50 Cent Comes To NY Knick's Cleanthony Early's Defense After Shooting In Queens

New York Knicks forward, Cleanthony Early, was reportedly robbed and shot in the leg early this morning (December 30th) on his way home from a strip club in Queens. After hearing of the event fellow Queens native 50 cent took to IG to send his support and offer a helping hand.

According to Wall Street Journal, Early was  in an Uber car accompanied by his girlfriend when the car was boxed in by two or three other vehicles in an “industrial” area. The Knicks player was then pulled out of the backseat of the Uber by two men one with a ski mask on and the other without and both yielding small semiautomatic guns according to officials.

A group of up to six men then ambushed the basketball player robbing him of 2 gold chains, cash and a cell phone. Following the robbery Early was shot in the right leg sending him to Elmhurst Hospital. The player has since been discharged. His girlfriend and the Uber driver were unharmed during the incident.

Upon hearing this news 50 let it be known that he is going to take matters into his own hands by getting the player his stuff back today if possible. Check out his IG post below:

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  • Q.

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    Happy New Year.

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      Thanks for pointing that out my man. The rampant idiocy I tell you. Reading is fundamental, right?

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    Sounds like EARLY was staying out too LATE

  • Rozay23

    That ain 50 talkin thats Kanan… he set the whole thing up

  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    My God I hope these so called “Writers” get their coin back from whatever educational institutions they attended.


    FIDDY just became the “new” #KING OF STREET/HOP……LOL…#GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN’……nuff said

  • this sounds like a set up and another reason why Uber is unsafe. I’m leary of cabs in general but you will never catch me in an uber. Do they even do background checks on these people?

  • See BS

    They put the same shit twice WTF

    • RapItUp

      Lol I thought it was an update.. Wtf was I thinking. Happy New Years, cheers to AHH’S A1 journalism!

  • @georgiadink

    What happened to….”Today!”.

  • dbfromdc