to me. It is Drake powering Meek Mill out of position. It’s not lyrical rapping wise, but it’s funny. Drake clearly is winning the war.


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  • THE.

    I am over this, what’s your favourite track on Compton ? I got talking to my diary on repeat.

    • rocnation30

      Haven’t listened to it yet…. What chew think tho was worth the wait?? Is it a classic ??

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  • Hollow The Don’s comment was interesting.

    Meek couldve won he just fked it up

    • Larry Sandwiches

      I wonder what else he coulda got him goin with tho? Nothin else he saying carries the weight of Drake not writin his own rhymes.

      • Bryan Wilbourn

        He’s also claiming that Drake ratted on one of his homies… But I’ve never heard of Drake going to jail so that tidbit seems a bit far-fetched.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        in 2015, ratted to these dudes could mean he told on his friend stealing a french fry while his other friend was in the bathroom

      • Bryan Wilbourn


  • Mack

    I agree with Brizz, but at the same time, Xcel is on point. Hip-hop battles today don’t play out lyrically as much as they rely on gimmicks.

    • Bryan Wilbourn

      That’s all battles nowadays. Look at the underground battle leagues. Those dudes brings props in to try and humiliate their opponents.

  • Larry Sandwiches

    This has been the most interesting thing ive read about this battle yet.

  • Dark Matters

    It is amazing to me how selective people’s memories are. It is evident that Meek wasn’t trying to get into a battle (he even went on stage and “apologized” before Drake’s first diss). He stumbled into one, that he wasn’t planning on getting into. He just thought he would expose Drake and then walk away from it.

    However, Drake thinking he had a lot to lose dropped a diss track and Drake’s fans desperately wanting something to clamor behind, ate it up. However, once Meek decided that he needed now to save face and respond to two diss tracks, should’ve come super correct. His diss track had all of the elements to really smash Drake, but needed to have been better.

    • Larry Sandwiches

      Nope. Meek’s an idiot and not a student of the game if he thought the stuff he put out wouldnt garner a response.

      Drake still came at him weak tho. Shouldve been easy for Meek to put him out given his battllin background.

      Regardless, this battle sucks! Still the most interesting thing in main stream hiphop tho.

    • Str8_BLACK_History

      How can you say Meek didn’t know what he was getting into, and then say “he just thought he would expose Drake”

      Once you try to expose somebody you should be ready for the storm.

      • Dark Matters

        Show me where in my comment where I state, “Meek didn’t know what he was getting into”? What I’ve written is plain as day, for all to see. Yet, you still managed to give it your own convenient interpretation.

        The essence of what I’m saying is clearly Meek wasn’t looking to get into a battle. How do I know so? He clearly wasn’t thinking ahead to such an eventuality. If he were, he would have prepared for it. For all we know, that was just a spur of the moment off the cuff twitter remark that he made while his girlfriend was doing her own complaining about the MTV nominations.

      • Bryan Wilbourn

        You’re giving Meek too much credit if you ask me.

  • that dude

    Getting Meek’d will replace getting Ethere’d? Hahahaha, Imagine that, Drakes disses, all 2,3 and even the last one he bout to drop could never compare to Ether if they were all put together against it. But Drake is clearly kicking Meeks ass. Getting Meek’d? Hahaha

    • Larry Sandwiches

      Getting Meek’d: losing a rap twitter battle…..sad

      • Bryan Wilbourn

        Meek started with twitter though, not Drake. Actually, I think Drake responding once to him and that was with a photo of him laughing. Meanwhile, your boy is on Twitter/IG going the f*** off like people really care about what he’s saying. SMH.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Not my boy. I dont like neither one of those dudes.

      • Bryan Wilbourn

        My bad, it’s a figure of speech.

  • Str8_BLACK_History

    “he might have underestimated the level of support Drake has from the Hip Hop community”
    Correction: Pop community

    and s/o to shot97 for letting ppl know the realness behind Ja Rule/50 beef… 50 dirty af

    • DR.WHO?

