Rick Ross Appears To Send Shots At Drake In Defense Of Meek Mill On “Color Money” Song (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross continued to show support to his MMG artist Meek Mill during the feud with Drake, but Rozay never took direct shots at the Philadelphia rhymer’s rival. That may have changed. A version of Ross’ song “Color Money” has leaked online, and the Black Market track features a few bars that seem to be aimed at Drake and his Young Money boss Lil Wayne.

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Ross raps:

My lil homie made a million on his girl’s tour
We back to back and down to whack a n*gga’s unborn
Miami n*ggas got them changing all the gun laws
So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too
I got more money than that p*ssy that you’re signed to

The lyrics include references to Drake’s “Back To Back” response track to Meek Mill’s Twitter rant. On the summer hit, the Toronto native talked about Meek opening for his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint Tour.”

Rick Ross’ Black Market is scheduled for release on December 4.

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Listen to Rick Ross’ “Color Money” below.

  • Kevin Marchetto

    More bullshit lyrics from the biggest fraud in hip-hop

  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    T R A S H

  • Anthony Mason

    Funny how Drake was saying how other crews didn’t come equipped with niggas like theirs….on “stay schemin”.

    Meek and Ross were on that video too….

    These niggas are straight up disloyal opportunistic faggots regardless if this was a diss or not……smh…

    • These niggas are straight up disloyal oppirtunistic faggots regardless if this was a diss or not……smh…” thats just it. its about what you can do for them. they couldnt give a fvck about the culture

    • Boston80sbaby


    • Papi Peligro

      Speaking of Battle you had 48 hours to respond times up by the end of the day. LOL. I’m dropping man in the true essence.

      • Anthony Mason

        Huh? Post some ish ill check it out…..maybe…lol. Post it up somewhere!

        Work has me busy as hell. I live in my office. I should just start sleeping there….uhh.

      • Anthony Mason

        Define “true essence”….lol….

      • Papi Peligro

        of the battle.

      • Anthony Mason

        Man just type that ish and save us some time. LOL!

        There is nowhere to post audio on here and I ain’t got time until January. You can still get a cadence…. Just break the bars up right and it’s just like looking at a song you already heard before…. Niggas can read…

        Battle raps don’t use beats…lol. except maybe Freeway that one time. You can feel the cadence on my stuff because of how I type it. Just takes practice like anything else…


    Twitter fingers brought it on himself. He dont need you to fight his battles for him

  • Hendrix2020

    People kill me with their opinions nowadays. The song is hard…it’s just entertainment at the end of the day.

  • Saiyan Prince

    Just for the art of it all, I hope Drake responds. Makes things a little interesting. He and Ross both can fabricate the hell out of a song.

    • 4/29 OVO 👌

      If anything Wayne gotta respond

      • Saiyan Prince

        True. He did throw a shot at Drake’s leader so to speak.

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    That was a shot at Birdman, not Wayne. Weak either way.

  • Markus

    Two frauds going at each other. Straight Milli Vanilli vs. Ashley Simpson type trash. What a time to be fake.


      Drake Realer than Rick Ross.

      • D_Ably

        Thats like saying fools gold is realer than chocolate gold coins, when at the end of the day none of its real gold.

      • tra mo


      • Gonja


  • Ronlg1

    Nah, it was really kinda weak. The beat wasn’t that good. The dead space where a chorus should be is distracting and takes away from the song and everybody knows most of the shit he is talking is fake. He ain’t killing nobody and the only killers he knows is his fellow cops.


    He wasn’t talkn bout drake or Wayne how when drake has more money then mmg combine so he wasn’t

  • This album has gotta be Ross’s corniest promotional round ever

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  • TheAfroRican


  • Casor_Greener

    This wasnt a shot and we know Ross a fraud. Like all these other rappers. I don’t get the hate for his past. Least he had a job around some real criminals. Most of these dudes didnt have that at all.

    • Hector G

      ya so he should have rapped about working in jail then….why are you admitting hes a fraud but still determined to give him some kind of street cred…you are confused bud when you have on a cop uniform you don’t get to glorify being “around them criminals” stop it lolol yer probably a straight shooter too and wished you could rap about gangster content. in rap you brag about not having a job and being your own bosss in case you didn’t notice there are virtually no songs about regular jobs hahaha

      • Casor_Greener

        when did I give him street cred? What type of “Shooter” does it matter I am? I think most rap is garbage and the purveyors are liars, but I still enjoy a few songs and beats. It’s just that every article about this dude is attacking his past, when most of these other dudes probably had jobs and lied about their exploits too. Probably worked at KFC or something before they started rapping.

