Is Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole’s Collab Album Dropping in February?

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole cleverly released two freestyles called “Black Friday.” The internet nearly broke when fans found out about the new two tracks. However, there’s a chance that the two rappers are releasing their collaboration efforts sometime in may. According to HNHHKendrick’s sister, Kayla Duckworth, may have slipped some info about the album releasing in may. In a recent Instagram post, Duckworth wrote that the  “Collab drops Feb 16th.” She also mentioned that she has a part at the end of the project.

“Go check out my brother @kendricklamar song “Black Friday” gift to you guys its definitely some ? as usual! But go listen to it you won’t regret it! and I also did a very small part in it at the end, you have to start somewhere right. ??? #kendricklamar #JCole #Blackfriday

Unfortunately, the post ended up being removed. Guess we’ll have to wait until next year to hear this possible collaboration.



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  • Sean Power

    if this album ever drop it will never live to the hype, how many track have we heard the two of them together? so far it all talk no action

  • Any chance of these junk journalists interns at AHH getting replaced?

    Even they’re confused and always find the need to ask the readers questions.

    • Anthony Mason

      One of them even responded directly back to me today….lol! I ruffled some feathers. The trident layers gum shipments must be running late because of the holiday. Niggas want to get paid….

  • ApricotNapalm

    Fab just dropped!

  • Ike’s Mood

    Kendrick is gonna drag Cole down…

    • rocnation30

      i kno…should collar with someone else

    • Controversy Sells

      I wanna believe that but I think this will be good. . . And mind you I don’t really like either artist on first impression.

    • Casor_Greener

      Both of these backpackers will sound the same as their regular albums. Nothing groundbreaking

      • Anthony Mason

        Those niggas aren’t backpackers. That’s those odd future niggas and Joey lameass…

      • Casor_Greener

        regardless this double album won’t live up to the hype.

      • Anthony Mason

        Compilation album… not a double album. Outkast Speakerboxxx/The love Below was a double album….

        It will sell because Shade 45 will back it and push it and Shade 45 pretty much is the most important hip hop platform in existence. Whoo kid will push it for a whole weekend before it drops trust me….They play J Cole and Kendrick around the clock on there anyways….

        It’s going to do well…that is if it exists and they actually drop it…

      • Casor_Greener

        yeah those last few lines is what matters. if it exists and will they drop it…

  • The Legendary Troll

    Wait for the album to drop so we can see the “This shit let nas down” comments

  • brotha_man

    cole just not on his level energy wise….. I would almost rather have a cole jay elec album

    • Savimbi

      that would be dope, but it’ll be hard for cole to keep up w/ Jay lyrically. still would b nice tho being that both produce.

      • Casor_Greener

        it would be hard for jay elec to write a damn song

      • Getatme

        or his own album for that matter. the verdict is out intil his album hits the shelf.

  • Markus

    Don’t have many events or releases in music to look forward to. This would be one of them.

    • Getatme

      1st day cop. Preorder on itunes cop.

  • Black Adam

    Day 1 purchase. Kendrick is the deeper artist but Cole got some heat too.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Everyone doing collab albums so why not.. get yalls money n*ggas. It’ll do well

  • ilexx

    Just tell me where anything suggest the album is coming in May?!?

    She said Feb. 16th and you guys say May. Smh.

  • Brindle

    good sh!t… like the shot j cole took at drake in his verse too…

  • Controversy Sells

    Nothing she said indicated a release date. . . Are you stupid????

  • Hakeem

    For these two to be the “nicest” rappers out, they dam sure dont have the machine Drake has…..

    • Celz

      They have a better machine.. They sell in Drake’s league with concept albums that don’t have any club or radio singles.. JCole sang, rapped, and produced his whole album, no guest features.. Drake hops on whatever trend is hot at the moment..

  • chae phillip

    Now this is what we need, two of the young greats coming together for a great project..this reminds me of when nas and damian marley came together for that blessed album….thsese recent collab albums been mediocre. ..from future and drake to french Montana and fetty wap..i hope this project brings what we all are expecting . GREATNESS..

    • Getatme

      biggger than nas n damian because these 2 are youthful and have a larger following and at their prime! probably b better than watch the throne and that drake n future bullshit

      • chae phillip

        At that time when damian and nas collab it was the biggest thing out because we all know nas is a legend and so is damian. So the hype was real…and i dont know about j cole and kendrick following being bigger,damian is an international star and so is nas and they put in 20 years of ground work.. but these two are the young GODS…but only time will tell there real greatness and thats what nas and damian have proven..

      • Getatme

        In the Information Age where the attention span is shorter than a goldfish and popcorn rappers pop up everyday the fact these two are consistent, relevant , socially adept is an accomplishment in itself. Their hype is current. Relevant which makes it bigger than the 2 legends u named. They didn’t have 20 yrs to build a fan base. They are casting a very wide net and transcending demographics and are not 20 years deep in the game.

      • chae phillip

        Nas dropped illmatic his first album in like 1992 and damian very first album before he had his dreads was in 98 or 99 there careers Are very long nas has reached that 20 year mark. You cant by NO way put j cole or kendrick in that slot once again the young gods have not put in the full work .2 championship rings and a couple of mvp awards dont make you jordan…they gotta reach those glory hights and damian and nas have that universal all over the world respect..j cole and kendrick are still fighting for theres

      • chae phillip

        I do agree with you on the point of people attention spans being shorter than an ant. And there are mad popcorn rappers…but does 5 strong years guaranty you another 10 strong years in the game..


    what is the purpose of biting the lip while flipping the bird? everybody that i see giving the middle finger is always biting thier bottom lip why?

  • El_Gringo

    next to ride this collabo-album wave:

    Slim Jesus/Birdman- Mic Jack Dreams
    Young Thug/Omelly- Freestyle Dragon Lava Vol.7
    Drake/Meek Mill- F.R.E.N.E.M.Y.
    Tyga/R. Kelly- Now & Laterz
    Macklemore/Iggy Azalea- Reverse Oreo

    • Anthony Mason

      Huh? Lol…

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