VIDEO: The Game Gets Stitches A Specal Christmas Gift

The Game and Stitches issue has been setting social media outlets on fire ever since Game’s manager knocked the belligerent Miami rapper out cold. You’d think that would’ve put an end to things but it most definitely has not. There has been continuous back and forth with Game taking to IG to roast his foe and Stitches coming right back saying this is exactly what he wanted and that he’d be willing to fight again.

Well, The Game now seems to be pretty much over the beef. When asked by paparazzi if he kept Stitches on his Christmas list, the LA rapper simply replies that he got him some gauze pads and alcohol. What a nice guy! Always the caretaker, huh, Game?

Check out the clip below:


    I’m done with the “Stitches” thing…..

    • Anthony Mason

      Oh you are just done now….lol!!!

  • JustBeingHonest

    his 5 minutes of fame are up. he’s just another clown white boy who attention whores over the internet too much.

  • ZUBU

    Gauze Pads, and Alcohol… LOL
    That was a nice lil’ Breezy Chuck Taylor had with him……… Whip was nice as well…


      Thats his Child’s Mother.

  • Dark Matters

    All these rappers and their Chelsea jerseys. What do they know about futbol. That one team’s jersey is all these cats ever where.

    • Savimbi

      Don’t forget the Manchester jersey lol

      • Dark Matters

        Oi garoto!

  • Anthony Mason

    You niggas didn’t listen to me….

    This isn’t the wave….Stick to the top improved artists and 2016 objectives….

    Stitches makes you look bad….

  • Markus

    Goodbye,Stitches. Maybe you and Meek should do a record together.

    • Anthony Mason

      He needs to collaborate with cage or
      everlast and stop talking about killing “puzzy niggas” but they would not do it…they like hip hop too much….

      That fake shock and horror rap he is attempting to do is not believable and people won’t buy it….Their disposable income will only go to artists they actually like and can brag about to their friends once they discover it….

      If there was an actual green light on that faggot he wouldn’t have been able to open his mothers xmas presents….it is all fake publicity he paid for to get on….

      • Markus

        Tried to cash in on people’s thirst for ignorance in their music. Didn’t work out in his favor so maybe he just gets a clue and disappears.

      • Anthony Mason

        His music has no commercial viability. He may possibly show up on a reality show or commit suicide via drug overdose by this early march….time will tell…

        Either way…I hope for his kids sake and his family he knows better than to keep this up childish stuff up….

        This is his mothers worst nightmare and I’m sure she is worried sick over it…..probably his other relatives too…

      • Anthony Mason

        People have been killed for looking at people wrong….He is still walking around in his mental hollywood….

        He is clearly mentally ill and his family needs to help him because nobody else will…

      • Markus

        Rap is clearly not what he should be doing and if he really was big time in the drug trafficking business he shouldn’t go back there either. The next batch of money he gets his hands on should go toward tattoo removal procedures for his face so he can fade away. Dude stands out like a bullseye and if he keeps looking for problems,best of luck to him when they find him.

      • Anthony Mason

        I just feel for dude…. I shouldn’t care but I actually feel bad for him.

        I’m not a POS and neither are you so we kind of see how this scenario might play out…

        I just hope he gets that stuff resolved ,goes to rehab, spends some time with his parents and stops small time dealing…

        He is not moving kilos he isn’t even moving grams…maybe grams not ozs…someone in him family is a high ranking freemasonic police officer….

        He is pulling a Rick Ross….Guess niggas will let him too….

      • Anthony Mason

        It is a possibility He is designed to get white people to call black people niggas and make it seem normal…..via mk ultra
        ( it’s real)…..

        It did not work just like most of those stupid mind control plants and collapsed…

        Reference the movie “American Ultra”…..

    • #8

      A stitches & DMX album. Don’t lie you wanna hear it.

      • Markus

        Actually I rather watch them record that album. Because as soon as this clown starts spitting,that’s probably when him and X start throwing hands. That would be priceless.

      • Bawahahaha!

        I was thinking the same thing!

      • hoeyuno

        X wouldn’t take 2 seconds of that lame’s shyt

      • ScreamLOX

        Clown keep DMX out your mouth.

      • hoeyuno

        blasphemy!!!!!! Not even a comparison.

      • #8

        Yeah they both just don’t yell, or put cocaine ahead of everything in life. 2 comparisions atleast. Oh and all the Ls they have taking. Another 1.

      • hoeyuno

        DMX has 4 Classic albums with all sorts of different shyt..He made music that moves people.. Saying DMX just yells is like saying Jordan just jumps..Your obviously not a hip hop head anyways..You probably hit a link from teen magazine or something..


        Difference is DMX is Real and he has Talent.

  • I really can’t take this feud serious. Stitches ain’t even a real rapper, GAME is just having a lil fun, nothing more , nothing less.



  • water_ur_seeds

    Dude wearing a Chelsea jersey??? smh

    • THE.


      • water_ur_seeds

        Poor choice…


      Stop watching a Nigga so close. smh

    • Boner Pee

      You wearing a dress, ho!

  • THISIS50


  • stackzscrilla

    The chick he wit tho??? Pound Cake. ALL DAY


      That’s his Baby Mama. She is fine as Hell.

  • Dan Tebasco

    The Game is the only reason most ppl know who Stitches is, once he stops talking about him he will fall into a pit of forgotten neverwas rappers where he belongs