Earl Sweatshirt Says Drake Can Be A “Vulture” On Young Rapper’s Work

(AllHipHop News) Just days after AllHipHop.com published an article titled “10 Times Drake Was Accused Of Riding Another Artist’s Wave,” the conversation concerning the Toronto native’s tendency to use other artist’s creativity played out on Earl Sweatshirt’s Twitter timeline. The Odd Future affiliate responded to chatter about Drake’s Instagram post featuring the “Hotline Bling” performer dancing to emerging artist Kodak Black‘s “SKRT.”

“Drake found Kodak Black? smh welp,” wrote Sweatshirt. He later addressed another Twitter user’s tweet by adding, “Drake can be a bit of a vulture on young rap n*ggas, and I don’t want lil Kodak to be a victim of it.”

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  • Pernell Whitaker

    Drake really must be wearing that crown right now. Meek has done amazing things for his career, the irony is amazing.

  • gurdyghost

    Drake is a culture vulture…..put young starving artist on ovo payroll for a minute while he gets them to hand over their albums and any music they are working on for his use…hes been doing that for years, hes literally the definition of a culture vulture.

    • Hamze Ahmed

      Real shit Drake is a Culture Vulture just look at The Weeknd in 2011 he wrote half of Take Care for Drake which is considered Drakes best album and won a Grammy for album of the year Drakes only album to win that award and when The Weeknd was about to sign to his OVO label he started to realize his musical talent and decided to pull out the deal and Drake was lowkey pissed because he lost his most gifted ghostwriter……Now look at The Weeknd he is the hottest nigga in the music industry now with hits all over the billboard music charts going platinum left and right and he is the only nigga stopping Drakes Hotline Bling from from being the number 1 song in the country thanks to that “Hills” song.

      • gurdyghost

        Exactly the type of ish Im talkin about. Good thing the weeknd realised his own worth as an artist.

    • Steelmatic

      Shit, DR. DRE qualifies as a culture vulture by these qualifications!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    drake did the same to future in the beginning

    do anyone remember the Tony Montana controversy

    • Weedras

      got your facts wrong bruh… Future and Drake had an issue because Drake didn’t make it for the Tony Montana video shoot.. and Future said Drake’s Nothing was the same album “had hits but didn’t grab you” and the blogs ran with and said they had beef when future was off then back on Drake’s tour at the time…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        What facts did i get wrong?

        Hip Hop DX November 03rd 2011
        Future scored a hit with his breakout single”Tony Montana,” enlisting Drake to hop on the remix to the cut. But after joining forces with the Young Money rapper for the song, the Atlanta, Georgia native considered it a “slap in the face” when Drake didn’t show up for the video shoot.

        Speaking with The Source, Future saluted Drake for even hopping on the record, but was taken aback that he wouldn’t support the track by appearing in the video.

        “I salute him just for even getting on the record, because it says a lot about his character. He did give his fans a chance to hear Future for the first time, but he didn’t get on the video,” he said. “I wasn’t real mad about it, but when I first talked about it, I told him, ‘If you do this, make sure you know what you’re doing. This is my baby, this is the first song that I’m doing, this is Tony Montana, this is my single. This is the one that means the most to me, because it’s my breakout single.’”

        how is this any different then what Earl sweatshirt said?

      • Weedras

        how is that being a culture vulture though? it was Future who requested him on the record… dude was on tour and didn’t fly in to PR for the shoot… this is the same tour that Future was later added on to.. so how is that being a vulture? how did Tony Montana benefit Drake? really it was Future’s break out hit it more benefitted him more than Drake so nah bro this does not highlight Earl’s dumbass claims this the same Earl who made some dumb ass critique of Jay’s Album… i have no problem calling a spade a spade but a ‘vulture’ nahhhh…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Spin Mag October 15, 2013

        Miguel and Future were scheduled to travel with the Toronto rapper-singer, but according to Page Six, Future is off the bill. Evidently it started with comments Future made to Billboard. Though the words aren’t in the published story as it currently appears, associate editor Erika Ramirezquoted him on Twitter as saying: “Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do.” Say this for the Honest artist

        is this the tour your speaking on? cause this was 2013 and the Tony Montana Song was 2011.

