Will Smith Shares His Reaction To Finding Out His Character's Fate In 'Independence Day' Sequel

(AllHipHop News) Will Smith is currently generating award buzz for his performance in the film Concussion, but the seasoned actor recently took time to reflect on one of the biggest characters of his career. Back in 1996, Smith starred as Captain Steven Hiller in the blockbuster Independence Day. Unfortunately, the movie’s sequel will not feature Hiller returning.

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In an interview with Yahoo, Smith spoke about finding out Hiller was killed off in Independence Day: Resurgence. The 47-year-old rapper formerly known as The Fresh Prince revealed it will be hard for him to watch the upcoming summer release.

“I was working on Suicide Squad during that time,” said Smith about the filming of ID4 2. “[Independence Day director] Roland [Emmerich] and I had talked about it. The trailer looks really cool. I’m going to be sitting around with tears in my eyes when that one comes out… It was terrible when I found out my character died.”

For more information about what happened over the last 20 years in the Independence Day movie universe visit www.warof1996.comIndependence Day: Resurgence is scheduled for release on June 24, 2016. Concussion is currently in theaters.

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Watch the trailer for  Independence Day: Resurgence below.

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  • RapItUp

    WAIIT!!! DON’T READ ABOVE! SPOILER!! SPOILER!!! oo nevermind, you’re already down here. too late. Thanks Yohance, for nothing. Idiot.

    • Yohance

      First, it’s been public knowledge for months that Smith’s character was killed off in the sequel. There’s an entire website set up by the studio explaining what happened to the character. Not to mention Smith announced years ago he wasn’t doing part 2, and he’s nowhere in the trailer. So what are you shocked by?
      Second, if you saw the HEADLINE says “Reaction To Finding Out His Character’s Fate” and you still read the article, then you can’t be mad at finding out a “spoiler” (which was already known) if you still read the article.

      • RapItUp

        Public knowledge is knowing who’s gunning for presidential candidates. Or gun laws in TX changed. You still could’ve taken the time out to put **SPOILER ALERT** as do other less-reckless journalists when posting things about movies that haven’t even came out. (and some that have!)

        Secondly, yea, we know Smith wasn’t in the movie, but what’s that got to do w/ knowing his fate before the movie drops? His character could’ve still survived, who the hell knows! Oo wait, we all do now! Thanks to you!

        Thirdly, the HEADLINE says “Reaction To Finding Out His Character’s Fate”.. not, “Reaction To Finding Out His Character Died”. It wasn’t clear as day until I read your spoiler. Please don’t try to make excuses for your piss-poor journalism Yohance. You, ClassicOne, Houston Williams are all ingrates and frankly, your response doesn’t put a +1 in your favor.

        Happy new year.

      • Anthony Mason

        Tell em….

        Now I’m not going to even watch the s*** for certain…

      • RapItUp

        lol I touched a nerve w/ shorty and she is seriously trying to justify her nonsense..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah right with or without will smith that trailer looks dope

      • Anthony Mason

        I’ll watch it later after work….

      • Yohance

        First, I could care less about a +1, an up vote & any other validation from a faceless blogger. I don’t comment on websites for the approval of strangers. Unlike others.

        Second, why would you click on an article tilted “Will Smith Shares His Reaction To Finding Out His Character’s Fate” if you didn’t want to know what happens to the character? If you couldn’t comprehend that “reaction to finding out his character’s fate” in itself implies that there will be information about the “character’s fate”, then blame your 4th grade reading comprehension teacher not me.

      • RapItUp

        Looks like you’re commenting on websites now.. also, a faceless entity.. except, you appear bitter and scorned. Don’t take it out on me, I’m just the reader. The CUSTOMER, subscribing to your product. And I’m telling you, it’s bad. It stinks, it’s dated. It has holes in it. Don’t just take my word for it, click through a couple articles and look at the feedback. Don’t act like you’re Barbara Walters, Yohance. Seriously.

        And I just explained why I would click on the article titled “name of article here”. I wanted to see Will’s reaction.. oo, reaction you say? 4th grade reading comprehension? Let’s cover that.. a reaction can be anything from excited, sad, confused… you, Yohance, you moron, you gave up the fate, not just the reaction. You didn’t mention the impeding SPOILER ahead for your readers, so don’t get mad at me, and while you’re at it, take this opportunity to tighten up on YOUR 4th grade reading comprehension. Bitter bird. haha

      • Yohance

        I use my real name with my real social media handle in the byline. Anyone can find out who I am and what I look like. I’m not hiding behind an alias.

        And I’m not bitter at all. It’s actually funny to me that you seem to be the ONLY person confused and upset about the article. So let me explain it to you. The word “reaction” is not the spoiler alert in the title. “His character’s fate” is the spoiler alert in the title. Do you know what the word “fate” means? If you do, then you will understand that the headline implies Smith will speak about what happened to his character. Did you think he was going talk about his character’s “fate” without talking about what happened to the character? If you do, then again blame your educational system.