      Old school cats who respect j prince know why they should respect drake. Drake has the “streets community” believe it or not.

      • Bryan Wilbourn

        It doesn’t take too much age to understand their link. It’s similar to the respect he gets in Memphis from its community and even Yo Gotti.

  • I feel as though Goodz gave the best analysis of the situation.

  • Ryan Cole

    Drake gets too much credit, and not enough is credited to Meek just being shitty. You never see anybody get props for having a great game plan when they beat the Sixers.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Meek just didn’t think this through. You just can’t go up to a guy and pick a fight then start windmilling.

    • pimpsquadpop

      meek should’ve had his bars together before he started this battle…

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    I’m sick of of THIS shit.. people scared to death of Drake for WHAT??? Phucking kidding me?? ┐(´д‘)┌

    • Bryan Wilbourn

      ChampagnePapi, isn’t that Drake’s IG tag? So, you apparently have issues with the guy but that didn’t stop you from using his photo as an avi and copying his IG name for your account? Something about this feels… weird. 🙁

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

        I don’t have no issues with Drake non so ever.. I….. yeah funny it was just called Champagne Devine and I added Papi. But I do like Drake.. I just don’t like the fact that he doesn’t write his own rhymes. What kind of mess is that?? ( ´◔ ‸◔‘)

  • Obama

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    All you F**KING C**n, APES, spearchuckers, cotton pickers, Ape sh*t,
    dirty filthy animals are not human. I hope that NI**ER Mike Brown burns in NI**ER hell.

    • Strong Arm Tactics

      Hey, you forgot moon crickets clown!

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    I’m so tired of y’all sugarcoaters kissing Drake’s ass.. how much MONEY does Drake pay y’all coaters to coat for him??? I wonder is 2 cent’s A comment or 1 cent to blast Meek mills ?? I want to know cause it’s a lot of Meek mills haters in here today. Drake must have y’all coaters on his huge payroll. Better get in line and line up for your paycheck. Business is clearly Appreciate.. Bitches be like “Drake won and Meek lost to Drizzy Drake” CLEARLY appreciate your COMMENTS but DEARS DRAKE DID not WIN I’M SORRY but DRAKE LOST. MEEK WON THIS SHIT HERE. AND I’M TELL YOU WHY. MEEK SAID THAT DRAKE DID NOT WRITE HIS OWN RHYMES.. WELL DOESNT THAT MAKE DRAKE EITHER A FRAUD OR JUST SOMEONE THAT CAN’T DELIVER RAP-LYRICALLY?? TELL ME SOMETHING NEW. CAUSE TO ME THAT’S PROVES THAT DRAKE HAS LOST. ALL THOSE AWARDS DRAKE HAS RECEIVED AND DUDE DON’T WRITE HIS OWN SHIT. SERIOUSLY?? BUT Y’ALL COATERS TALKING SHIT ABOUT MEEK?? MEEK WILL GET HIS REVENGE. IT MIGHT TAKE MEEK A MONTH OR A YEAR IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT REVENGE WILL BE EPIC.




    • Patrick Mcdonald

      Meek a snitch , just like all the so call , real street niggas that I know all dumb mf, end up in jail risking their life for Pennys, so called squares when we commit crime it’s for millions , with little or no jail time, meek was exposed to the winning formula instead of running with it nigga exposed it dumb mf