        as for earl comment he said drake ride new rappers wave……..you your self said as the article shows that tony montana was future break out single………..drake jump on it because of the wave or how drake can benefit off it………….if that wasnt the case then why not do the vid? the vid featuring drake woulda been to much of a co-sign for drake (who was established) to give to a up and comer like future. but thats where the stem of the issues with drake and future started. and like someone said in the above comments, drake done stole Big Sean flow…….and have countless examples of biting………im old skool and i say biting

      • FraudWatch

        They don’t like facts brah.

      • Weedras

        bro you still haven’t proven how he is a vulture and many big artists do singles with upcomers and also don’t do the video so again i don’t see where he was a vulture? ok.. they had an issue he was dropped from the tour and added back again how does it prove he’s a vulture because i t still doesn’t prove anything bro…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        1) i never said he was a vulture earl sweat shirt said that. but drake have a HISTORY of doing this. but lets list what you havent done.

        you never pointed out what “facts” i had wrong
        you said that drake was in PR and couldnt make the vid but i showed a article that proved that wasnt true

        we not talking bout all other artist. we talking bout drake
        drake have a history of doing this………..its not a single case. allhiphop just showed 10 times this happen and him stealing big sean flow wasnt one of them……….. but i never said or mentioned vulture i said drake did the same thing to future.

    • FraudWatch

      Yup, but when it came time for him to do the video, he left Future hanging. Of course the buzz had died down by that point. Funny how years later, Future dumbass let him do it again.


    Drake got to many hits. Ninjas is getting salty

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Well Drake is JEWISH

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    drake comes out with the worst dancing ever but its gets so popular now people are claiming they did the moves 1st LOL !!!!! only in america lol

    • Weedras

      that’s why i find this shit so hilarious dude makes a video literally making fun of himself and dudes getting saying they did this or did that first? if anything Elaine from Seinfeld should have beef with Drake then…

    • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

      No only Drake sugarcoaters.🎀

  • Haitian Mob

    I see how the culture vulture angle can be played but its really sounding more like hate to me. How can anyone be mad at him for exposing these new artist to bigger audiences ??? Yall mad when the nfl or nba puts on some young talent ? Thats what music is about.

    Every other poppin artist does the same but on a smaller scale cause Drizzy on top rn. Never clicked on a kodack black record before but now imma check out his tape. Stop hatin yall

    • Watever

      It’s different when Drake actually credits the unknown artists. But most of the time he just takes their ish and doesn’t even acknowledge them (DRAM, Sauce Walka). If I was working hard to build up a buzz, and then a major artist just snatched my whole style, I’d be pissed.

      • Haitian Mob

        whole style ? Fam, did u stretch before reaching that far ? Sauce Walka music is horrible, he was mad about a dance that never made it to mainstream and Dram would have never been known like this. Crazy that i stand here defending Drake but yall buggin

      • Watever

        Sauce called out Drake before the dance stuff. He was complaining how Drake was taking from Houston culture months ago. The Hotline Bling thing made it worse, because it was clear Drake did that on purpose. And Dram was upset because Cha Cha was starting to get burn on its own, but then Hotline Bling cut that off. Cha Cha has millions of plays on SoundCloud and Dram’s on tour with Chance right now. So he was on the verge on breaking out anyway. Drake jacking his song did more damage to the Cha Cha momentum than helped it, until Dram called Drake for jacking it. Which is what he should have done. If you’re gonna eat off my creativity, then I’m gonna eat off you too.

      • fukumean

        That cha cha carp has received more publicity since drake song im pretty sure DRAM is doing more than well now thanks tp drake

      • Watever

        Thanks to Drake? It wasn’t thanks to Drake. Drake didn’t shout him out. Drake didn’t put him on the song. Dram had to call out Drake to get credit for inspiring Hotline Bling.

