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Kendrick Lamar Releases New Musical Short Film “God Is Gangsta” (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar is ending his amazing 2015 with new visuals. The To Pimp A Butterfly album creator released a 7-minute mini-movie titled God Is Gangsta. The flick includes the Top Dawg Entertainment emcee performing the songs “U” and “For Sale? (Interlude).”

Jack Begert & the little homies handled the direction for the “U” segment. “For Sale? (Interlude)” was directed by PANAMÆRA & the little homies and filmed in Paris at Le Silencio.

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  • Metheory

    I’m writing a short too call “God ain’t shit”

    • Anthony Mason

      That s*** didnt make nobody laugh but you chuckled a little bit. Good for you bummy a** nigga….

      • Metheory

        What happened ur god can’t stand up for his self because his legs are non existing?

      • Anthony Mason


        Because the creator of the entire universe and endless space needs to defend himself from you…..

        Do you realize space does not end? It is infinite. With that in mind…God is infinite also. You will never understand reality if you don’t sit back and evaluate that….

        For one second, sit and think about what I just said….

        Ok…now repeat back to yourself what you said and see if your view still makes sense. I doesn’t make sense anymore does it?

        If you can’t comprehend it….just admit it bruh. It does denote a lack of higher intelligence on your part though….

        Don’t embarass yourself because if your theory is on Earth….and you in your current body will be the only thing you will ever have…

        You better make good use of the few days or few decades you have left and hope you are right and I’m wrong because if im right you are totally f***ed forever when eventually you die…

        That is one hell of a gamble…pun intended

      • Metheory

        No he needs to defend him self over allowing slavery, kids being raped, killed, and dying from cancer he needs to stand up over the millions of innocents that died because they didn’t believe in his magic, he needs to stand up for allowing poverty and ect I can go on and on.

      • Anthony Mason

        You think he “let” that stuff happen?

        Bruh we have free will. This is not a Sims game. Things happen and people die….We both are going to die. Where you end up afterwards is a decision you still have time to make if you are still reading this….

        Not believing in something you can’t see does not mean it does not exist. You need air right? Can you see it?

        He doesn’t “allow” poverty and murder. People make decisions to murder other people. Poverty can affect anyone no matter how good of a person they are that is why I have randomly reached out and bought them food or given them money to show them I care instead of just walking past them like a jackass….

        God sees all bruh whether you choose to acknowledge him or not…

        The ball is in your court so I advise you figuring out the REAL reason why you think he doesn’t exist. It sounds like foolish people have disappointed you…not God.

        I look at life on Earth as a trial to see what you are made of. The end of the day, what are YOU made of should be the question you are asking yourself….

        You going to blame God because a drunk driver runs over a puppy or a mom with a kid in a stroller? You going to blame God for a pregnant lady getting raped and murdered by a satanist? You going to blame God for ISIS too? He funds their total f***ery now too huh?

        Your argument is dimwitted and absolutely has no “legs” to stand on….

        Now go back and read your comment…..

      • Metheory

        Yeah thats what im saying non of those things have to do with a god because there’s no such thing as a migical god that’s keeping tabs on how many times u jerk off in a day . No such thing as a god because there’s no need for a god that was the old days when people thought the sun used to go away and hide in the ocean or whatever.

      • Anthony Mason

        Advanced civilizations never thought the sun hid in the ocean. They mapped the stars and had advanced science and technology pre world flood…

        Records have been retained and many scientists have revived old world ideas for modern use. The invention or reinvention of the computer microchip is responsible for the insane progression in the last 100 years….

        The question you have to ask yourself is why and how has the leap happened so quick ? I could tell you but I want you to find it on your own because it would mean much more to you that way…

        You have a ton of research to do and I can’t do it for you. I also told you the real deal. I’m not talking to hear myself talk so at least look into it…Good luck…

      • Metheory

        U can’t tell me anything ur not a scientist reading a 2000 year old book and fantasizing about how the world works don’t make u special. Finding actual answers to questions not the answers u want to hear but real non biased answers is the kind of people I listen to, people who dedicated their life to science not to god sorry even if u was the last man on earth I wouldn’t come to u for advice all u have is fairytales.

      • Anthony Mason

        It isn’t fantasy/I’m not fishing (trust me)/ I’m still here like full AIDs in remission…./ Your written vision is still more boring than an intermission and based on basic human superstition….

