Tank Speaks On Fallout Between TGT Members Tyrese & Ginuwine (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) R&B fans had to watch as supergroup TGT imploded on Instagram earlier this month. Tyrese announced the trio was done by suggesting he was moving on with only Tank. Third member Ginuwine fired back by calling Tyrese’s digital breakup a “p*ssy move.”

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TMZ recently caught up with Tank to get his thoughts about what went down between Tyrese and Ginuwine. The “You Don’t Know” crooner did not take sides in the feud.

“What you see is the result of grown men having a conversation. A little bit of it spilled over into the internet which is not cool,” stated Tank. “But it is what it is at this point.”

Tank later added that he is not focused on sustaining TGT at the moment. The Milwaukee-born performer is currently prepping his next solo album Sex, Love & Pain II scheduled for release on January 22.

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Watch footage of Tank’s response below.

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  1. Papi Peligro

    I’m gonna be honest I don’t think nobody was checking for TGT. Why any of these dudes would close a lane for them to put out music is crazy to me. What problems are you having if yo albums don’t sell anyway.

      • Go Getter 2

        My girl loves listening to this album while I’m beating it up. You no pssy getting, still wet behind the ears, similac drinking virgin lames, wouldn’t know anything about that, so you would talk sht.

      • Go Getter 2

        Call me what you want, but I guarantee I have more money, women, education, etc.

      • Sinbk Legend

        Obviously you don’t if you going back and forth with me when you’re supposed to be with your bltch..lmao

      • Go Getter 2

        I’m with one of a few of my bltches right now. You are the one crying about an all male group, whom all of my bltches love.

      • Sinbk Legend

        This is where I don’t believe you nigga. .if you with a bltch right now. ..you don’t have time to respond to this. .either you a lame or she is. …you decide lmao. .I’m done with you..tend to your bltch…

      • Go Getter 2

        You obviously aren’t with one right now. Don’t get mad at me because I know how to multi-task, lame.

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