        And for the record, we don’t have customers. We have readers. You didn’t pay to read a single thing on this site. You have a blessed year though.

      • RapItUp

        Lol I’d strongly suggest you pick up your Journalism for Dummies book instead of going back and forth w/ me about my education (which has to rival, if not trump yours) but.. if you want me to respond to your poorly assembled points, sure.. be my guest.

        You’re mad bitter, because your PLACE in this forum is writing the article. A response here or there, fine.. you going back and forth with me implies heavily that you aren’t confident w/ your material. Like I said, look back in multiple pages on this site and look in the comment board. As for me being the only one confused, that’s because the other readers are probably busy looking at other site, having given up hope in AHH due to the Grade A ‘journalists’ as yourself..

        I call myself a customer to this site, because I do spend something to read on this site. I spend my very valuable TIME. And I feel that is often wasted by the remedial, grammatically nuked, half-assed ‘editorials/articles’ that often make their way here. Then you know, to top it off.. I get bitter feedback from the person writing. It’s quite flattering, really.. Word to my 4th grade teacher. Stick to your day job sweetie, get out the comments..

      • Yohance

        I can comment as much as I want. I actually get PAID to post online. And since you moved on from your original point proves your realized your original comment didn’t make sense.

        And sorry, but the positive responses I get from the artists, managers, publicists, label reps, and other journalists I deal with on a daily basis trump a faceless commenter. And the fact AHH is STILL one of the most read/most cited Hip Hop websites is evidence we’re doing fine. Thanks for the concern though.

        For the record, this is my day job. Maybe you should get back to yours.

      • RapItUp

        the fact AHH is still one of most read/cited hip hop websites is from your faceless commenters, like me, who have been coming to this site before you had effectively learned how to change your tampon. Firstly..

        Second, there’s no need to bring up my first point, you and I both know what it is.. And why don’t you put a poll up, since Smith’s character’s fate in the movie is such widespread knowledge, find out how many of your readers KNEW he died in the upcoming film. I didn’t. FATE often has connotations of misfortune, sure.. he could’ve been dismembered in flight.. could’ve lost his family to alien abduction. Him DYING wasn’t a guarantee until bum ass Yohance had to SPOIL it.. my point stands. I didn’t forget anything.

        I was being sarcastic about the day job, but as a D level ‘journalist’ (stings to even type your name and journalist in the same sentence) I wouldn’t expect you to interpret that sentiment. Now, buzz off lady and get to ‘typing another crap story for me to read when I’m on lunch break, stuck in traffic, or on the toilet, producing similar output to your articles on this site.

      • Yohance

        First I’m not a lady. And you don’t even know how old I am. Lol. And for someone to have been reading AHH as long as you claim means you must like the product. Otherwise why keep coming back? But I get it, you’re saying anything at this point for your ego.

        Smith didn’t die in the film. He’s not even in the movie. It was announced months ago his character died before the new story of ID42 even starts. If YOU didn’t know that I’m sorry, but it was well established. Google it and see how many other websites reported it, since you have a probably with AHH.

        Again, a “d-level” journalist doesn’t get interview requests daily. But you go ahead with the baseless name calling. I’m going to go prep for this upcoming interview I have with a rap legend. Good day.

      • RapItUp

        oo, I’m sorry.. I sincerely thought you were a lady.. nevermind that you’re ultra catty like one, I was just going off the name, which looks kinda girly.. my oops.

        As for the product and my returning.. come on, you can play stupid all you want.. the site then, isn’t what it is today. that’s why you have DAILY comments about the straight basura you all post here. We have hope for better, we voice our opinion. Instead of constructively trying to get to the root of the problem (ClassicOne is fxcking HORRIBLE, please wipe his/her hard drive!) you all either ignore it entirely.. or.. take the time to defend this shxt in the comments.. lol. I’d be mad too though, if somebody talked down on my daily work. But it’s to be expected when posting articles on one of the ‘most read/cited hip hop sites online’.. you signed up for this! first time?

        I am so glad you’re gonna finally exit the comments, leave the faceless, baseless name calling to your audience. If it’s one of my rap legends, hopefully they don’t laugh in your face as your voice breaks when your balls decide to drop.

      • Yohance

        I can’t speak for any other writers, but if you’re going to attack my livelihood then I’m going to defend myself.

        Like I said to another commenter, attacking someone’s character is not constructive. If you have an issue with my daily work on this site, be specific about what the issue is. Because you keep saying I’m a bad journalist but have not pointed to any specific things that backup that criticism. Don’t tell my about anyone else, you called me out by name, so back up what you said about me. But I would only expect you to if it’s constructive criticism like you claim, and not just blind hate.

