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Is Meek Mill Planning To Diss Drake On ‘Dreamchasers 4’ Mixtape? (VIDEO/POLL)

(AllHipHop News) The end of 2015 has been a tough time for Meek Mill. The Philadelphia rapper is facing possible jail time for a probation violation, but the legal drama does not seem to be stopping Meek from moving forward with his upcoming Dreamchasers 4 mixtape.

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The Maybach Music Groups star released more snippets from the project on Snapchat, and those clips led to online speculation he is about to unleash more lyrics directed at his rival Drake. DJ Akademiks captured some of Meek’s snaps and posted them to social media.

Meek can be heard rapping, “I can’t wait till we run on ya, I’m gonna put a gun on ya,” and “I do not f*ck with these industry n*ggas.” The Akademiks tweets with Meek Mill’s snaps included the social commentator writing, “Meek Mill on that real Philly sh*t… If he run into Drake he planning on erasing all L’s. Pray for Drake n OvO.”

It has been five months since Drake dropped his Grammy nominated diss track “Back To Back” and Meek posted his response record “Wanna Know.” Drake also referenced his feud with Meek on the track “30 For 30 Freestyle” off the What A Time To Be Alive collaborative project with Future. So far, there is no official release date for Meek’s Dreamchasers 4.

Previously, Meek posted some DC4 snippets to Instagram that appeared to be connected to the Drake dispute as well. The September posts featured the “R.I.CO.” rhymer rapping, “I made an M in a week, but they telling me I took an L.”

What do you think about Meek Mill potentially dissing Drake again? Take our poll below.

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  • hoeyuno

    Meek too sensitive for this show biz shyt

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    rick ross – step in and advise meek to stop it – theres Nothing he can say , better to do damage repair by leaving Drake’s beat-down alone

    • Churro

      Meek is a grown L. Rick shouldn’t even have to tell him at this point.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        wrong , theres lots of grown mistakes made – he need advice to stop being slaughtered

      • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

        U need advise ta kept dem chilren you molessin from telin the PO leece

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you don’t , look at your 50 years of a million child sexuall attack vids you show a day – with no police , not even your stanken white mothers complaing to police

      • because no one in history ever turned their losses into wins? -_-

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you another one that ask dumb questions because you cant think of nothing to say

      • that wasn’t a question.

        whose the dumb one now?

  • i got this

    No matter what you will always be the one who got shown up by Drake!!

    • No matter what Drake will always be the one who got smacked by Puffy. #YourPointWas?

      • i got this

        really?? The damn point was Drake killed Meek its over move on!! What the hell this have to do with puffy?? #f@gg@t

      • Dope

        He needs to defend Meek, or hate on Drake somehow.. so that’s all he could come up with I guess.

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO this is like them dumb byotches that get hands put on em by some hoe azz niggaz and stay with the dude. smh I think this bum just cant get drake out of his head.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      right , but like a lot of people – he cant think of nothing to say

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  • TMillz74

    The moment been over with.. not interested

    • don’t press play. #choices

  • Sean Power

    meek need to just delete that track, don’t want hear no talk about guns to anyone a week after he was crying in court, say his not thug

    • thugs cry, tho

      • UntouchpuertorocNYC

        Thugs cry, but keep it gully all the way. Meek is NOT a thug.

  • THISIS50

    drake killed him

    • you are obviously delusional if the guy is still tweeting and rapping. 50 was dead once, too…

      • Chyze

        Wait…..50’s relevant in music outside of Queens? He’s poppin again?

      • Dope

        Yeah he still tweeting.. don’t you see the irony in that statement?

  • Hakeem

    If he going to do it then dont go in half ass….
    Go to war…
    Dont get on twitter and IG just straight bars…..

  • M.DOT

    It’s very clear back 2 back is still fuckin wit him mentally

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  • ShaStud

    Why not.. His career isn’t going no other way… but why do I care.. #thotlivesmatter

  • THE.

    That akademiks wasteman wants to be vlad so bad!! Smh.

