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Young Thug Explains Wearing Women’s Clothing

Young Thug has maintained a consistent level of dialogue surrounding him, much of it centered on his penchant for women’s clothing. This has included dresses in the past.

However, the rapper has explained this particular eccentricity in GQ magazine.

Young Thug told the magazine, “Because women’s clothes are [slimmer] than men’s clothes. The jeans I got on right now, they’re women’s jeans. But they fit how they’re supposed to fit. Like a rock star.”

He broke it down more.

“The only thing I probably  have in men’s is like briefs. T-shirts. Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s,” he added.

  • translation – i ain’t bruce/cat yet , but i’m getting close
    are there any real men role models anywhere, this ish is getting out of hand

  • hoeyuno

    BATTY BWOY!!!!

  • Sinbk Legend

    quoted like a true bitch

  • Ronlg1

    Hell, might as well put them panties on

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    fu(k boy

  • Fresh

    Aint no explainin it. Lol might as well throw bitches draws on while you at it n make it complete. Rock star on deez.

  • – MAD HURT

    No explanation needed he’s a tit away from being Cait Jenner…

  • The Legendary Troll

    no words……..

  • EastOakland510

    I’d be so happy when this jiggaboo dies

  • pink folks

    Come on thug man not now you capping man

  • Andy Maas

    Any guy who likes women’s clothes Is a fag

    • Anthony Mason

      You mean to wear them. Lol! I like them ….on women…

      • Andy Maas


    • NCcatsBALLhard

      Right…So what are guys that like his music?

      • Anthony Mason

        That too. You can’t claim to be heterosexual and enjoy his songs.

      • Ryan Cole

        You can’t claim to be able to hear and like Young Thug’s music. Only retarded niggas and his closest friends and family would like his shit.

      • Knickfan4life

        You can be straight and like his music but if he is having influence on you dressing like a man you might need to stop listening to him.

      • Anthony Mason

        I guess but kind of disagree. His music is very destructive to listen to on a subconscious level. Some people on here likely agree with me but the majority don’t understand WHY I’m saying that…

        These MK ultra artists are a package of death bruh….

        On a side note…ever wonder why one of the most popular video games of all time is called Mortal Kombat? MK = MK Ultra. It was and is a desensitizing Oligarchy funded psych op…..

        Some things we deem to be harmless entertainment are some of the darkest most insidious threats to our subconscious. Remember….it is subconscious so that means your conscious mind rejects it but the part you actually can’t control… absorbs it….

        That is why falling asleep with the TV on is dangerous and why infomercials run heavy in the am as opposed to mid afternoon. They program you as you sleep….

        Deep huh?

      • Anthony Mason

        And nobody said anything as a response…..figures…..

      • Andy Maas

        I don’t like his music

  • pink folks

    Thug got bars doe he go both ways most likely lol lol


    He used to watch his mom get ready to go clubbing, and fell head over heels for silk blouses and tight dresses….smh #theendisnear

  • Executive

    Only place women’s clothing belongs is on a woman or on a man’s bedroom floor 😜

    • Obi Won


      • Executive

        Yes sir.

  • Executive

    I used to wear the chick I was fuckin thong around my neck like a necklace while I was laying the pizipe.





  • David Cash

    This nigga seems unable to pluck up the courage to come out of the closet , but with this article i can tell that he’s getting a little bit closer.

  • Jessica Justice

    If he gay so be it you’ll still listen to his music…Morgan Freeman is gay you still watch his movies…people come on y’all say the dumbest shit I’m all woman very sexy woman I might add and I wear men’s undies and pants and ballin shorts…ROCK ON YOUNG THUG….


      FK YO FEELINGS!!!!

    • Knickfan4life

      Really Morgan Freeman 😕😕😕😕

    • Knickfan4life

      Men are not built to wear women’s clothing you sound silly tight jeans destroy testicles and can give you cancer. That androgynous stuff went out with prince .

    • RapItUp

      No. WE don’t listen to his music.. Just look at the comments.. Try again stud

      • Jessica Justice

        No stud boo got a man and a damn good one 🔫 kill urself

      • RapItUp

        I’m sure you do peaches… I’m sure you do.. Lol that’s a cute emoticon. What are you, 14?

