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Meek Mill Addresses Drake Feud In Snippet From ‘Dreamchasers 4’ (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill is not letting the public backlash from his feud with Drake stop him from dropping more new music in the near future. After releasing the #1 album Dreams Worth More Than Money in June, Meek is prepping for his Dreamchasers 4 mixtape to hit the internet.

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The Maybach Music Group rapper teased his Instagram followers with cuts from the forthcoming project. Meek posted six videos to IG featuring songs that presumably will be part of DC4.

“Shame on them n*ggas for betting against us!” wrote Meek in the caption for one of the clips.

In another video, Meek can be heard rapping, “I made an M in a week, but they telling me I took an L.”

The Dreamchasers series has been very successful for Meek. DC3 was met with mostly positive responses from critics, and its predecessor has been downloaded over 4 million times on DatPiff.

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Watch Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 4 Instagram videos below.

DC4 we got a problem nowwwwwwwww ?

A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

#DC4 shame on them niggas for betting against us!

A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

#DC4 @yg

A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on


A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on


A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Eating breakfast on jet!!!

A video posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

  • zzzzzzz

  • Kevin Marchetto

    it’s too late, you took the biggest L in recent years. He’s chasing his dreams if he thinks he didn’t look stupid in this feud

    • yes he looked stupid, but Drake still ain’t write 10 bandz. technically there is only one phony in that equation..

      • swift

        i didnt hear 10 bands ref. but rico was 100% word for word.

      • Shawn Williams

        It’s like sayin I know she gave Kevin n mike a mean ass head but I don’t know bout charles , do it matter, da bitch gives head, period lol

      • swift

        i missed your point. oh wait, nevermind. I know he uses ghostwriters…..The problem is that it doesnt matter.

      • Stephen Singleton

        Its not a ghostwriter if their getting credit.

      • not only word for word, but Quentin Miller also wrote the flow (music composition), so it wasn’t just words he gave him. Drake basically a karaoke artist at that point. But hey, if the people love it then who cares?

      • game213

        hahah you guys give it up, this ghost writing thing aint hurting drizzy,

      • of course it is. little by little, in the back of everyone’s minds, you will always wonder if he wrote the latest verse. he can never be great after that. he does not qualify for top 5 rap lists and that will hurt him later on. the past is already written. only the delusional believe it isn’t hurting him because they don’t and can’t see it yet.

        I could care less about either. I’m a biggie, jay z, fab, big pun fan (all real writers and rappers).

      • B.U.

        I agree 100%. If it ain’t that emo, sitting in a dark room self reflecting shit, I will always wonder if Drake wrote it.

      • Shock

        Jay is my favorite ever, but Kanye, Sauce Money, and Jaz-O all have writing credits on Jay Z songs that they didnt rap on

      • RapItUp

        writing credits attribute from everything to the hook, etc. not just writing verses.. if you recall all the stories from EVERYBODY that’s been in the studio w/ Jay, he doesn’t write.. so you think people were feeding Jay verses to recite? lol if he took a hot line, that’s one thing.. but seriously.. the Jay-ghostwriting slander has to stop.. you all sound silly

      • Shock

        Jay is the best of all time. I’m not slandering him. If he got a little help with the songs, it doesn’t bother me, because I know how the song-writing process is. I’m just telling you the credits, you can’t deny that. The fact is that there are alot of things that happen with your favorite rappers that would surprise you. Unless you are there all the time….you wouldn’t know.

      • RapItUp

        I can dig that.. and I def. know there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes info that.. how does Mario Winans put it? I don’t wanna know? Lol

      • swift

        really, I don’t think he, or anybody is talking about ghosting just to “hurt” Drake. The whole game aint just about Drake. Really ALL of hip hop is hurt by it It. it would be fake not to address it tho.

      • Weedras

        ASCAP says otherwise bro…

  • Haitian Mob

    Man….get this guy outta here. I wonder if he knows he says the same shit in every verse with the same flow and tone smh.

