Chris Brown "Wrist" video shoot screen grab

Chris Brown Accused Of Striking Woman At Party

The year has already started with drama as Chris Brown stands accused of punching a woman, according to a recent report.

The alleged incident happened Saturday in the city of Las Vegas at the Palms hotel. The accuser says she was at a private party in Brown’s suite, according to TMZ. She managed to sneak her cellphone, getting around a security measure prohibiting them. She took a picture of Brown and he allegedly became enraged.

Brown yelled at her and then punched her in her right eye, according to the woman.

She was not taken to the hospital, but did call the cops a few hours after the alleged incident occurred.

  • LA native

    Doubt it. Some bitch accused him of hitting her in a club before and took a selfie with crutches. Club owner said he was no where near her. Seems like if you make one mistake with one bitch, these hoes and hoe niggas wanna hound u forever

    • You = No Degree Apartment Bum

      Exactly. Crab in the barrel ass niggas and white boys don’t like seeing a rich black man.

      • Dark Skin Booty Fingers


      • Dewd Tewwawism; Teh Muzzlums

        I like how these faggots call him a “woman beater” after only doing it one time. People make mistakes and move on. Cops murdering people is a bigger problem. Hell, whites starting wars with muslims is a bigger problem.

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  • kane pacino

    bobby beige shit . .

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  • Mrs. Davis804

    His tweet must have gotten under someone’s skin.

  • Doubt this one. But if it’s true, his career is toast.

  • Anthony Mason

    Once you hit one woman you are a b**** for life. Your man card is forever revoked…

    Think about it. If you like man booty and you do the act…that makes you gay …..

    There is no amount of manipulation of the truth that can change your actual deep down intentions or intrests….

    Real men don’t hit women period because it is wrong on so many levels. People who prey on the weak and the vulnerable will be destroyed by natural selection….

    • Chris

      nah ur just a sensitive vag. yall don’t get mad when women hit men

      • RazaBladeKing

        “Yall don’t get mad when women hit men.” Tha f***? My n****, men and women aren’t supposed to behave the same. We don’t get mad when women wear skirts or pee sittin down either, but that doesn’t make it okay for men to do it. We got a few names for men that want to act like women, but the term that fits them best is b!tch n!ggas. If you thought it made sense to attack someone for criticizin a woman-beater, you need to go find your father. Fast.

      • Anthony Mason

        @Chris if im a sensitive vag you could taste the gun butt of my .357 mag/ I get mad when people are attacked but you can act like a b**** until that moment you actually get stabbed…/ Cot damn you sound like a fag/ OR a thot who might f*** around and marry Rick Ross…./B**** nigga who has never been though real s*** I’ll send you a cab….

        “Do what thou wilt” / In prison your soft a** would get killed hoe…./ I’m Ill on the rhyme tip / Never meant to shock you but you are Meeker than Mill…/ When released with rage I will kill and eliminate you/ Even if you were to delete this entire page…I will still incinerate you…/ B**** jump off the dildo / 3 shots I promise you will squeal like a little pig you funny weirdo… / Goofy nigga you must NOT be for real bruh….

        Examine that rhyme and figure out how many entendres just sent you to the ocean floor with concrete shoes on…

      • josh

        Calm down tough guy

      • Anthony Mason

        I am calm. You sound like a soft sucker talking s*** on the Internet you clown….

        Rebuttal me then. I bet you listen to rap all day but you can’t write bars…go figure…

      • RapItUp

        Lmaooooo #got’em!!

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh so now it’s josh…not chris…..

      • Papi Peligro

        NO fair mr Mason you still ain’t got back to the other one.

        www. youtube .com /watch ?v=ZIpIXG8uKFQ

      • Mr Mason has Bars, this is gonna turn into a lyrical war now, 😁😁😁.

        My bars flow like Kim k’s menstrual cycle/ yeah I mean they flow for days for non intelligent N&&&&S/ Some of these N@@@@S confuse me like a classic one article/Their ish make no sense and they never listen to feedback/The feedback is to read back before you post and a wise brudda see dat/

        Brb, LOL 😁😁😁😁😁

      • Anthony Mason

        When you mention classic one/s*** makes me want to smack someone…


        Kim Kardashian should have her tubes tied but she is somehow still attractive to some of you guys/ I’m ruder than that Jude guy/ Now go help classic one….he needs his shoes tied….

      • LOL ha ha ha ha 😁😁😁😂😂😂

      • Shock

        You a bitch ass nigga

    • Leonard Tarver

      Mike Tyson hit a woman. I bet you wont call him no b**** to his face😂😂😭😂💦

      • Anthony Mason

        He has issues….

      • Anthony Mason

        I would not try to hit mike. He is a cool guy who has been through everything. I would rather soak up game from him….

        He is a well intentioned yet misguided man deep down in my opinion…

    • LOL…..I don’t advocate for violence against women, but let’s be realistic. Every scenario where that may occur is different. I mean if your cool with getting your eyes scratched out and no phone in reach or quick escape route then more power to ya

      • Anthony Mason

        Or just never deal with those types. Most decent women will not hurt a fly unless their life is in danger and even if they do come at you there are ways to subdue them without beating them…..

        I’m 235 lbs and 6 foot. If I could not handle a 135-140 lb female without resorting to punching her well then….

    • big brain

      Some women think when a man hits them, that’s love. That’s why he still has fans. Some women like bringing out that emotion in men, it’s twisted but young generation don’t know no better. Just sex, drugs and ratchet music lol.

      • Anthony Mason

        I know because I dated a chick a while back who was abused by her ex and was adopted as a baby on top of that so she had mommy issues and we are no longer together now because she was totally crazy as a result….

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  • Markus

    To be continued. If she indeed reported an assault to police then they should be in the process of arresting him. So before passing judgement here, it’s wait and see right now.

  • Product of Da Reagan Era

    Some of these hoes need smacking, they think they can do whatever with no consequences. Just make sure you smack them because they violating and not because they females.

  • Larry

    I dont believe it she just trying to get some cash. What evidence

  • Dominoatchu

    I ain’t trying to come off insensitive or anything but we done saw what his punches done to Rihanna, so I don’t believe he punched her, let alone in her eye…either way sh*t is crazy!!!

  • JerZeBoy

    I hope its not true for him

  • Smh, why even sneak the phone in risking the chances of being booted out


    The bitch was in his room? Basically trying to get shit she could post on here so we could look at….And things went terribly wrong….Hopefully Chris rounded up the rest of the party goers, and they said the hoe was lying….#CByoudontneedthisrememberRiRi

  • big brain

    He was going to flip sooner or later and it’s always with women. I want to see him throw down with a dude. He really hates women( in a pimp way)deep down and he’s a r&b singer, that’s weird.