No Malice Says The Clipse Could Still Make “Clown Soup” Of Modern Rappers

(AllHipHop News) Pusha T is on pace to drop his sophomore solo album later this year. But could the Virginia emcee possibly reconnect with brother No Malice for another run as the Clipse? There does not seem to be any activity taking place on that front, but No Malice believes the duo could still create some of the best music in Hip Hop today.

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“I believe that my brother and I together can make clown soup of all of these rappers,” No Malice told MTV. “That’s what I believe in my heart, but how can two walk together unless they agree?”

The siblings have not released an album together since 2009’s Til the Casket Drops. No Malice has since committed himself to his faith. While Pusha went from G.O.O.D. Music signee to president of the label.

“There are different paths for different people and I believe circumstances may keep him where he’s at,” explained No Malice. “My circumstances keep me where I am. But do I have hope? I totally have hope [we could reunite for another album]. I’m not chasing it or forcing it, but I stand by what I just said, man. I know what we could do.”

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  • Chyze


  • MrNoName2K

    I agree with him there. Too bad its just a pipe dream and don’t see another Clipse album/mixtape ever seeing the light of day. Especially since No Malice( formerly Malice) was the better of the 2..

  • Frank

    I’d cop it. But who knows with these two. Shit they brothers that get along or at least talk. The shit could happen in like an afternoon if they wanted to. Or not. This family shit aint like no rap beef.

  • WeakSauce

    I wish No Malice would just get in the studio! I’d copped that!

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  • jeweliano

    A while back No Malice said there would never be another Clipse album……now he talking this ish? Guess he been putting too much money in that Church collection plate…..

  • The Legendary Troll

    In other words he need the bread an trying to put the bird in the air

  • Mrs. Davis804

    One can only hope..

  • ancientGOD83

    to me these cats were super OVER RATED…maybe because at the time I was pretty much out of the streets and fake coke rhymes didn’t do it for me..these dudes “kiloed, bricked, any word that describes dope” until they couldn’t fake it anymore ….aint these the dudes whom manager got caught really “moving them thangs” and they released videos showing how “modest” they live and how the rhymes were for entertainment….so to me that means “fake”…why even base your whole purpose in music on dope….that brought destruction….and I only know pusha t for over hyping his birdman beef..when ….yall pharrell friends… so that is how I remember yall…plus cats from VA say these dudes just “rap” and that hustle stuff is imagery….. they pushing 40….move on to something else…dope selling rhymes should be banned….esp if you past 35

    • Casor_Greener

      Damn…I agree 100%

    • Q.

      And this is probably the very reason Malice retreated to the church. Doing what’s against your nature gets old quick. I remember Pusha back when he went by Terror. He’s been in the game for a long time. He’s a talented lyricst, but like so many, he chose the path of least resistance, doing the same bullsh!t coke raps. I applaud his persistence in his career, but this money will have you compromising yourself in a heartbeat if you don’t have a moral compass. There’s no legacy in being a clone.

    • Ryan Cole

      They shot “Grindin” in a hood that they’re not even from. I hate when cats are almost ashamed to come from modest backgrounds.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        Aye atleast they shot a video in their city at a time where nobody from VA was doing. Atlot of rappers used to shoot videos OT. Plus most hustlers dont grind from their cribs, which would hurt the image they were trying to paint on a song called Grindin.

      • ancientGOD83

        i know …the point of the term “come up” is to be from humble beginnings, not saying so called poor/poverty, but to evolve and grow…but cats is already dope dealing RICH, my poin tis why rap? you got the kilos, you killed 5000 people, you the realest ever….how did you manage to rap with all that on your hood resume…. cats be so fake, and be confident that they deserve respect, like they carved a lane in music with fake kilo raps…one dude is selling dope and the other is in church, the same place that got black folks messed up now…both of them need help

      • Soulrebel1

        Its called entertainment, movie Tarantino can make a movie about gangster shit you don’t get up in arms, cause you see for what is, if you’re a grown man, who believes rappers? 99% is embellishment and lies, the wittiness of it is what we like,, Wayne was in your face since he was 12 yrs old and rap like he was a piru street gangster, there’s a small lane for positive real rappers, but mainstream is entertainment and something is wrong with you if you expect more from a rapper trying make a buck and willing to say anything to get it…

      • ancientGOD83

        but he is not 24/7 GANGSTA…..these dudes don’t cut it off EVER…..they don’t go by the names they moma gave them during interviews…its “pusha t” all day everyday….denzel is not Alonzo…he is denzel…maybe if rappers separate themselves from their ego driven persona they wont be treated like the image they portray… its always 50 cent, not Curtis, rick ross, not William…so fans/people in general don’t separate themselves…. not like the rappers “devin” who is himself 24/7 he just happens to rap…. they act like dope boys that happen to rap…big difference… they get what they put out

      • Soulrebel1

        True but an actor play different roles their roll is one and to make it believable household brand, consumers dictate product blame the people not the supplier if the people bought lyrical substantive music, rappers would try to deliver that, but the opposite is our reality the majority of hiphop music consumed is laced with drugs, sex, money unless you’re financially wealthy already and just doing for the art you’ll be a fool not to include dime of these aspects in your music…

  • The Gary Group

    Satan calling him back. He just can’t pull away

    • John jonesbone

      Straight up still clipse were my fav duo next to outkast

    • lmaooo chilllll

      • Anthony Mason

        Everytime someone says something spiritual you freak out and tell people to tone it down. Why is that brother?