    • J. Smith

      Unfortunately, it is people like you who perpetuate this nonsense. What reason would you have to call Morgan Freeman gay? Just to make your idiotic argument seem credible? What you choose to wear, has no bearing WHATSOEVER on the fact that this man is feminine. Are you so narcissistic, that you actually believe that your choosing to wear men’s underwear, makes it ok for men to be women now? It sucks that people are constantly trying to change the natural order of things. Men and women are DIFFERENT! Physically, mentally, emotionally. There is a reason for that. The same way you need water AND food to grow, children need a mother AND father to grow. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are, common sense is common sense. This “it’s ok to be who you are not” mentality has caused women to believe that they can do just fine without a man in the house, because they think they can do what a man does. Then they end up fighting for the man to still take care of them, while he tries to rebuild his life elsewhere. It’s stupid! The feminization of these men, has led to the decline of their most important duty… DISCIPLINING THEIR CHILDREN! Even though my father didn’t live in the house, when my mother said ” I’m going to call your father!”, that was enough for me to come to my senses immediately. These new men are more concerned with dressing their children up, and being their best friends, than they are with teaching them right from wrong. There is a video of this particular “man’s” child all over Instagram, where people think it’s funny to hear her cursing and being ignorant. If you think this has nothing to do with the fact that that child has two mother’s, you are more dumb than your comment makes you seem.

  • Markus

    Can’t believe how far and how fast the music has fallen as well as the style that went along with it. Dude is real confident with how he gets down which probably means he’s not alone. This era sucks.

    • Anthony Mason

      The good thing is lately there has been some dope new music out. I think it is starting to get competitive again…

      • Markus

        Not enough to offset the trash though I’m afraid.

      • Ryan Cole

        Word. For every credible rapper that gets moderate mainstream play, he gets countered by 10 coons and buffoons that radio keeps making famous.

      • Anthony Mason

        Keep us in the negative integers…

      • What dope music??????????? please let me know.

    • He isn’t alone, even Noreaga stated in interviews that 70% of rappers are either in the closet or actually open to being gay. Prodigy has stated the same so it means that hip hop has and always has homosexuals. I wouldn’t be surprised tomo if members of the Wu or even some of our hip hop legends were into that lifestyle.

      • Nah, you stretching that chet with the Wu…unless you talking about now, Illumanati, etc.

        36 Chambers / Still in the projects Wu? Nah famz, Nah!

  • Boogotop

    Thug 2.0


    This nigga is the cancer of hip hop!

  • Slaughtr

    Straight suka shyt. This nigga is the bacteria of rap music stop calling this nigga hip hop.

  • Conscious Black Man ✊💯

    He’s a certified fagget 💯💯💯

  • Charles Evans

    Flaming fag

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  • Cavadias

    Got damn, this shit right here…every time I look he’s doing songs with supposedly straight male rappers/ our culture is in danger and suffering because of garbage like this!!! Smfh

  • WorldStar’s A&R

    The bad part is these new niggas are still gonna rock with this dude

  • Ryan Cole

    It’s not just him. All of these 90s babies are out here wearing women’s clothes. Mens pants aren’t supposed to be tight like that and taper off at the ankles. Broads wear shit like that.

    • I used to get my baggy pants tailored / straight legged… the ankles.

      • In red

      • Ryan Cole

        LOL that’s obviously from the 80s. I can tell from those Forces you have.

      • Hahahaha, 88, the night I met Tone loc.

        Peep my man’s Jordan’s?


    so whats the explanation for those blouses and crop tops.

  • Vinsanity

    Including his panties.

  • Rando

    any young man who is a fan of his, getcha sack right my G. there is a term for what he is doing: cross-dressing. point blank, period.

    no disrespect to parents here but uh….fathers should not let their sons receive this type of “energy”. its confusing for a young mind. young minds wanna do what is cool and emulate this guy. then, they go out into the real world with real men and are “bullied”? FOH. it aint bullying if the parent sends a duck out da house every morning. dont let these nothin ass niggas raise your son. hell, will smith’s son is on that cross-dressing shit too.

    if i wore womens clothes at any point in my life, my pops would catch a murder charge, asap. even if he was dead, he would come back and handle that. we aint got them problems over here.

    100PROOF Cashville, TN

  • ace

    Thats some bull sht. This nigga gay as omar in the wire. If it was about the fit you get your clothes taliored. Period

    • or buy BOYs sizes.

      • ace

        Church!!!!. There is no excuse.

      • Dudes offering excuses to be a Tranny!

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        KILL YOSELF FOOL!!!!!

      • Excuse to be Tranny?

      • SupaDoopaGhost1


      • “I believe the children are our future…” ~~~> In Whitney’s voice

        SMDH @ Black people

      • ★Barack Odrama★

        that’s what I do!

      • Ya’ heard!

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Gay gay gay……Dave chappelle Voice

  • Q.


  • Nemo hos

    This is what happens when man leave their child’s life…they end up acting like mothers instead of brothers

    • I was like “WTF? What happened to working out & bulking up?”

      • Nemo hos

        They are pushing the new gender…called the transgender and they got spokesperson like caitllyn Jenner and gay thug, etc

      • Ever hear the name ” Matthew Shepard?”

        If not, google “The Matthew Shepard Case.”

      • Nemo hos

        He was the source for them right?

      • I’ll know you’ve googled it when you comment :

        “Oh Chet!”