    Sidenote: Drake did what Jay did on wtt witch is hop on someone elses ideas and vibe. Its really 10 future songs feat Drizzy. I dont like it

    • swift

      honest opinion….cool. He got future paid tho

    • WIWYCB

      prob best description for it..and that’s true too about jay on wtt. that was a kanye album with him featured on it

    • Ban, Fox’s sin of Greed

      Watch The Throne was fresh. That was definitely an album for both from the beginning, but one of the artists would naturally have more of an input on the track. Alwatmys going to be Kanye, but WTT wasn’t like Kanye’s work before it

  • Damany G

    It really doesn’t matter………

  • tra mo

    I hope it tops dc2 that’s a classic for a tape

  • One Nite Stanley

    Meek like one of them dudes that get his ass beat….talmbout “it was a tie….”

    • swift

      this funny I actually like this. But. Drake is the guy that was pissed (urinated) on for real by some Atlanta dudes. then ran down there to make a mixtape with some OK rapper with trap/street credit…………

      • Weedras

        the dumbest most immature shit i’ve seen on here in a minute how old are you bruh? lol!

      • Stephen Singleton

        Drake didnt pee’d on idiot. That guy piss up on himself and some splash on drake. Theres a difference

      • RapItUp

        idiot? the guy piss up on himself and some splash on drake? are you seriously defending Drake w/ that weak ass response?? hahaha I bet you bought the WATTBA mixtape too, physical copy.. loser.

        TI, Dro, and other ATL notables in the theather that night all declined to comment on what exactly happened that night.. out of fear of tarnishing their business relationship w/ Drake = AKA, he got pissed on.. deal with it.. the guy was drunk, who knows if he did it on purpose, just pissing in the aisle, some HIT Drake (not splashed on him, fool) but your #1 rapper got R.Kelly’d, in public..

      • Shock

        Damn bruh, you sound hella mad and invested in this shit. What did Drake do to you? And how do you know that they didnt comment just because they didn’t want to get caught up in the chatty patty shit?

      • RapItUp

        I’d advise you to go watch the interviews yourself before defending this guy based off MY response.. then come back and we can discuss further.. lol I don’t care if Drake got pissed/shat/spat on.. from the footage I saw, sounds like it went down, and dude is stanning. You just said you a Jay fan, so you ain’t stanning for Canada Dry.. I’ll wait..

      • Stephen Singleton

        I really haven’t listened to the mixtape like everybody else. Look the interview up and show me where they said he got pissed on

      • RapItUp

        I damn sure haven’t listened to the mixtape.. never heard a Drake body of work, and not in a hurry to either..

        and sorry man.. I watched them weeks ago. I’m at work right now (as I’m sure you are) and can’t do other people’s homework.. but if you come on the board spouting these assumptions, you are likely to be ‘fact-checked’ (in quotes because, there’s only so much “fact” I can verify as a media consumer like you) Up to, what I believe in my own head. Check those vid’s out in your free time (@disqus_KDM5IRs9ii:disqus too) and let me know what you think. To me, it sounds like dude either intentionally or not so intentionally whizzed in the aisle, and it directly hit ya boy.. He was drunk, and clarity was stunted right there.. to protect the innocent. I don’t even think they named the guy, but everybody knew who it was..

      • Stephen Singleton

        I don’t care if he did it on purpose or not. I can care less. Meek called drake out and got his ass handed to him. He tried to pick on drake and felt like he wasn’t going to retaliate. By saying what he said in his diss against showed he always felt like that about drake. He a sucka ass nigga, ghostwriters dnt get credit. If deake got pee’d on intentionally then he should’ve handle dude but knowing drake he probably got mad and brushed it off. Dnt means he soft just smart because im pretty sure he wouldbe got jumped.

      • RapItUp

        I’m not denying Drake got the better of him in the battle (I only heard the back 2 back, and that’s because clubs actually play that crap, still haven’t heard his first whisper-y diss or the Meek response, but got plenty feedback from the boards to confirm it wasn’t worth anything) but still it stands, he got pissed on.. Joe Budden got jumped by Wu (or, assaulted by 2-3 guys or so, who knows) Gunplay got jumped. I don’t know about you, but I’ll gladly take that ass-whooping if somebody pulls their dong out and sprinkles me, ANYWHERE I’m at, let alone in the middle of a got-damn movie theater. Soft, & smart.. you can be both! it’s ok.. **references Jay line “Can’t even steal on a nigga muhfuckas’ll sue”

      • Stephen Singleton

        I feel you on that. Yea he could’ve still do something

      • RapItUp

        mann… if somebody piss on me and they didn’t get pushed forcibly out of the urinal and they shxt didn’t splash on me inadvertently, or it’s not a toddler, I’m yolking somebody up by the collar!! lol!