        And don’t worry I’ve interviewed enough legends during my career that I have no worries about talking to anyone in this business.

      • RazaBladeKing

        I’ll just say, I think its kinda dope that an internet writer has tha b*lls to face their critics instead of postin anonymously and hidin. The world needs more accountability. And I think your point stands; if the article’s title says “Willie reacts to his character’s fate”, it’s pretty much a given that the fate itself will be discussed in order to give context to the reaction, so expectin anything less is pretty dumb. I’ll also say you’re probably one of the better writers this site’s got (…), and tha criticism is more deserved elsewhere. Take Houston Williams. I’m not even sure he/she can read, but I’m 100% sure he/she can’t write. Don’t fire em though, cuz his “articles” are hilarious. And as someone that’s been comin here since the early 2000s, this site’s credibility was always suspect, even back in the Illseed days. But in the end, nothin said in the comments section is gonna force change in the machine.

      • Anthony Mason

        I have to give him credit for saying something….

      • RapItUp

        I’ve detailed several times what my gripes were with this article, as I do with every article I comment on and might provide criticism towards. Because you were so blindsided by the lack of enthusiasm towards your work, perhaps you missed my point. The other readers got it, though.. You might want to go back and read the comments you were in such a hurry to respond to, you did more writing back to me than you did in the article. hahahaha!!

        There’s no blind hate coming from me. I love this site, I love the people on the boards, familiar, FACELESS folks who provide gritty, real feedback not only to the sub-par journalism on this site, but to each other when we fumble up as well.. Why shouldn’t I tell you about the other ‘journalists’, those other bums don’t hustle to respond to us, so since you’re stepping up.. when in Rome!

      • Yohance

        The only thing you’ve said about THIS article was that you wanted a spoiler alert. I’ve explained to you several times why there was no spoiler alert. It has been well established that Smith’s character is dead. Again, Google “Will Smith Independence Day sequel”. You’ll see NUMEROUS websites have reported it before AHH. It’s even in their headlines. Are they all bad journalists too?

        But to call me a “bad journalist” implies all of my work is bad. If you feel really feel that way explain why. I often read the comments (not always), and I can honestly say I don’t usually see people complaining about my work. So again if you’re going to criticize me as a “bad journalist” because you want to see improvement, then back that criticism up with facts.

      • Anthony Mason

        If he gets fired over this maybe he will humble himself a bit…. I thought you were providing good constructive criticism then he spazzed on you…..

        I say crazy stuff on here but if I was a writer I would not comment back to criticism….

      • RapItUp

        lol he said he proved me wrong.. I am still waiting on that response. I didn’t know if I was buggin or not, I felt my angle was justified when I read the article and decided to comment. and who are we kidding? AHH ain’t firing nobody, if that bumbling IDIOT classicone can keep a job, I’m sure staff ain’t trippin!

      • therealjjohnson

        You care more about the comments from the people you write about more then the people you’re writing for? Hmmm…that explains a lot.

      • Yohance

        Yes, I do when I’m comparing the opinions of well established people in the industry versus a single commenter that’s simply attacking my character because I proved him wrong in a comment section. I’m all for constructive criticism, but when all you have to say is you’re an “idiot” and a “bad journalist” based off of nothing, no I don’t care what you have to say.

      • Anthony Mason

        You are doing too much. You are looking really snobby to these cats right now. These are just average dudes commenting….

        Someone in your life must be enabling you to think like a b****. Homie even assumed you were a female because of your responses and then you got mad on top of that…

        I’m sitting here watching this train wreck with popcorn like damn….lol!

      • Yohance

        Exactly average dudes commenting about my profession like they know what they’re talking about. And at no point did I get mad. Like I said before this is actually funny to me. I find it funny you guys comment on this site everyday saying whatever you want. Many times saying stuff that’s just blatantly not true about the artists or this site. And I hardly ever comment on any of it. But as soon as I respond to something that was said specifically about me, I’m acting like a b*tch. Lol. This is a pastime for me at this point.

      • Anthony Mason

        The way you came at him was so feminine you had him calling you a shawty my dude….

        When I say some ignorant stuff I don’t have niggas calling me a damn girl….LMFAO!!!!!

        That s*** was uncomfortable but funny. I already knew you are a dude though…!….

      • Yohance

        Stop it. You know he said he thought I was a women based on my name, not my comments. And nothing I said on here was ignorant. I countered every point without having to resort to name calling or making baseless claims. That’s ignorant.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok you learned nothing and we are all ignorant f***s. You win…..

      • therealjjohnson

        Just to chime in, I did know Will wasn’t in the movie. I didn’t know he was killed off. Didn’t know there was a website that was set up to talk about it. I wouldn’t quite say that it was common knowledge. Also, someone’s reaction to news and the news itself are two totally different things. One could have wrote about his reaction without stating he was killed off in the movie. Would probably drum up more suspense. ‘Well what happened to him?!?” Type of thing. I can’t say how it was presented was wrong, but it kinda sounds like you think it was the only way.