        Pause….(let that soak in)….

        God made some smart niggas and I am one of them….

        Science is ever changing….There are endless variables and new discoveries/ What is your hesitation?……

      • Metheory

        Lmao u rapping now telling me god isn’t a fantasy Christians delusion is on a next level. Ps if it wasn’t for science you wouldn’t even know what aids is cause the bible never talks about it, it only talks about magic which is curse and demons no real information.

      • Anthony Mason

        Aids is caused by HIV and is a recent development bruh. It came from a lab….

        Bible is about magic and demons? Lmao!!!!!

        Let me hear a rap about your half baked world views…. That s*** might sound like a retarded grocery bagger taking a massive dump…

      • Metheory

        Yeah it has talking snakes and donkeys, so yeah full of it from beginning to end is all old people’s magic.

      • Anthony Mason

        “Talking snakes and donkeys” lmaoooooo!!!!!

        What does that have to do with God? Oh that is right….he wrote the Bible with his devine hand not people….lol!

        Old people magic seems to have you confused as hell then….

      • Anthony Mason

        I bet you like movies and games about killer aliens and spooky ghosts though science boy. Lol!!!

        Two things that certainly do not exist yet you can’t believe an entity created you with a specific and unique plan in mind…

        Oh that would just be stupid huh….lmao!!!!!!

  • Hakeem

    I really wish Fab would released that dis track track against this dude….
    Holding this dude up to be some sort of rap god…
    Fab would have ATE him…..

    • Nicky Blanco

      What do you mean? Why does there need to be a competition between these two specifically? This rap shit goes far beyond dope punchlines.

      • PREMERE

        Rap, real rap is about punchlines and metaphores and similies and flow my dude.


      Fab would have this destroyed this bozo the clown…….

      • Hakeem

        Fab recorded a dis track to his “control” verse but didnt release it….

      • PREMERE

        I know, the label warned fab not to release it. Treating kendra like a little bitch, they wouldnt let a real mc get at him.

      • Hakeem

        its the death of REAL MC’s….

      • PREMERE

        Real shit my dude, yo peep some cat on this thred calling kendrick “the god mc” i could not stop laughing..

      • Hakeem

        He just the trendy dude to listen to…..
        But Im used to Beanie Sigel, Kiss, Nas… These dudes.. and dudes like that werent trendy.. But nobody didnt cross them lyrically….

      • PREMERE

        Dope list and those are the type of spitters i like.

      • EVOLONE

        I am not sure what you mean when you say nobody cross them lyrically, because somebody went at everybody you mentioned?

      • Anthony Mason

        Lmao!!!! Fab might have hurt him….

      • PREMERE

        Fab would have destroyed Kendra Lamarc…..

    • Isa Ibn Maryam

      He did on the track The Get Back on Soul Tape 3.

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  • god free

    we all know who lucy is

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    THE GOD MC KENDRICK……*THESE WALLS his best visual art thus far….


      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you said “THE GOD MC KENDRICK” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I Don’t see what’s so good about Kendrick Lamar!

    (pops in Illmatic)


    • Hakeem

      I dont see it either….
      They making this dude out to be some rap god…..
      He is a nappy headed back packer…..
      you not getting a upvote though…..

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        He has 2 songs I like from his first album so he’s 2/32 in my opinion. Shaq free throws!

      • Hakeem

        its all off of Dr Dre hype…..

      • The Real Sweet Dick Willy

        2-32??? Are you serious how much does a dollar cost? Is one of the hottest and I’m sure that’s not on your list do you fools listen to music or do you just skim thru out? Jay Z voice! Not to mention mortal man

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Fu(k outta here boy

      • The Real Sweet Dick Willy

        Exactly you a dumb nigga

      • Anthony Mason




  • Anybody else pause this video like 50 times trying to read all the little messages? Just me? Ok.

    • Vexed Vader

      Naw. What they say tho?

  • Celz

    Dude is finna make history at the Grammys.. Lmao at all these salty ass haters. Kendrick is killin the game off right now..

  • a jazzy souled DMX –
    something different from the rap game, i guess subliminal positivity is better than nothing at all

  • Darnell Johnson

    Y’all just don’t understand the subliminal message. Y’all some fetty wap, future, young thug ass niggas

    • The Real Sweet Dick Willy

      Not being disrespectful or anything but would you be kind to explain the message?

  • Cdot Chizzle

    this is too weird