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Meek Ain’t Coming At Drake On New Mixtape

I thought it would be silly for Meek to diss Drake. First of all, that’s old 2015 stuff. Leave it there. Secondly, he’s got a legal issue that probably calls for him cleaning up. Anyway, Meek’s people are revealing that he is not dissing Drizzy in “Dreamchasers 4.” Son is just dissing random Sucker MC’s like back in the day. What is interesting is Meek is talking about shooting somebody. That’s something you don’t hear too much off in these rappers. Nevertheless, good to see Meek doing some charity work in the hood, even if it is just because he is in trouble. Hopefully the judge won’t throw the book at him.

  • John jonesbone

    ???shootin somebody??
    Bruh its a wrap he just look dumb as shit

  • If I was in his shoes right now I’d be rapping about helping nuns cross the road and helping the elderly carry their shopping. 😁

    Rapping about shooting somebody ain’t a wise move IMO.

    • ZUBU

      He’s finally receiving some good advice.
      Also he don’t want to see Drake again… Back To Back…….

    • Papi Peligro


  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    Yall gossip niggas to involved in these rapper lives yall worse than the hoes geeesh

    • Sinbk Legend

      Alot of hoe niggaz in AHH

      • ursocalledgod

        but you spent your time to comment on the story? lol smh

      • tra mo

        I don’t see a comment from either on the story

      • Sinbk Legend

        ^^^See here is one of them niggaz now

    • ursocalledgod

      but you commenting on the story…

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    it dont even matter. Meek done! plus nobody dont want to hear a whole mixtape of him yelling! Meek in a casket musically with his dc chainz! lol


    How you violate probation traveling with ya girl she cant really love you or yall can’t really be together because a real queen would of told you fall back and then bring her to court like the judge not thinking the same thing. Stop making trash gangster music and speak on the real that ur going thru that a really help the streets. same for 50 he going through alot that he could speak on but he 40 still trying to be that guy that was beefing with preme.

  • ursocalledgod

    the best decision this monkey has made all year. shooting somebody? LMAO yea alright. which clown azz niggaz are taking this corny nigga serious when it comes to that gunplay? this nigga don’t even tweet anymore since he got bodied..FOH

  • It’s almost 2016 Meek !

  • WeakSauce

    This should had already been a dead issue. No coming back from it unless you got some “My fo-fo make sure all y’all kids don’t grow” type ishhh…. Just let it be


    RIP…. MEEK MILL VS DRAKE…….please…..VIEWS FROM THE 6 is truly the album to watch…#HOTLINE BLING….the #1 song of 2015..LOL

  • The Legendary Troll

    yeah it was entertaining during the summer. we 24 hours away from 2016, time to get off that