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  • Derek Scott Harris

    (I wrote this after ‘I Wanna Know”) I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get Meek’s point. If D-Fake was a real dude he could have said the truth and kept it moving. It’s like the Bill Cosby situation nobody gave a shit about those girls. The REAL vs Fraud, 50 Cent vs Ja, There is a difference the Undertaker music was because we gotta check our favorite rappers authenticity now in this fake sport a lot of peeps are getting scared. How would you feel if Em, Biggie, Jay, Nas, Rakim, Kane, Meth,Redman, Run DMC ,EPMD, Pac, and Snoop all had people writing there lyrics. Scary right? Like when the Undertaker comes out right? Or someone else did a painting that Picaso traced and put his name on. D-Fake sold Meek a fake ass chain with that R.I.C.O. shit. It was cool when it wasn’t happening to him. He tainted his album with fakeness. Meek should sue and get his money back. Just like the Fake cops being exposed with all the video footage. D-Fake now falls into the Kanye, Beyonce, Dr.Dre, Puffy, M.Jackson. Greatness with a team. Not best rapper. No way to tell what’s his or someone elses. So take D-Fake off your Number one MC list just like Milli Vanilli had to give there grammy back. Just like if someone helped by taking some of your test for you so you can make valedictorian at your school. Or like finding out your parent who are raising you are not your biological parents or Truth behind UFOs,Santa Clause, or even Religion. Don’t forget peep’s Drizzy was Wayne and Baby’s Bitch when he first came out. Remember if Indiana Jones was picking his top MC out of these two he would not pick D-fake. Kendrick already tried to call out Drizzy but Meek made a statement and Drizzy got his panties in a bunch. Drizzy got yall all CashMoney confused in this battle,my Ice,My Platinum this my Fans, my house, my real philly rapper, talkin bout AR-AB and some funny jokes to get yall off the issue.Shit is getting real. D-Fake is rollin with AR-AB. I’m happy for AB and Lo but that’s Bitch move by D-Fake. Money bought an army. Hope nobody gets killed over this bullshit. AB, to me has not been hot since he got shot last time, to me. I been rockin with AB since about 06. D-Fake wants war. He’s a fan. How many AB and Meek tracks out there. Meek did that shit first. Why didn’t he get some Canadian Rapper to do his dirty work. Cause he knows he can get a hungry as nigga to suck him off, kill, and sell his soul for some change. Suge and Tupac. This is moving out of Hip hop and turning into real street shit with people who really started from the bottom. If yall wanna keep 100% on the stats with the hits and platinum this grammy that, go all the way back since birth. Shit, D-Fake did not start from no bottom or get locked up, or grow up in North Philly, But he writes songs about it. This shit is not outta love. D-Fake is like that kid king on Game of Thrones. D-Fake is not 100% MC. That be like if the whole Wu was write for the RZA. We would be amazed at all the different styles and lines. Meek is like Chris Hansen and got Drizzy scared. That’s why in baseball the take back hall of fame awards of the player who was found to be taking steroids.Drake could gave said yeah so what and gave him is money back. Don’t get off the issue. Drake is no longer 100% MC even if your 99% your not 100% so can’t be top MC. Top Hip Hop artist sure but not Top MC. There is a difference. I like Drake, Milli Vanilli, José Canseco,Santa but a Cheat is a Cheat. Fraud is not REAL. Meek is in the Real lane. Now remember who did Intro and now who’s just did an Interlude. So keep it 100% tell all D-Fakes to change lanes cause this is ain’t no Chappelle Skit. WU-TANG!!! lol Only the Real recognize Real. Meek Hit em up like Ken from Fist of the North Star! Like Rocky Vs. Creed in Rock Pt 1. Looks like Morpheous took yall out of the Matrix to late but yall wanna go back in like Cypher. Yall want it back to before Cosby was accused before M.Jackson was accused, before Steroids in baseball. He stated facts and flex showed yall proof. But yall didn’t hear and for that i’m sorry. Sad day for the art of being a true emcee. Me, Id rather have a real gold chain the the big flash gold painted that will turn your neck green. Id rather watch the official movie than the old boot leg copy. I like both of these guys music, but there is a difference. Meek got the Juice and Drake’s been Juicing. D-Fake is a clown, making yall laugh, like a politician dancing around the issue. Meek is spitting that real like Malcolm X, Dr. King. Maybe Meek got D-Fake Creed to go back in his bag and if you been Riding with meek from the start you would know that he was already in his And if you been riding with Degrassi Drake you know he’s always had trouble stand up and was always a good actor. Wassup with Em Vs. Drake, White rapper Vs. White rapper. Yo, even Puff didn’t have a Ghost Writer on Meek’s CD! Peace out!D.S.The RJA

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