      • casarezrich

        You can’t convince these Drake fans. Drake is too “Jew minded”. He’ll steal from the artist, give no credit, and his dumb ass fans will buy his shitty music, and call him the greatest since Moses. GTFOH!

      • Steelmatic

        wtf? lol…. no need for all that Jewish bull ish… he’s just doing a time honored tradition in hip hop – from Puffy, to Baby/Cash Money to Jay-Z, etc… artists been jacking, biting, and riding waves, plus worse.

      • Weedras

        thats dude was just being salty as fxxk! didn’t Drake come in in H-Town? what he want him to do build him a studio? cha cha and hotline bling are on two different subject matter but one can see the inspiration and Drake did say Dram influenced the song… but Sauce straight hating

      • Watever

        Drake said he was influenced by Cha Cha AFTER he was questioned about it. He didn’t come out and acknowledge Dram from the beginning. Same with Walka. Drake never acknowledged he was “inspired” by Walka. Drake did a Houston appreciation concert and didn’t give any time to any of the local artists at the show. Unlike when Wayne did an appreciation show in New Orleans and brought out a bunch of N.O. artists. I can see why artists from Houston would feel like Drake’s using their culture without showing love to the people that are actually creating that culture. Idk why Drake is allowed to change all the rules of Hip Hop. If this was any other artist, they’d be called out for biting so many people.

      • Shock

        When the hotline bling song was first uploaded to Apple music it was called cha cha remix.

      • Watever

        And Drake changed the title as soon as he released it as an official single. The original SoundCloud isn’t even up anymore. None of those changes were by accident.

      • Weedras

        Hip Hop never had rules bro that’s why its hip hop it broke most of the rules that conventional music was about… don’t know hwy mofos talking about “rules” nowadays there never was any its dog eat dog from day one till now…

      • Watever

        You don’t know shit about Hip Hop if you’re saying the culture never had rules. Biting has always been looked down on. And up until Drake, so was ghostwriting. If a rapper was seen as a constant biter AND using other people to write his verses he would not be talked about being the best in the game. But it’s Drake, so now it’s okay. Smh

      • FraudWatch

        This dude is literally changing the culture with this bs. Hip hop does have rules.. But for some reason this dude is allowed to continuously shit on them. I remember where “swag jack’n” was like the worst thing one could do. But he does it openly and is celebrated for it. I mean, he has ghostwriters for god sake and people like, its cool. I’m lost

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

        Damn Drake.. Why YOU got To be acting like you the shyt when in reality YOU don’t FIT IN?? Answer that Drake. 😒😚😒

      • S. Grand

        I don’t know. Dram song was heavy on the airwaves here in Charlotte and as soon as the Drake song drops, Cha Cha was NOWHERE to be heard. The only one who cares is Dram and his team. If Hotline Bling is supposed to be the Cha Cha “remix”, I don’t see how Dram benefits from all this “buzz” surrounding a hit song.

      • Haitian Mob

        Well lets see….90% of people never heard of Dram before this story. Including me and dont act like it isnt true. Blogs are now posting his songs and album. He has never been so popular so how can u even ask “how does he benefit” ??

      • Watever

        That’s the whole point. Drake took a rising artist’s song, flipped it and didn’t even acknowledge he got it from him. And at the same time cut off all the buzz for the song. If you can’t see how that’s a shady move and hurt Dram, then you’re obviously just a Drake stan and will never admit he does any wrong.

        Again, you still wouldn’t know who Dram is if HE didn’t call out Drake. That’s not Drake helping him. That’s Dram stepping up and telling the world “this guy stole my shit.” Now you know who is.

      • S. Grand

        I meant a song that was already buzzing on its own. What if that was his one song he could make money from touring with? Now, which song will be most familiar with the people? Irregardless of who sampled what, it’s a straight BITE. Unless you’re gonna cobrand with me so we can tour together AND I can be just as larger-than-life as you appear THEN this ain’t a remix, it’s a one-off.