    • BuddyShakur

      He gon get killed. He talk too much

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  • game213

    Meek does not realize it yet but his career will forever be defined by the drake beef and back 2 back. That whole moment is his career highlight and peak point. Meek will not have a bigger moment than his beef with drake. i dont see meek dropping an album that shakes the hip hop or music world or have a crazy smash single that dominates the chart and even outside music I don’t see meek making any huge business deals or movie deals or any kind of venture that will have a bigger impact or over shadow the moment with drake. I think as years goes by meek will realize this.


    meek desperate ‘rappers’ might AS WELL put their last nail in their own Coffin! He’s DONE, going to Prison, & lost everything! OVER, & take that Fat FRAUD Officer Ricky with you………

    • Richie_Ochoa

      Is that you 50?

  • game213

    At this point that’s not a bad idea for meek to do. Drake is the hottest rapper out right now and has enough haters that will support meek. So being associated with drake one way or the other is not a bad idea.

    • Alain D’Esteze

      I feel like Drake haters are not ready to show public support to Meek since he’s proven to be such an embarrasment.

  • gurdyghost

    This “beef” was and always will be lame.

  • oke meek is done again that same back as screaming flow and that dj is fucked up he fucked meek up by posting this

    • Oopster

      Thats dj ak he post videos about the culture its not Meeks dj

  • tra mo

    Meek is that dude that starts a fight with a nerd then get the shit slapped out of him by the nerd no matter how many good hits you get in all people gonna remember is drake slapped the shit out him wit that back to back

    • game213

      yea but lets not act like meek got any good hits in, in this case the nerd just totally whooped his ass

  • Andy Maas

    This beef is just like stitches and the game

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      In what way ?

      • Andy Maas

        Meek mill last diss to drake was garbage

  • Oopster

    Honestly if meek want to win this war once and for all, all he need to do is get Nicki to hit drake up and tell him to meet her at a hotel by himself (he’s a thirsty simp so he’ll do it no questions asked) run down on him with some goons and the camcorder get to jugging and finessing post it online and its all over

    • M.DOT

      That would be a bitch move

  • MrNoName2K

    Im wishing this sh*t will just die already… gottdamn. All that damn talkin and these n*gga aint even had a face to face…smh..

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It would of been better if he would of replied I DONT KNOW 5 months ago when this got heated. Now he’s like that nicca you put in the hospital and he get out swinging with one arm functioning. LOL

      • ZUBU

        I concur with your comment, but keep all that “N” word shiiitt out your mouth batch. You’re not Black, STFU…….. Euro Feezy…….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Lol fu(k u ni99a bit(h

      • ZUBU

        Like I thought more ignorance, you know you’re an internet batch. Never seen Queens…. Feezy……. SMH……… Leave us be, we don’t want you, go away…

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  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    This is exactly what the white man wants us to do. SMH

    • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

      lol @ the likes… SMH. I don’t even know what to make of it.

  • Consistent

    Off of 2 and a 1/2 bars of “regular aggressive,say no names” rap this is somehow coming at Drake and there’s a poll and everything slapped next to it…smh

    If you took the bait on this there ain’t NUTTIN real about ya interests in music,you’re just an internet troll tweaking to say some troll shit bout Meek Mill….noogies on all y’all lames heads!

  • Mack

    He couldn’t deliver when it mattered. Move on.

  • Travis Pressley

    Nigga tryn to channel their inter 2pac and Biggie, but soundin like who cocc and trikkie!!!


    He better chill out rapping about Drake……Drake fans are gonna call that niggas P.O. and prosecutor again smdh

  • cza jones

    “I can’t wait till we run on ya, I’m gonna put a gun on ya,”

    WTF is wrong with him? He just stood inf ront of a judge saying how he will be good and all begging for forgiveness to catch a pass on jail time then drops this shit?

    Why would anyone want to hear a man talk about pulling a gun on you? Why would anyone who has teh means to leave the ghetto still talk like this? Why is it an option for this guy to even say such nonsense?

    Put the Gun talk DOWN! anyoen who does want to hear the gun talk disregard my comments. i grew up in the 90s and listened to too much mobb to want to hear more nonsense with gun play .

    • King Cole

      exactly. He going to court release music like that considering everything. The boy will never learn.

