Xzibit, B Real & Demrick Are “Serial Killers” – The Murder Show (Album)

It’s Halloween, and for the second year in a row we are blessed with a murderous project from one of our favorite West Coast trios. Press play below and get into the spirit as Xzibit, B Real and fast rising talent Demrick kill sh*t!

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9 Responses to “Xzibit, B Real & Demrick Are “Serial Killers” – The Murder Show (Album)”

  1. lil dre

    Second year in a row? The first serial killers mixtape dropped 2013 wtf? And it should be watch them serial kill shit SMH someone hasnt heard the albums like jay use to say do u really listen to music or do u just skim thru it

  2. hoeyuno

    The first one had some good joints on it..Still want that golden state warriors ish though X..weather saffir mobile or not..PEACE TO YOUNG DE!!!

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