  • Phillip Fuller

    L nigga with that Nicki flow aka sb flow

    • swift

      aint no way in hell Meek sound like Nicki…or SB. Meek sound the same as he always does. that sound like simple hateration.

      • Phillip Fuller

        That Nicki’s flow. Nigga you know. Tell that nigga how night made a million playing his HITS nigga HITS, back to back on his own tour.

  • ytgarner

    I’m starting to think u niggas mad this dude with Nikki and u not.. Lol… Seriously mad with dude… its just rap music… Not ur lively hood


      u not keeping up with the timeline. sit your crusty ass down

      • ytgarner

        Ahhh ur feelin hurt….lol

    • 0ffensiveJack

      Nah man, on some serious shit, it’s getting scary out here. Niggaz hate on this nigga cause they like drake literally on some girl shit. Drake will always be a questionable nigga to me no matter how many records he sell, how popular he is. i can’t relate to that emotional fruit cake shit.

  • Flip Jones

    All of those sound the same except the last song. He definitely needs features

    • Stephen Singleton

      I said the samething. He’s a artist that needs a feature because his style never changes.

    • 0ffensiveJack

      But you not tired of drake’s fruity emotional shit right?

      • Flip Jones

        Drake switches it up. Meek is emotional on social media and the same on a beat

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn they still going back and forth playing grab ass I see.. smh.. cornball a*s n*ggas need to go out and blow a couple stacks and f*ck all the bullsh*t

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  • how many singles did he drop from that album?

  • yez

    drake and meek need to just shoot the fade.

  • John jonesbone

    Naw he the king of Ls. As for the money gtfoh wheelchair jimmys soft ass will buy and sell his sry ass, check the forbes bullshit

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  • Black Adam

    Sounds better than anything on that drake, future mixtape. Ijs

    • 0ffensiveJack

      That’s what i said and those are just snippets. People are blind to this. Everyones thoughts are being controlled. Let one popular person in the game say they rock with Meek everyone back on Meek. This is just a popularity contest. Tell you what though if a nigga roots for drake rather then meek then you a questionable nigga. Nothing about that fruit cake is manly. Whether Meek loses i still rock with meek cause of what he represents. #Nofuckboyshit on this side

      • Black Adam

        Real talk.

    • Phillip Fuller

      That shit all sound the same. Two sounds like 40 produced two . Bitch nigga trying to steal drake sound on the low. 50 cent ass nigga

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  • milo

    tbr the beef actually turned me to a fan. Love Drake and when meek tweeted that shit I checked up on Milly and damn…I’ve been sleeping HELLA bad. Meek didn’t catch any L’s, the world did for not giving no fucks about Drake.

  • you hear one Meek Mill track, you’ve heard them all #DeathToTrapMusic #AntiRatchetRadio

    • Tohn


  • KevinOuarde

    Meek doing the right thing ..the bad guy persona. He’ll be back better than ever on some Hollywood Hogan sh*t.

    • Black Adam

      lol New new new World Order.

    • fukumean

      more like on some MALIBU BARBIE shit!!

      • Fareed72

        Lmaoff!!!! Plus he’ll be rockin Nicki’s Jordache Jean suit..

  • Gee Oh Dee

    Meek is DONE, DREAMFAKERS 4-5-6 are the C.O., William ‘Officer Ricky-Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts, the ‘meek rappers’ & frauds of MAYCOCK music! R.I.P.

    • dbfromdc


  • “Shame on them n*ggas for betting against us”????? N*gga you’re the supposed general of your army. YOU released that weak ass response without studying the diss record game and taking that sh*t serious. Oh, it’s not too late. You could drop serious heat on Drake and redeem yourself. But don’t come outcha mouth saying sh*t about public perception and how you were doubted. Here’s some advice: Don’t eat Nicki’s bush with your breath smelling all assy before you go to a battle. That sh*t can f*ck up your whole game! The dog ate your homework dumb ass n*gga!

    PS: Did Safaree win? It’s looking like a HELL YEAH!

    • Mec-One

      Don’t know how safari is related to this article, but I’ll play along. How did he win?