        Spirituality is more important than you give credit to it. What you think we are just bodies with a brain? What do you think makes you unique and gives you the power to have compassion for others?

        Satan exists and he knows you exist. There is not future in you frontin bruh…..

      • I don’t freak out bro and I don’t mind spirituality. Most of the time my comments are a reply to incoherent argumentation. I understand you can’t always have facts to make your case but at least have arguments.

        I feel that I shouldn’t be so arrogant to believe that the religious system / God I was brought up with (due to geological chance aka where in the world are you born ? ) is the right one. Therefore to me, Satan MIGHT exist.

        This is a guess, but I think you’re white. A black man who is so heavily involved in spirituality and cultural background would deny the religion that was introduced by the suppresor ?

      • Anthony Mason

        I am biracial. And bruh….I’m not oppressed….Just thought you should know.

      • Everyone is oppressed…But there are “levels to this shit”.

      • Anthony Mason

        Financially yes….everyone is oppressed because our goverment rapes us with taxes and tells us what to do at every corner and limits our freedoms…

        Spiritually though? Were are not all oppressed….

        I would rather be sane and part of a solution than be part of the problem….

      • Of course we are.
        Even a component as “basic” as language is an oppressor of spirituality. Can you explain (even to yourself) what you feel, see or experience if you don’t have the words to do so ?
        Would be able to experience or make sense out of it without words ?
        Who would have thought you ?

        There are so many other jammers…

        Have you ever questioned why you are in support of the most popular religion / spiritual conviction ?

        Why is it that your critical view(s) on socio-political event(s) don’t translate to your spiritual views ?

      • Anthony Mason

        The most popular religion is Islam not christianity and my personal belief system is a subset minority…

        How do you suggest my views don’t translate? Do you have a road map of my mind and how it works or why I say the things I say? Of course you don’t. That would be a confusing map….

      • You’re wrong about that. Look it up. Islam is 2nd…

        Ha, I bet it’s very confusing.

        You have all these left-field theories on everything but you fail to question your own beliefs cause in the end that’s your only real argument ?

      • Anthony Mason

        I dont consider Romans Catholicism to be christianity. I view it as the false church. I don’t consider the majority of them true christians…They are factored into that 31% banner. Islam is around 22%. You are right based on what is stated online but in reality….there are more dedicated Muslims than actual christians..

        Who cares….let me get off that. Those stats are scewed too btw…..

        Many of my “theories” are too spot on and backed by facts to refute. Others….yeah I agree with you they may be more opinion based/worldview based….

      • Anthony Mason

        You assume certain things are a suppressing you because they put restraints on you catalogue of acceptable actions huh? What if there are laws in place we should follow for our own good?….

        Don’t tell me you are one of those undercover satanist/pagan/eastern religion niggas. I don’t have time for that foolishness bruh…. you can have all that stuff….

        It’s like your auntie who brings over some nasty side dishes every thanksgiving. You throw all her nasty leftovers in the take home bag and put some good stuff in there too and tell her it was all delicious …

        I can’t worship pharaohs and aliens with you bruh. I also can’t oversimplify this as much as you do because I know better. Sorry….It’s too late to divert me from stuff I know to be facts….not hunches or maybes….

      • When arguments are lacking lmaoo…

        Now who’s assuming ? Im just questioning. Glad to know you have all the answers though, oracle.

        I don’t care to convince you. You asked me a question and I answered… That’s it.

      • Anthony Mason

        Oracle? Now you are reaching bruh….

        You want to convince me that my beliefs are bulls*** and that I need to get out and search for something else because it more coincides with your beliefs. You care about what I think whether you admit it or not. You do….

        I can tell I am frustrating you…. Holla back at me when you have decided wtf your path is…

      • Not reaching, being sarcastic.

        I don’t want to convince you, neither do I have the truth for you. Maybe think about it ?

        Plz dont try to be a troll when you’re running out of valid arguments lmaooooo

      • Anthony Mason

        The sarcasm was reaching. Come on bro…..

        I just got out of an hour and 15 minute meeting just now. Maybe I’ll feel like bulls***ing tonight…

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  • Papi Peligro

    I don’t see Pusha T dropping anotha album with that new job. He hangs it up after King push. dude like 37

    • What does his age have to do with anything? Hip hop is not the NBA or NFL. Your skills don’t erode because you are in your 30’s. I’m guessing you are younger by said comment. When you turn 37 you going to give up on your dreams?? Be careful what you say. Father time waits for no man 🙂

      • Papi Peligro

        hiphop yeap. I might still rap for fun but I cant rap about dealing cocaine at 40. Even my audience has grown pass that.

      • If you still sold coke you could. Lol! But as you get older you are not supposed to rap about the same thing you did at 18. You are supposed to mature in your words and flow as you do in life. If you are implying that that is all pusha raps about. Then I can see you point somewhat. My only complaint about the eclipse also. Too much talk about drugs. Not enough substance.

  • “Pusha T is on pace to drop his sophomore solo album later this year. ” Like it’s fkn March or April

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