        I have never wanted to rap about stupid things that are used to destroy communities. I’d prefer those that did rap about it, to actually have done it, but I gave that up a long time ago when I learned Pac was a fraud.

        It really amazes me that people take Ross’s lies so much more serious

      • Hector G

        respect bro…i meant “straight shooter” as in 9-5er…i respect your opinion but i think characters like rick ross deserve all the negative attention they get for fabricating their past and trying to lye about it which results in just plain bad art.

      • Casor_Greener

        no offense take bro. I figured you meant 9-5, I just didn’t know why it was relevant. And I woul agree 100% that he deserves the negative attention if we held everyone to the same standard.

        The only reason I “defend” him or whatever is that we aren’t equally harsh on all the other frauds. Pac, Akon, Drake, Plies, Jay-Z have all been labeled as people who exaggerated their past and yet we still let them ride.

        If we are going to attack all frauds then let’s do it, but let’s not pick and choose based on who we like. Jay-z never “lost 99 bricks and had to fall back”; Biggie didn’t have any “Peruvians trying to do him in , because he ain’t paid them yet”. LOL Rap is an art form based on lies and braggadocio. Whoever tries to inject realism into it will lose.

      • Don_Te

        Check out Killa Cam “My Job,” he murked that one for all the regular 9 to 5ers. I stay banging that.

      • YoungZari

        That was his last good song. Shame, but word up!

      • Don_Te

        Ha, Cam kinda fell off but he was the truth back in the day.

      • Hector G

        true true lol

  • Keyser Soze

    Hopefully they respond… We all know them Niggas buddy buddy with each other… It’s gon stay on wax hopefully Wayne get motivated because that No Ceilings 2 was awful…

    • Black Bond

      It’s over for Wayne he giving you all he got left in the tank. Carter 5 won’t be any different from his mixtape projects.

  • RespectA

    Did he diss Plies too?

  • baller187

    color money is horrible, this why im hesitant to buy the cd, that song he played at his release party was the hit, but this shit u can have

  • John jonesbone

    He only pulled a fast one on wheelchair jimmy to promote his poser album. Gtfoh

  • Watever

    I don’t know about Wayne, but Ross clearly threw a light jab at Drake. The “girl’s tour” and “back to back” references prove its a sub diss at Drake.

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn, just when I thought all the bullsh*t talk about Meek and Drake were over, they find a way to conjure up some more sh*t..smh.. on the flipside tho, Ross got a little flow.

  • brotha_man

    as many people as Drake is signed to he could be talking about anyone

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  • El Dogga

    Ross vs Drake is a better battle…Meek can’t rap!

    • well yea, two wannabe street guys. no one will get hurt.

      • El Dogga

        Unless they trip over something in booth. lol

      • lol. facts

  • tra mo

    They all in the same faction nothing to see here move along people nobody is getting touched no unborns are getting wacked

    • El Dogga

      He’s just trying to get his album sales up…he’s been on a SHARP decline.

  • Nana De Baus

    One day all this will come to an end.

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  • Larry Sandwiches

    Ross sucks. Look at his bars!! He says whatever and then rhymes the last words of his sentences:

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah MONEY,
    Blah blah blah blah blah blah HONEY.

    And that might be giving him too much credit, because above it looks like he rhymed TOUR, UNBORN, and LAWS together. Haha, WHACK AS F–K.

    But you guys keep hating on his correction officer sh!t, like thats the reason he sucks.

    • Dope

      Not defending him but he is rhyming:

      girl’s tour
      gun laws
      easily done with proper flow, and same goes for last two lines.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Even if we pretend those words can bend and rhyme, its still elementary level schemes. Last word in the sentence rhyming.

      • Boston80sbaby

        On the Renzel Remixes tape he has some fire verses. Ross can bring it at times, although the content is all make believe.

      • Dope

        That is true, there are very few people in mainstream who bother with more complex rhyme schemes.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        The one thing i give Ross credit for is his delivery, cus he has a very distinct sound. That just aint what i listen for in rap. But i get it.

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  • KevinOuarde

    Ross is really getting into it. First he said to 50 that ”he can meet him at his momma house” (50 moms dead)……and then talking about ”whacking unbord children”.

    This is stuff that can get you killed in real life.

    • Ryan Cole

      Ross has no concept of “real life”.

      • Getatme

        Dead* lmao

  • Six7

    **PSA** Stop spelling “Wack” with a f’in H! It ain’t no H in it!!

    • Yohance

      Actually “whack” as in to strike or murder is spelled with an H.

      • RayStantz

        He’s talking about the slang word. people love to put the “H” in the slang word.

      • Yohance

        I’m pretty sure he was talking about the way “whack” is spelled in the article which is the correct way.

