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Robber Has A Message For Big Sean!

Photo via Big Sean’s Instagram

Big Sean has a message for the people who robbed his home while he was in Dubai, it seems like he isn’t affected, 2015 was a great year, and he’s ready for 2016. Big Sean posted a message that said,

“To whom it may concern 2015 was the best year of my life. We counted a lot more wins than losses… and to me that’s worth more than damn near anything. BTW you took the wrong hard drive.”

Because we live in a time where people will rob you and post it on social media, someone claiming to be one of the people who robbed Big Sean posted a response saying,

“Sorry for what I did to homie #BigSean….I know you counted more wins then losses but a…u took uh lost the other day.. #FindYoStash #FuckUhHarddrive #EatingGood.”

It’s crazy out here with crime and people’s mindsets. At least Big Sean still has that music!



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  • Hakeem

    Niggas refuse to get jobs i see…..
    I guess its easier to steal than to get out and get your own….
    He will be broke in a couple of weeks after he buys a couple pairs of jordans and beats headphones and the club frontin like he got money…..

    • therealest1

      That’s hustling backwards indeed my man. You’re right, people are that stupid with their money or come ups.

    • meanygreene

      Maybe he will start a record label, I got yo’ sh!t Entertainment?

  • Ronlg1

    So at what point do the alphabet boys trace this dummy’s posts to find their information and make the arrest?

    • STEPH

      Soon….They better enjoy tonight because they won’t be around for the next one…smdh.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Dumbass posting that shit on IG like it can’t be traced right back to his ip address. Thinks having a different screen name is enough to protect him. He’s prolly just a troll.

  • Zodiak Killa

    Check out Zodiak Killa-My One Shot (contest) BARS!! I guarantee you.

  • Markus

    Doubtful someone would be this dumb to incriminate himself on social media. But then again we have grown ass adult men up here calling themselves W.E.B.DuBois marinating in his juices setting us back decades by completely typing comments the way Kenny from South Park talks. So I could be wrong.

    • Dubz

      Don’t doubt it bruh…it happens everyday.

    • RapItUp


  • hope his dumb ass gets knocked even if it isn’t really him lol. why would you put that put there?

  • Jmo-Texas

    Criminals are extra stupid nowadays!

  • therealest1

    Before this below retarded guy goes online boasting and flossing about shit he supposedly stole, he needs to work on his grammar with his beyond remedial ass. Then is than, lost is loss, and too is to.

    Only online where idiots have a forum to stupidly incriminate themselves just to get worthless internet fame.

  • Sean Power

    we live in new age of the super dumb criminal, how dumb can you be to risk jail just get some like on IG


    If you gon ROB a nigga, why would you put it on Social Media?? Nobody aint gon make a Movie about your Life Nigga!!! What type of Fame are you gonna Really get? Niggas used to do Crime for the $$$$, nowadays niggas doin it for the Publicity and likes.

  • Leonard Tarver

    How long is your lick going to last if you have no steady income? Dumb People!!!

    • Da Ledgendary


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  • thegoldenchild

    Niggaz are full retard. so u rob big sean, and apologize for doing it lmaoooooooo!! These new niggaz are trash can juice. Where they making these niggaz at?