Rick Ross & Floyd Mayweather Shout Each Other Out Online (PHOTOS)

(AllHipHop News) Social media has become the new platform for rappers to fire both blatant and subtle shots at their adversaries. So when Rick Ross posted a picture of himself wearing Floyd Mayweather’s “The Money Team” hat on Instagram was that Rozay just showing support for the boxing legend or was he sending a subliminal diss at his nemesis 50 Cent?

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Mayweather showed love back to Ross on his own IG page. He wrote, “Thanks for the support [Rick Ross]. We will continue to support you also.”

Ross and 50 have been part of a back-and-forth beef for years. The MMG boss and the G-unit leader went at it again this year with IG being the main place where the conflict played out. In addition, 50 sued Ross for using his hit record “In Da Club” on the #RenzelRemixes mixtape.

Last year 50 also had an online spat with Mayweather. His constant clowning of Mayweather’s reading ability was in the headlines for weeks. Reportedly, the frenemies have since settled their issues, but the Queens native has often showed disdain for people connected to him acknowledging his rivals.

The Kanan Tape creator once targeted Slowbucks co-founder Windsor “Slow” Lubin after the fellow New Yorker posted a picture with 50 Cent’s estranged son Marquise Jackson and known 50 Cent foe Trav. 50 also famously kicked The Game out of G-Unit after the Compton emcee refused to get involved in the crew’s beef with other rappers like Nas, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss.



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  • Papi Peligro

    Man he still suing ninja over a mixtape song. Puffy broke a arm. Just saying. You can handle it like men or you can handle it like women.

    • ZUBU

      Word, Puffy has always been a bit more street than people give him credit for.
      Lot of people don’t recall/know that his dad was heavy back in the Nicky Barnes, Frank Lucas days. Puff got it in his blood……….

      • jeweliano

        That’s why it isn’t too far fetched that he could’ve put a price on Pac’s head…..

      • DownSouthGAboy

        very far fetched

  • THISIS50

    so i guess william does forgive after all

    • hoeyuno

      haha nice!!

    • guddaboy

      His beef really wasn’t with Floyd. Pay attention. Get money if u gone be a comedian.

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  • THE.

    Should have given free wings with your garbage cd officer Ricky!! Shut up!

    • DownSouthGAboy

      The cd actually not bad. Obviously you didn’t listen too it.

      • guddaboy

        They just 50stans, bruh


    all this beef and no one on one fade…c’mon man!

    • STEPH

      Cause 95% of rappers fake, and hip hop is entertainment

    • BillyIlz

      Who officer Roberts gonna shot the fade with? That dude is police. 50 better watch out before he gets lapd’d.

    • DownSouthGAboy

      Gunplay ran up. Caught the fade and got his ass whipped, but he aint no bitch.

      • guddaboy

        He didn’t run up. Plus he was solo and not only dat he beat one of them niggaz ass. 5 niggaz over 40 years old still jumping. As if gunplay 6’5″ 350 or something. 50 get and got no points for that.


    50 gonna be pissed off bout this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Kanan don’t know how to live and let shit die😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #get$

  • I’m the Top, Vlad’s the Bottom

    speaking of rick ross, did yall know him and them dade county boys stomped his ears together at the ozone awards?? google it.. they beat that boy like a old Virginia slave. vlad didn’t even fight back…because he has poor fighting skills, he didn’t wanna catch a fade in retaliation so he tried to sue for 4 mill and ended up getting what ross gets for 2 shows…they beat that boy to a pulp

  • BillyIlz

    Rick Ross is a FRAUD. He shouting Mayweather out to break the ice because he want to work with Adrian Bronner on some music ish and he don’t want to bump heads. THAT’S ALL. Dude a fat lying ass identity stealing wanna be gangster undercover corrections officer that told you dummies he was a boss and everyday he was hustling. And y’all fell for the joox

    • guddaboy

      Somebody mad…Seem like another year yall will be hating on young renzel.

      • BillyIlz

        Somebody a groupie…Seem like another year y’all will be riding the dick of that fat sweety corrections officer pretending to be a gangster rapper.


    2 FAKE FRAUDS & EGOMANIACS! F*CK these LAMES! Officer Ricky & Flunky Floyd – GTFOH!!!

    • DownSouthGAboy

      you just a hater

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