      • Dark Matters

        Actually Dram would’ve been known, his song was reposted by Beyoncé and got steam not because of Drake. If anything Drake’s hotline bling took away from the novelty of Cha Cha

    • Dark Matters

      When you jack so much, people aren’t always sure whether you’re being altruistic or taking advantage of someone’s “swag” to bolster yourself out of a creative slump.

      I think Drake has brought some really good aspects to the game. However, I also think he’s hung his coat somewhere his own innate talent and skills are incapable of consistently reaching. He’s trying to dominate the game on the basis of some very ruthlessly capitalist practices, since he can’t do it on his own merit.

      When Jay Z for example had the game in a vice grip, he did it on his own talents, the few times he used a few of Biggie’s lines (as means of paying homage according to him and I believe him) he acknowledged it and didn’t pretend they were his lines or his swag. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Drake – he just jacks and moves on. Entertainment is a thankless occupation that people give their lives to with the possibility of no returns. To just jack someone’s song, lyrics, style without giving credit, especially when you’re already financially set is just really poor ethics.

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

        And sadly that Is where Drake is gonna regret doing…. YOU have to watch how YOU treat people. And remember it goes both ways.

  • The Legendary Troll

    So worried about a men you never met who doesnt even acknowledge your presence….pathetic

    • So…. Seeing as how you’ve adopted the Canadian thief as your avatar, does that mean you met him and he acknowledges your presence? I’m just saying….

      • NYComicBookGuy

        He might actually be Drake, be careful lol!

      • fukumean

        Sad a dude likes someone else’s music and is dancing to it and WE got issues cause he’s ONLY half black? Black ppl being doing over ppl songs for years or using reference of songs for years and lines smh
        ..kodak black has ONLY one thing to worry about now how is he going to generate this notoriety or spotlight into MONEY thanks to Drizzy…

        Ps. Pls dont loose sleep over this kodak is in a better position he was a wk ago im sure he VERY upset he did

      • Dark Matters

        How come Cole who is half Black doesn’t get the same aggro?

      • Q.

        ‘Cause Cole is dope.

      • Dark Matters


      • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

        That’s a good one. 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Mcallister

    He is a culture vulture, yet he is putting artists on, would love to hear the artist’s take on it rather than fans, people gotta remember though, some artists are happy not blowing up and just doing what they do.

  • hes right do

  • Well. At least Earl wasnt being a bitch when someone called him out

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    Drake’s being a vulture is because he is half jewish, that’s what they do when it comes to money/business.

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  • fukumean

    Damn MEEK going to have to mention drakes name soon again everybody salty when there lifeline gets cut off and starts REACHING when they drowning everybody has an issue when you on top even more when your ONLY half black and dont pretend to be someone your not like 90% of these female rappers sorry male but act like females same shit ALL bunch of females

    • swift

      Meek just did 3 shows in 4 days. aint worrying bout Drake


    Earl just butt hurt he isn’t on a higher platform…bruh that is straight hate comin out ur mouth!

    • KashIsKlay

      He has his own dedicated fanbase. He spoke the truth like it or not.,

  • KashIsKlay

    Stole the supa dupa flow from Big Sean, Stole Migos flow, Took Half the Weeknds album, Took Quentins swag, ripped off Hotline Bling, needed help from Kia Shine, the list goes on.

    • Steveregal

      Forgot had to pay Bay area legend Rappin 4 Tay for jacking his lyrics….100 k I believe

      • KashIsKlay

        Ha you right.

    • MassConglom

      Big Sean bit the “Supa Dupa Flow” from battle rappers.

      • KashIsKlay

        Eh, not the way he was doing it in a song.

      • MassConglom

        Niggas in battle rap been doing that flow way before Big Sean did it, they called it “Stop,Pause”. A lot of your favorite mainstream rappers be lurking on Soundcloud and Youtube stealing swag all the time. A$AP Rocky and Drake for example are repeat offenders of “lurkin”.

      • KashIsKlay

        It’s a difference between being influenced and outright biting. The post was about drakes outright biting, not about how big sean was influenced.