      • Gap Tooth Bruce

        The dude above you is clearly a GED holder

      • Six7

        Right, but I ain’t talking about that.

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Please shut yo dumb ass up please!

  • Boston80sbaby

    Obviously Ross life is fabricated but his lyrics are pretty dope. 2pac was a back up dancer who went to acting school and Biggie was a mommas boy. Shit always been entertainment.

    • ken

      They got niggas in prison who went to acting school

      • Boston80sbaby

        I’m saying he was not the thug he portrayed at the end of his career. That’s a well known fact.

      • ken

        Maybe not a thug..but definitely not a lame

      • Boston80sbaby

        Def not a lame.

    • You right homie only thing is non of them niggas never lied about it or portrayed another nigga life. William could’ve been huge but since that first lie dominoes been falling ever since.

      • Boston80sbaby


  • RayStantz

    Them bars are more potent than anything that came out of the actual beef.

  • jeweliano

    Ross plan worked, he got the Internet talking whether you want to admit it or not!!! Smh

    • King Scooter

      Its an plies diss color money dump plies on stage REMEMBER that?#TRAPISM

  • Brindle

    BEEF IS GOOD, but the 3rd line seems out of place

  • Golgo 13

    Rick Ross’ Black Market is scheduled for release on November 4 << made a mistake with the month

    • therealjjohnson

      But its scheduled for December…

  • Rozay23

    If this is a true diss then watch out for the 50cent Drake collab diss track comin soon

  • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

    Best for Drake to just put out more Hotline Bling type records and collect those checks.. He’s still shook to death from Kendricks BlackFriday freestyle!
    Kendrick boutta dismantle this dude in 2016 and u heard it here first!

    • Black Adam

      Cosign. Kendrick is the main event that drake wants no parts of. Vicious freestyle.

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy


      • The Ripper

        Nobody don’t want no parts of Kendrick. He got that huge machine behind him and he’s an actual lyricist.

    • mjaay

      that freestyle mentioned drake or had any subs?

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        Lol best to go listen! He SNAPPED!

    • King Scooter

      a plies diss color money dump plies on stage REMEMBER that?#TRAPISM

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  • Getatme

    Dont play urself!

  • Black Umbrella

    Hip hop is way more dangerous than you think. Think about it. Alot of rich niggas that do business with dope niggas, and they signed to rich jews. 2gether they will stop at nothing for a profit. compare that to the streets.

  • Slapboxyamom

    2 rich basic niggas goin at it…..i’ll entertain this for a bit. can’t front.

  • Mack

    C.O. Roberts against Carlton & Whoopi? I’ll save the popcorn for something better.

  • THE.

    They forgetting Canadian dry still got 3 peat in the chamber just sitting there!

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Look at you ready to put dat mouf to work…..Sucka

  • True_Fan

    Meek got his first win since summer. I went and saw Creed and that “Lord Knows” when Donny was running in the street went mad hard.

  • mas3:13

    this is what you call bate Ross got an album to sell if Drake say anything I mean anything that’s millions in free promo every blog will cover that these niggas been studying the 50cent playbook for years back in the day a rapper would say the dudes name now you have to read between the lines that aint hiphop

    • King Scooter

      Its a plies diss color money dump plies on stage REMEMBER that?$$!#TRAPISM

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Drake wont go at a dude wit Actual BARZ seen how he smoove ducked Kendrick….but aggressively went at Meek….I can spot a sucka mile away! But he got Money tho so I guess he’s a real one and Im a hater in todays world! Lol

    • Kevin Marchetto

      Its sad how ones opinion means he’s a hater. smh

    • M.DOT

      Meek did the same thing though. Fat Trel didn’t say shit about his album. Why Meek aint go at him? I wonder

      • King Scooter

        Its a plies diss color money dump plies stage REMEMBER that?#TRAPISM

      • No_Man’s_Fan

        Cause Trel and Slutty Boyz don’t play those high school games. Wale and Trel been cool since ‘Nike Boots, 100 Miles & Running ‘. Only reason Trel never address Meek when he was going at Wale, is because had to calm him down and they signed to MMG. Messes up the money

    • King Scooter

      Its a plies diss color money dump plies on stage REMEMBER that?#TRAPISM

    • The Ripper

      Drake gotta go after Ross….

  • Papi Peligro

    Ah the battle. Lets do it. Real bar for bar battles be far and few between.

  • King Scooter


  • Sean Power

    anther lost for meek he couldn’t handle battle so ross has come fight for him lol, ross just try get some PR for his album, I hope drake calls up apple and tell don’t stream it

  • That was potent, Ive always respected Ross’s lyrcism. Hit em both with only 3-4 bars damn

  • J Dogg

    Ross trying to take up for meek mills. That equals another L for meek. That boy straight damaged goods.