        Anyway…I’m enjoying the exchange with you and your reader/customer. Carry on.

      • Anthony Mason

        RapItUp is on here daily so he is hardly random and he is saying some real stuff you might want to grasp onto before it is too late…

        This is your career no? You could be mouthing off to someone who either works for this site or someone who will stop coming here because of this type of attitude…

        I’m not him and I only have one profile but that is hardly the best way to handle these guys…. I would have approached it much differently….

      • Yohance

        Be clear he called me out first. His very first post called me an “idiot”. Lol. I have not called him out his name once during this exchange. If me responding to his original post about me forces him to stop reading this site, then I’m sorry but I have just as much right to comment as he does. Especially if he’s attacking my work.

      • Anthony Mason

        As honest you are being and not cussing at people they are viewing it all differently…..

        Nobody likes to be told they suck but the most successful people of all time have almost all…. if not all… been told that same thing….

        Hey you shot the messenger and now he is scratching his head trying to figure it out. Just prove he is wrong with your next few articles….Easy…

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  • Larry Sandwiches

    First Cosby, now they kill Will….DAMN


    • Anthony Mason

      He has died in his movies before ie “I am legend”

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Yeah, i was f–kin around

      • Anthony Mason


  • The Legendary Troll

    Oh will shut it. You turned fown ID4 for suicide squad? seriously?

  • Anthony Mason


    You are treating these readers like hateful idiots and losers when really you should just listen…

    You made good points….they made good points. Ok that is established….

    At the end of the day you are the writer and some of this content makes patrons want to get at you because they feel you are half a**ing it….

    You could insult them until you get blue in the face but constructive criticism is the best criticism. It means it is honest. I don’t know who has been kissing your a** telling you these articles are good but they arent….

    I am not personally worried about your education level but it is confusing to some of these dudes who keep bringing it up to you. If you get paid to blog can’t you do better than this???

    • Yohance

      Constructive criticism includes specific points that provide context to improve. I have not seen that. And you’re saying better than this? What’s better? How is it “bad”? Anyone can be a “critic”, but do you even know what makes a “good” article?

      I actually went to school for journalism. The details of an approiate, thorough article are the: who, what, when, where & why of the subject matter. Please show me where those details are not present in this article since it is “bad” in your opinion.

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok I understand you went to school for journalism but is this really your forte bruh?….

        You are looking at his comment from an academic standpoint and ignoring the intangibles. If the readers are getting upset by how the content is presented and it doesn’t have that “it” factor, people will just keep ranting about how you suck….

        I have heard too many people complain to believe @RapItUp is picking on you like a bully….. He is saying what everyone else is thinking and had the balls to say it….

      • Yohance

        Again, no specifics. You nor RapItUp have yet to explain why my articles “suck.” And I never said anyone is picking on me. All I’ve asked is if I’m doing such a bad job, explain why. That has yet happen.

      • Anthony Mason

        People are already pissed to hear his character got killed off before even watching it…

        You also referred to him as a rapper. He is a rapper/actor and yes we all knew he would not be in it. I think that was revealed half a year ago or more….

        Creating click bait is hardly journalism…..

        People 30 years old plus have a lot of nostaglia about that movie. They didn’t want to know he died in it and they really don’t care about the movie now because if he is not in it
        the movie will flop and now you just made thousands more people not want to watch it…..

        You made their favorite childhood movie sound like total s*** and how is this helping the movie or Will Smith??? You did all that for some advertisement clicks?

      • Yohance

        Again for like 5th time, it has been well established that Smith’s character is dead. The movie studio made it clear his character was dead. Google it, you’ll see plenty of other sites reported that before AHH. If you’re upset because you feel like one of your favorite characters was killed off, then be pissed at the studio, the director, or Smith. Not me for reporting it.

        Also, the fact that he is in a movie makes it clear he’s an actor. I don’t have point that out. That’s called using context clues. It’s a basic reading skill. Even though I referred to him as a “seasoned actor” in the article.

      • Anthony Mason

        But you called him a “rapper”. Lol! He hasn’t been labeled that since MIB days….

        I was merely pointing it out. I understand context clues just like any other person who read it…

        I bet you think Jaden is that hot fire too. Lol!!!

      • Yohance

        He is a rapper. He just released a new song last month. And he’s currently working on a new album. So is he not a rapper?

      • Anthony Mason

        He has new music?

      • Yohance

        Yes. It’s on here. And he’s going on tour next year with Jazzy Jeff.

      • Yohance

        *this year

      • Anthony Mason

        OK cool……Hope he drops some heat and has some philly niggas on it. He needs Gillie and Cassidy on that too…

        He always has one nice single…..

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