    • ladynamor

      Stole from a lot of others who are too real to even say anything about it. Ive been saying this for years!

      • KashIsKlay

        I wouldn’t say too real. I would say those who are scared of being blackballed.

  • Elayorx El

    All I know is, all the “Jewish” stuff is hilarious. What happened to the “one drop rule”? There is no more proof of “Jewish” being a so-called race, than “black” being one. If we’re going to acknowledge race, then homie is what his parents are, which makes him mixed, “black and white”. The term Jew, as I understand it, supposedly denotes religion. As far as the creativity aspect goes with Drake, IDK, but money always induced me to be more creative, not less. Unless fam has always had this issue of “borrowing” way before he blew, the opportunities for expansion should be limitless at this point, choosing his collabs carefully, and not the other way around. If true, it does not bode well for the “future”, where AI’s, and holograms will probably be doing most of the work. Redman said a long time ago, and I’ll quote: “How you dope, when you paid for your Billboard spot”? P.S. Beware of auto-correct.

    • Dark Matters

      According to some Jews they aren’t a race but an ethno-religious group.

      • Elayorx El

        Exactly, but the way the collective consciousness seems to interpret, it would have one believing different.

  • KashIsKlay

    And also rode the 808 and heartbreaks wave

  • DaRealist Gemini Ever

    To be honest I have never heard of Keef chief or his hit song Love Sosa until Drake started talking about it how much he like the song and how he couldn’t stop playing it and then I was like what is he talking about looked it up on youtube and I was fucked so sometimes people like Drake being so out there and popular please other people’s music or says something about it that’s the best kind of publicity you can get and it’s free so I mean if he helps another artist get recognition what’s the problem is not like he’s taking the song and making it is I will one Drake to promote my music all day long

    • swift

      surely your not suggesting that Keef’s buzz was because of Drake. No way in hell.

  • Perico777

    Thanks too drake i now know who kodak black is. Stop hatin earl!!

    • Dark Matters

      You need to go to WorldStar more often. That way you won’t need Drake to “introduce” you to anything.

    • B.U.

      Yeah but you’ll cop Drakes version of that kid’s creation and act like Drake created it.

  • jacksjus

    HipHop fans nowadays are a fickle bunch. Here we have Drake being praised for bringing an artist to the forefront. Isn’t this what Meek was so upset about? When Meek complained that Drake didn’t tweet his album people felt he was caught in his feelings. Fast forward now suddenly people understand what a big artist can do to garner you buzz.

    I’m perplexed by this mentality.

    • Butch Magnus Milosevic

      You clearly didn’t read the article…

      • jacksjus

        What I said clearly went over your head. You’ll figure it out on your own hopefully.

  • Brindle

    Drake can steal $100 from one of his fans and they’ll find away to defend it… Don’t make it rain we he in the club, strippers will be broke, that nicca taken everything off the floor

  • S. Grand

    Consider this: This man (as many artists in the past have done) made one song that, had it become hot enough, would’ve allowed him to tour with this song for years; inspired new dances; etc. Now consider there’s a difference between wanting to be a part of your hit song and respecting your brand. If you believe in the artist enough, put the “machine” behind them. Not the “cosign”, because there’s no money in that. There’s a lifestyle that’s being sold and up and coming artists are GIVING their buzz away to people who they think will put them on. Until artists start realizing that, this straight jacking (and the beatings, lol) will continue.

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  • Ryan Cole

    Drake names next album Drakematic. Drake fans defend the move, say Drake is giving Nas more exposure.

  • game213

    Wow so I guess this is gonna be the new diss for drake now, I guess the whole calling drake soft, simp and moist got played out, so now its drakes a culture vulture and eats of other peoples shit huh.

  • Q.

    A-B-C-1-2-3 rap does nothing for me. Kodak Black should be happy for the pub, I guess.

    But Drake fans, is Drake the Millennials’ version of Jay-Z? I still don’t get it. #GENERATIONGAP

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      why yo race shit out uglay people wit nothin’ to contribute ?

      • Q.


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