        Youtube it or “The Laramie Project”

      • Nemo hos

        I read it..damn

      • Times have changed.

      • Nemo hos

        That is true

      • Brindle


    • chi

      And his name is young thug…that is funny.. my 11 yr old son thinks he is y all ya hip hop stars think ya gangsta..? Majority of these fake ass thugs r p#%#y’s young the name says it all.. big up 2 real hip hop…ya know who ya r.. n it ain’t no wack ass entertainers with the name thug in it… come on now U where dresses..o dam..they gonna eat u alive in the rap game..

  • smh

  • Rap music definitely isn’t the same anymore.

    • See what happens to it when you leave it out here unsupervised?

      It used to be political, now it’s just PITIFUL!

      • I should’ve stayed over here, now we gotta remind these dudes what real hip-hop is.

      • I don’t blame you, you had to do what you had to do….ok, I blame you a little!

        STC in the house!

        Welcome Back!

      • Thanks EDOGZ man I gotta just focus on what’s in front of me..

      • No doubt, just..uh, um…hurry up!

        ** PEACE **

      • Fa sho kin-folk, now we gotta take over at this point.

      • ~~~> In GZA’s voice :
        “I got ya back but you better watch your front, cuz it’s the ninjaz who front that be pulling stuntz!”

        I Got Ya Back – GZA

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    oh i get it now … its similar to big and tall stores … he wears women cloths cause theres no skinny and tall stores around … oh i get now lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! foh lol …

  • I ain’t never wearing no women’s cloths , this nigga then lost his mind.

  • ItIswatItIs

    this mf gotta be kidding me bruh…foh forever

  • WeeddiddouTT

    Lol this crackbaby crazy

  • ReBL

    If the nigga ever considered eating a fuckin sandwich he wouldn’t have to worry about mens clothes not fitting his bitch ass….

  • Youngbookwerm1

    Heard this nigga coming out with a new line of things for men. Gotta holster so you can carry a gun.

  • puffinpiff

    This dude is just GAY! End of story. See how they FKD rap music up tho! smh

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  • Marcus Shaw

    This nigga gay.

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  • a.c.

    HahahaHahahahHahaha haha hahaha this is a artist u kids made famous and love his music haha hahaha so u kids wear skinny woman jeans too hahaha

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  • ilexx

    Kill yourself.

  • Banksy

    “Because women’s clothes are [slimmer] than men’s clothes. The jeans I
    got on right now, they’re women’s jeans. But they fit how they’re
    supposed to fit. Like a rock star.” So whats this gay ass niggas reasoning for wearing a dress? Man thank God this is not the era I had to come up in.

    • Brindle

      who you tellen, shitz going to shit

      • Banksy

        Going?? My nigga we all the way here.

  • ace

    Thugalicous from the boondocks ass nigga.

    • Don_Te

      I was thinking the same thing, dude next single is gonna be called “Do the Homie”

      • ace

        Lmao! And you know hes really trying to come out with a clothing line?….. pearl necklaces, shirts with the ass flap. I can see it.

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  • fukumean

    one word to some up this article …………… GAY

  • Brindle


  • Hakeem

    its the “anything for money and attention” generation….
    So my question is what WONT he do for money?

    • justmathoughts

      rap good

  • Brindle

    never knew this could be explained… terrible

  • Jmo-Texas

    Why doesn’t he just say that he is gay..

  • Super_Hero

    Young Bruce Jenner

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  • 86Jordan

    “Niggas wearing tight pants and high heels, claiming another nigga’s hood that is not real”- Scarface

  • Soulgasm

    This is truly unreal. This generation is unbelievable lost…

  • Doug McPherson

    Wearing dresses and women’s clothing doesn’t make him gay. Gay dudes might dress in flashy colours depending on their preference in clothes, but they aren’t running around in skirts like this bullshit rapper. He’s wearing dresses because HE’S SEEKING PUBLIC ATTENTION. This dude’s whole schtick is that a) he’s annoying and b) he dresses ridiculous. He knows that his music is uninteresting and stupid so this is how he gets people talking about him. Dude’s just looking for attention.

  • Maybe this is just what a rapper needs to do nowadays to get attention
    and most especially coverage by the media.
    Skills are not a criteria anymore. It’s just attention whoring. The competition
    are people like the Kardashians who are all over the media without any
    skills, talents product or whatever. They just exist and stupid people don’t
    mind wasting their time to follow such people.
    I don’t even think young thug is gay. He is just somebody who wants money
    and is ready to do anything in order to get it. Same goes for Cash money
    records. They milk the controversy cash cow.
    Since they lost all valuable artists that’s their only way to survive. The media
    broadly welcomes it by giving them exposure.

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    I guess since he’s built like a Schoolgirl, he had no choice.

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  • Eric Espejo

    All this hate from a bunch of dudes getting some side dick instead of hitting a side chick.