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Cyhi The Prynce Responds To A$AP Rocky Saying Atlanta Rappers Sound The Same

(AllHipHop News) New York City representative A$AP Rocky’s comments about Atlanta rappers did not sit well with many fans from the Peach State. The Harlemite told a crowd at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival he feels a lot of ATL artists sound the same.

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One of the A-Town’s best spitters was recently asked about what Rocky had to say. Cyhi The Prynce took questions at a press conference in Atlanta last week, and the creator of the controversial track “Elephant In The Room” mentioned the Hip Hop industry in his hometown needs to do more to support the city’s rising talent.

“We do have our certain sound. But it’s for the DJs and [radio] program directors take heed to other artists that’s actually bubbling in Atlanta, that don’t do your traditional trap or club music,” said Cyhi. “There’s a lot of different music. We’re like the Mecca of music right now. This is [the home of] LaFace, Dungeon Family, Stankonia. That culture – we just don’t embrace it no more. But that’s why I’m here.”

Cyhi is currently working on his debut studio album. The official follow-up to his critically acclaimed mixtapes Black Hystori Project and BHP 2: N.A.A.C.P. does not have a release date yet, but the Stone Mountain native described what the LP represents in his view.

“One way to sum up my project is the word of God,” stated Cyhi. “I’m just hear to put my story, my message and my ministry at the forefront.”

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Watch the video for Cyhi The Prynce’s “L.I.O.N (Like It Or Not)” below.

PHOTO: Cyhi The Prynce’s Twitter

52 Responses to “Cyhi The Prynce Responds To A$AP Rocky Saying Atlanta Rappers Sound The Same”

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I’d respect that more if they would of stayed on mid 90’s late 90’s Outkast themed.

      • Anthony Mason

        He didn’t quite. They distance themselves from him. He is just fam affiliated. They are like oj and milk….

      • Anthony Mason

        Glad he isn’t my cuz….I would have to tell him he is trash and don’t come around me until he decides to fly straight….

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        More like the younger brother decided to be a Yellow Jacket as opposed to be a Bulldog.

    • Shock

      At this current time, that statement isn’t debatable. You may not like the music coming out of there, and I totally understand that, but no city has as many high profile artists coming out of it as Atlanta. Frankly, its not even close.

      • Knickfan4life

        Yeah it is debate able it can only by one mecca for black music and that will always be memphis.

    • Anthony Mason

      You haven’t already clue of what you are saying….Cyhi is in a league of his own….oh nevermind… are joking. Lol.

      • Anthony Mason

        His stuff is fire. L.I.O.N ( like it or not) in the video up top is awesome. I’ve liked his stuff for years….

        It’s sucks that his bars are too good for mainstream success. People want sugary applesauce and he is trying to serve a medium rare prime porterhouse steak. That is the reason he isn’t all over the radio and Kanye just won’t give him any burn…

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Thanks, I q’d a couple of his songs on Spotify, im gonna listen on the way home later. He’s on a song with Raekwon, thats enough of a cosign for me.

  1. Zodiak Killa

    The Rhyme pattern on this song is Migos-ish though. I thought he was gonna be spitting Acid reign,to represent for lyricists in ATL. Jarren Benton is an ATL Mc with a unique flow scheme though. My opinion

  2. Hakeem

    Southern rap is trash.. Its basic. No metaphors, no double entendres….
    Southern rap is that hickory dickory dock bull…..

    • RapItUp

      Cyhi would mop the floor with A$AP on his worst day and make his mother regret ever birthing that little crispy queer clown.

      • Hakeem

        Cyhi will be MOPPING floors in a month…..
        I never heard him before….but he one of these 2 for 5 “rapping” clowns…
        Who cares…..

      • RapItUp

        LMFAOOO @ Cyhi will be MOPPING floors in a month, haha.. that’s funny.. you’ve never listened to him, although I’m sure you’ve heard some verses of his (MBDTF, Cruel Summer, etc.) but that comment was funny.. you got it.. lol

    • Myleage

      ludacris? lil wayne? they used more metaphors than any east coast or west coast rappers. when does Kurupt ever use metaphors?

  3. Papi Peligro

    HIm and Travis Scott should have did a joint album before the solo album. They both songs lose me in the middle of the first verse. I’ve heard them come way harder a billion times when they on features and group songs.

  4. Gee Oh Dee

    He MEANT 99.9999% of you mush mouth, country azz, nuthin’ to say, ‘turnt up’ trap ‘rappers’ spewing that non-lyrical diarrhea that’s KILLIN’ HIP HOP!

    • pimpsquadpop

      he dope but he gotta start making commercial records. Asap Rocky ain’t even strong like that, but he got way more hits than bro.

  5. I_AM_Houston

    Been rockin with him a while now, great rapper who should be bigger but probably wont be because he will never get that added push he needs.

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