      • 1. He dropped a booty assed diss record and it got basically no attention. Meanwhile Meek was on the world stage and got slaughtered in the media for his weak release. (+1 point Safaree)

        2. Saw pics of his chick. A definite upgrade from Nicki on the visual side. (+1 point Safaree)

        3. Nicki was dissing dude and both Meek and Nicki were calling him a loser. But since Meek got humiliated Nicki can’t just dump Meek or she’ll look like a slut AND dumb. (+1 point Safaree)

      • Safaree = Winning

      • Mec-One

        His diss record & pretty much his music career is a wash ….how is that a win?

        Hasn’t this new chick already become his ex ? I can’t remember because there have been a few since his break up with Nicki …..can’t chalk this up as a win just yet

        Meeks losing a rap beef is a win for safari? How, when Meeks is still making music and getting money? I doubt Nicki wants to dump Meeks because of the L he took ….it doesn’t look to be a career ender … she rocked with Safari all those years and he had no career …… just my opinion ……carry on

    • Brindle


    • ~~~> slams Yankee fitted on ground!

  • dbfromdc


  • Wolf Haylee

    Let see how many songs on this album he can mentions the rollie on his wrist……L-tastic

    • 0ffensiveJack

      How many songs Drake would mention how hurt he is

      • Phillip Fuller

        Nigga that drake from day one , but your girlfriend meek betrays himself as hard ass hood nigga that would shoot shit ,and sell anything .but he really just a jealous Lil bitch.

  • Hakeem

    His emotions literally get the best of him…..
    Nobody cares about your rollie or money or Nicki….
    Ppl just wanna hear hard bars……

    • 0ffensiveJack

      But you rock with Drake who is known as Mr. Emotional. Y’all stupid. You all funny.

      • Churro

        There’s a difference. We expect Drake to be emotional, but Meek is being emotional off of an emotional dude. That multiplies it making him an emotional square.

  • Jahb1911

    He has female tendencies sometimes.. Way tooooo emo for my taste..

    • 0ffensiveJack

      WTF!!!!!!!!! But y’all loving Drake who can actually announce that he is gay today and no one would be surprised. People need to get off Drake nuts. This is becoming a popularity contest. If you a dude and you rock with Drake you a questionable nigga to me

      • Jahb1911

        Why you saying y’all??? Don’t include me in that shit. I can care less about 2 rich dudes fighting over jealousy frankly.. But again meek is way too emotional. He needs to STFU and make music and money. Because the so called nut huggers you talking about love drake!! He gotta deal with it.. #Facts


        this nigga was a corny ass lame before he decided to open his mouth against somebody that had a better game plan.

      • Phillip Fuller

        Straight hater. Wtf are you doing with your life. Not shit.

  • fukumean

    Meek- got emotional against WALE for not promoting his album
    Meek – got emotional over Drake not promoting his album
    ** this is what woman do! he too emotional an sensitive and when this happends you can’t trust!! a dude with anything! cause you NEVER know whats going on in his head cause he aint approaching you as a MAN on the subject he telling EVERYONE else about shit*
    *got to stay clear of men like this for sure!!! they be hating from a far for no reason! and i use to like this guy a little too but that shit a turn off shit is real *

  • J.C.

    if it doesn’t include a better Drake diss idgaf

  • Sean Power

    drake going drop view from 6 the same day meek release mixtape just piss him off

  • El Chivo

    no you took a L homie, now be a man about it and move on

  • Yanks or Nerve

    Need to know the exact time and day this mixtape drops! That way i can have the garbage collection truck dispose of it before it can pollute anyones ears

    • Fareed72

      I’m wit you on that dawg

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  • BornToBreakTheLaw

    they ALL sounded like they could be different samples of the same damn song….. SMH

    • Fareed72

      Song after song, after song.., same fuckin beats, same fuckin sound affects, just a different title on the track… Coooorney!!!!

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  • Fareed72

    I’m not a fan of either one of them., but their beef is like Jerry Springer or the Maury show., only difference is, their show is on Mixtapes & Videos.. Ain’t neither one of them payin me to sit up here arguing wit ya over who’s the nicest, realest, or hardest., for all we know, they can be hanging out somewhere laughin at ya babbling about their shit.

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