  • Fareed72

    Rick…., really?? I ain’t a hater, a fan of Drake or Wayne.., but both of them separately will lyrically rip you dawg., especially Wayne. I guess being that you live in Atlanta now, an you probably cool wit Ug Bug , the dress wearing FREAK, an know that he has a crush on Wayne, you decided to go at Wayne.., a str8 BITCH-MOVE.., especially doin plenty of songs wit Wayne, now you tryin ta go in?? Baaaaa!!!!!! You funny bruh.
    An then go at Drake cause ya boy couldn’t hold his own.., anotha BITCH-MOVE.. I hope they don’t answer you back.., hold up.., except Wayne., cause sometimes Wayne does come wit some crazy shit. An Drake should do what Whiz Khalifah did to you, an smash ya girl, wack ass C. O. … LOL

    • Dark Matters

      You need to listen closer to Ross’ bars. To me it’s his delivery that needs to improve. The bars are pretty good.

    • The Ripper

      Watch Wayne marked this dude!!!!

    • Nah Wayne ain’t wrecking nada anymore his prime has passed

  • Lucins Eggins

    Ok I guess these niggas didn’t hear J prince, the god farther of the south keep playing with drake shit can get real real quick

    • The Ripper

      They think Prince will not send them goons!!!!

  • Leonard Tarver

    Ooooo Weeeeee Is All I can say!!! You will NOT WIN against Lil’ Wayne… Sorry!!!

  • I’m still waiting on plies to explain what the hell color money is. Now he got other rappers saying it and they don’t explain shit. It’s like rappers who say the word illuminati then just rap about nothing that has to do with it. Rappers just be saying anything knowing most of they fans are too dumb down to notice.

    • Anthony Mason

      It was a code word for his security. It also is the color of foreign money….so it could just be code for foreign intruder….

      Stupid but makes sense…don’t give it too much thought….

    • I thought he was referring to minorities making money as minorities are called “colored” ppl. So I suppose “colored” money is a reference to that

  • bklyn representa

    it’s a little too late to try to respond now if that clown meek had came at him and killed him it would have been a whole different battle he started this thing and lost LMAO

  • Boston80sbaby

    Ross can spit. The thing is, Drake has such s huge fan base his diss gonna hold a lot more weight than Ross diss. Hopefully we see..

    • TheBlackItalian

      Back 2 Back still getting radio play. Regular radio play. What Ross said ain’t gonna stick at all. You right.


    Who? The C.O. – OFFICER RICKY, the Fake ‘Rick Ross’, the Blowhard that ROLLING STONE Magazine said about last album “There’s really no reason for this to exist’?@!#? F*CK MayCock Music, D*ckchasers, & the Biggest FRAUD in Hip Hop history – William Roberts! Gonna take u down!

    • BoldSpice


  • RichFromBX

    I love all the tough talk coming from two groups of bitches that spit a life they really not about. Wish you could niggas talkin like they wish you would niggas…

    • Dark Matters

      You rap fans are just as pretentious as the claims you make against the rappers you hate. You know you wouldn’t tell him that to his face if you met him, so why make claims on a man’s character you’ve never met, online? Talk about the things you know to be true, rather than engage in your own version of tough talk, like you’re some sort of certificate of toughness issuing official.

      • RichFromBX

        I don’t say anything about anyone I wouldn’t say to their face regardless of who they are…they bleed like I bleed so there’s nothing to fear.

  • Garveyite

    My type of shit!!! Let’s cut out all Bs and get right to it!!!!

  • di

    Ross is wack, taking shots when the beef is done too easy lol why he didnt say shit when it happened though smh

  • trilltalk1

    did he diss puff at 2:20 mark?

    • Leonard Tarver

      Yes indeed

  • The Ripper

    Drake will have to destroy this dude. Ross should’ve never got involved….fucking Weak Mill

  • s0rethumb

    Pardon. However I’ve listened thrice and missed the Drake diss. Somebody say the timestamp please. Stay up Meek…Mantua.

  • BoldSpice

    He might have thought this would help but it really makes Mills look even more pathetic.

  • Aiden_Abetting

    This won’t go any further than this shit right here

  • Ikcinkeem

    Fake Drake gonna really have to ask Quentin Miller for a diss song to top Rick Ross Color Money dis. By the way …………what’s taking Fake Drake so long to respond to Rick Ross? I quess he waiting to hear from Quentin Miller.

  • TheBlackItalian

    Ross must feel himself slippin into obscurity so he took a quick little shot on his way down. If Ross was on the come-up then I’m sure he’d know better.

  • dbfromdc


  • Phillip Fuller

    Still not going to his shit

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