    • M.DOT

      Meek is just a dumb nigga

    • No_Man’s_Fan

      Going to say the same thing, Meek just signed his own Def certificate by putting the videos out. DA probably rip the video links and have it in their arsenal for the sentence hearing SMH

  • King Cole

    He’s exactly in the same spot Nas was with Jay-z back in the day. Only issues is Nas had ether (1) and (2)didn’t have to deal with such a beef in the social media age where it’s here today and gone tomorrow in a second. Back then you could release an album (and maybe one mixtape) every two years..Now you got to drop an album ever year with several mixtapes in between just to say a float. No way this does anything to help him.

    • Frank

      Nah I can’t compare Meek to Nas. Drake as Hov I guess works, but no to Nas. Nas had every reason to put Jay in his spot (one below him).

    • ZUBU

      You comparing Meek to Nas? Bro you have to be young….. Nasir the God, and Meek don’t go in the same sentence… SMH……. Only Rakim Allah can see Nas…….

  • M.DOT

    I wonder why he didn’t respond to Ar-Ab diss? O yea cause Meek only prey on the weak even though Drake won by a longshot. Fat Trel didn’t say anything about his album but he was quick to go at Wale for not tweetin. Yall see the pattern

    • Dark Matters

      You mean him saying “F*ck Ar-Ab – you p*ssy!!” on stage in Camden, NJ was because he only prays on the weak?

      • M.DOT

        Read what I wrote d*ckhead

  • Papi Peligro

    Man nah. Bra. You should’ve waited had your bars up and then dropped dream chasers 4 with the diss. To late bra.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Im Drake in our situation, dont pump fake when u land at Jerez. as soon as you come through those doors you getting knocked out.

      • Papi Peligro

        We don’t have a situation. Fago Lite.

      • Papi Peligro

        You not knocking nobody out. Maybe if you bring that Alpaqa you breeding with and she blow that camel breath in my face.

  • dbfromdc


    • Papi Peligro

      He is notorious for that.

  • jerry

    Meek is acting like that dude that gets beat up, runs off saying ” I’m going to get my cousin on you”


    I never had a problem wit meek going at drake in the beginning but when he came wit that garbage the plan got shot to hell and when drake wit back 2 back while we all was waited on that garbage made things even worse then wit all the memes after that meek was now dead now 6 months later he wants more? Drake just gonna look silly responding to that emotional child I say child cause that’s exactly how meek looking out here wit L after L getting bodied my a singer to kicking wale out the click to then being over ride by his boss to back to back getting nominated for a Grammy to doing tibow in a gym getting bodied by the punching back just stop and keep opening up for ur fake girlfriend who all of sudden could acknowledge she has man smh so phony

    • Dark Matters

      Persistence is one of the keys to success.

  • Frank

    Of course he gonna address it on his next album. And it will be a diss. He got the benefit of time and reflection. Hopefully he can wrap the shit up and take his L and keep it movin’.

  • Cavadias

    Meek Mill is officially a damn clown, wasn’t he in front of a judge last week crying and saying it’s just entertainment and he’s not a gangster now he is a gangster, I swear these fake industry dudes are something special!!! Smh

  • ZUBU

    I don’t fukk with neither one of these dudes music wise, but Drake (back to back) was like Ether-Lite. He straight up gave Meek the Biz. He hit him with straight up truth. Just two true statements: It’s Your Girl’s Tour; A Singing Nigga Body You….. Nicki make him sign a pre-nup lol……… Boss Bitches Wifing Niggas… lol……..

  • Chyze

    Meek can’t stay off the L train. He dropped a semi decent album that started off doing good numbers but he got full of himself and still ain’t went gold yet. Meanwhile the softest rapper in the game killed his numbers on 2 separate projects with a 3rd around the corner. You lost doggie. It’s over. He’s like Stitches gettin slept and claiming he got sucker punched. The whole world watched you take that loss. You got a few more Twitter followers…..congrats….last I checked that social media shyt is for entertainment only.

    • greeneyedbandit

      “he’s like stitches gettin slept and claiming he got sucker punched.” lmao!

  • JerZeBoy

    who cares??? Meek got smoked multiple times now, and wasn’t this like 3 years ago?lol j/k

  • a.c.

    They should lock him up for a year for being a dumb ass I’m sure he scared nikki will fucck someone else plus he is wack has a artist either way

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