Lira Galore Clowns Rick Ross' Alleged Side Chick On Twitter

Photo via Lira Galore’s Instagram

Allegedly Rick Ross and Lira Galore have been taking a few breaks and the couple has been on and off. Supposedly Rozay hasn’t been with Lira in a month and he has been dating a girl named Jas who is supposedly a friend of Lira’s. Lira and her friend @BeanieMinaj jumped on Twitter to clown the girl for being a “side h*e” and for living in a dorm. Lira and Beanie went in on blogger Reezy Love from The Rarolae Blog for revealing that Rick is allegedly messing with Jas. Beanie said if this is the case, then Rozay needs to buy the girl a condo because living in a dorm isn’t cutting it. Reezy clapped back saying,

“If Lira don’t focus on keeping her man who keeps taking off his ring and chilling with home girl from Morgan.”

Who knows what’s really going on between Lira and Ross.



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24 Responses to “Lira Galore Clowns Rick Ross' Alleged Side Chick On Twitter”

  1. LoverOfHipHop

    Is she living in a dorm because she is in… Clowning ppl for not living in a condo while they are working on a degree? ::yawn::

  2. John jonesbone

    This bitch lira is a dumbass. Its called workin on a degree thats y they got dorms unlike her stupid ass strippin. SMH

  3. Markus

    Strippers should never be allowed to use the words side chick. That’s about as silly as that moron W.E.B. DuBois making a sentence that didn’t sound like Fat Albert’s friend MushMouth talking.

    • STEPH

      That man hurt your feelings huh? LMAO! Enjoy your New Year homie, and never let them see ya sweat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Maaarrrrrrrrkussssss

      • Markus

        You do the same Gary. Or Laqueesha. Or W.E.B or wherever your schizophrenia takes you next.

      • Markus

        It most definitely will be. Besides even you would agree than an illiterate bastard who probably was home schooled and says nothing but gibberish is a straight up sexually frustrated,socially inept intellectually challenged moron,right?

      • Gilligrt

        Hey. I think you are a pretty cool guy!! I like your posts!!! Keep up the hard work!

      • Gilligrt

        Bro I hear ya. Haha classic line. Steph is web dubois girl probably.

      • Markus

        Even worse,bro. They’re the same person. Gary likes using multiple accounts but I figured him a while ago. STEPH and DuBois are the same dumbass dude. Don’t be fooled.

  4. ZUBU

    Faux Ross is sounding silly on social media discussing his business….
    The Lira hoe sound silly trying to clown another chick who probably is pursuing her education..
    The Jas chick is possibly a smart gold-digger; she is working on her education, then she saw her home-girl slipping and she is now taking advantage of an opportunity… ie… a fat-trick…. I ain’t mad at her. Get your money Ma……..

  5. Communist Russia.

    If she kept her mouth shut she could be pimping that nigga Ross for alimony right now. She busy being a twitter star.

  6. ebonyhud

    If its not cool, then leave. Why complain and talk about her? Sounds like she still wants to ride the bus……… so deal with the passengers.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its also not cool messing with a guy who has side chicks … smh @ the angles these naive females come up with to stay with a man that aint doing them right … and we wonder why most woman in the world are doing the same … both of them look stupid @ the end of the day

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