Is Scott Storch Back On Drugs? Owes A Milli?

Scott Storch.

I don’t know dude. I think that he’s a pretty good dude with a cocky disposition, based on what I have seen. However, that disposition may have gotten him in a space where he is unable to flourish in the modern era. The word on the street is that dude is now back on drugs. Remember, Scott Storch was down with The Roots and later Dr. Dre. He was the man! He even bagged Lil Kim for a minutes join life.

Here is the talk of the day.

It seems like Storch is back on drugs and being sued by two men that say they gave him a million bucks to get his career back on track. Here is what the Hollywood Reporter says:

According to a new lawsuit filed in Florida federal court, there were still some individuals willing to help him out because of his talents.

Brad Cohen and Seth Cohen, who are wealthy through insurance and real estate holdings, say that upon the June bankruptcy, they saw that Storch “was once again ready to prove himself as a worthy record producer and use his deep connections in the music industry to make money for the three of them” so they allegedly entered into a deal with him and put up more than $1 million to fund his comeback.

Plus, states the lawsuit, Storch was provided with a weekly salary, a Rolls-Royce Ghost and a rental house in Parkland, Florida.

The lawsuit claims that Storch is backing away from the relationship and that the music producer “is back to his old ways and is not someone to trust with any monies.”

“In fact, B. Cohen and S. Cohen had an agreement with Storch that B. Cohen and S. Cohen would take the Rolls-Royce Ghost away from Storch if he failed a drug test or it was otherwise discovered by B. Cohen and/or S. Cohen that Storch was using drugs,” states the complaint. “In mid-December 2015, B. Cohen and S. Cohen discovered that Storch was again using drugs and demanded return of the vehicle. The vehicle is in S. Cohen name and S. Cohen did not want it to become an insurance liability. Upon information and belief, the demand that Storch return the vehicle partially led to B. Cohen and S. Cohen falling out of grace with Storch.”

The parties appear to be in dispute over the validity of an operating agreement.

For the record, Storch and his lawyer say the whole thing is bogus. Read it at THR.

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22 Responses to “Is Scott Storch Back On Drugs? Owes A Milli?”

  1. Markus

    This is a clear cut case of a couple of novices getting played who should’ve known better. Storch’s better days are in his rear view and these dudes got talked into something before doing their research. Lesson learned.

  2. STEPH

    They’re enablers……I know they believed in his talents and all, but the amount of “blow” he used to get fucked up with, and anything music is not good. Put him back in his old life again…Dude’s finished. He’s worse than Tony Montana

  3. Anthony Mason

    He does not need all that money to make new beats and get them distributed to artists. These guys got burned because they are idiots…

    I had a friend die from an overdose because he inherited a ton of money from a dead family member and he did nothing but do drugs all day for almost 10 years….

  4. Black Jay Supreme

    First off, these cats thought they were pimping someone and got their asses pimped. Plain and simple. What the f*ck does Scott need these dudes for? Scott is the one with the connections and the talent. These idiots only supplied money. I’d take it too.

    That being said, Scott still has heat. He could easily get back on track if he wanted to. But you gotta let a hoe be a hoe. If he doesn’t recognize his God given talent is more valuable than that White, let him perish. Like my grandmother always said, stubborn idiots fall on their asses a lot. He won’t learn by having some people come to him and plead. Let him get to the lowest of low. Only then will he want to clean up. Either that or he’ll perish.

  5. Mr. Mike

    they said this dude blew through $30 MILLION, mostly on drugs. Now i’ve done alot of cocaine in my time but 30 MILLION DOLLARS? of course he had other expenses but daaaaaaaaamn

  6. Winner15

    I don’t get these guys giving him $1 million when he obviously has the connections with all the super star artists and still selling them beats? He produced the “Sorry by Rick Ross ft. Chris Brown” song on the the Black Market Cd so Rick Ross must of paid for the beat? Doesn’t make sense when some people are trying to make money off of a Coke head and get punked themselves. lol

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