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Marcus Jordan Isn't Impressed With Kanye's "FACTS" Lyrics

Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few days, you’re aware of Kanye West’s new track “Facts.” The rap star dropped the song on New Years Eve via Soundcloud, and Ye’ started his single by dissing both Nike and the Jumpan brand (and then continues to diss the company all throughout).

“Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”

“Haven’t dropped an album, but my shoe sales went platinum”

“If Nike Ain’t Have Drizzy man, they would have nothing”

While several fans are impressed about Ye’s raps, some people aren’t. This includes Marcus Jordan, the son of basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Jumpman’s son responds to the moment on Twitter:

Looks like Yeezy has to come harder if he wants to impress Marcus. The “Facts” track follows Ye’s first year releasing shoes under rival shoe company, Adidas. West released two lines of “Yeezy Season” clothing as well as his popular Yeezy boosts the past year.

  • THISIS50


  • therealest1

    Corny ass Kanye West is just dick riding shitty Adidas because they gave him a shitty line. West is an ass clown talking about his shitty shoe sales went platinum. uh, the last time I checked, Nike/Jordan Brand has multiple platinum shoe sales annually especially with their retro Jordan releases due to demand and nostalgia.

    West is a coon for stating Nike was nothing without that emo half Kike, Drake. Since when was that half Kike relevant enough to dictate Nike sales? The last time I checked, Nike was an athletic company that sponsored relevant athletes for decades now. They’re only jumping on the marketing bandwagon recently by letting that corny half Kike release shit under the Jordan umbrella since he’s popular although it doesn’t mean he’s skilled like his predecessors.

    • tony battie

      so you n!ggers are still jealous of jews, good to see

      reminder: that half kike isn’t the reason your dad left nor is he the reason your entire family is on welfare

      • therealest1

        OK you unoriginal loser who took the name of an irrelevant NBA player.

  • Markus

    West being such a beacon of truth should try practicing telling the truth. If he believes that between him and James Harden that they’ll overtake Nike and Jordan in shoe sales,he’s delusional af. He makes lousy footwear and his music reflects his taste in fashion. Clearly dude doesn’t have the answers to winning this battle. Get Sway on the phone,Yeezy.

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    two chumps sticking up for their corporate masters….double L

  • big brain

    I know black males die everyday to gun violence, with Jordan’s on their feet. And MJ says nothing to stop it, does he work for the Devil?lol

  • DR.WHO?

    Shoe disses

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