YIKES! Travi$ Scott Gets Exposed!!!

Some random dude got on the internet and pissed at Travi$ Scott and exposed the merch of the rapper for what it is – a straight jack of some internet artwork! The tweet has gotten over 4,000 views and counting. Folks got jokes!

Travi$ Scott

I dunno, mayne.

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13 Responses to “YIKES! Travi$ Scott Gets Exposed!!!”

    • STEPH

      Just finished watching it…The shit was good. Wood Harris’s character is supposed to be loosely based on Russell Simmons…..Peep how he keep hitting the “blow” that was Russell’s thing that why they called that fool “Rush” back in the day.

      • RapItUp

        Lol ahh, makes perfect sense.. Haha dude was hitting it hard in VIP. My mom’s put me on game about Breaks, but I noticed it said original movie.. Is this a series or was that wrap?

      • Jared

        Nah it’s not even confirmed yet. They are waiting to see the numbers…looked it up

      • RapItUp

        Yea it did say VH1 original movie, my moms thought it was reoccurring. But the ending didn’t… End.. Lol but that sounds about right, gotta test the waters. Funny, the crap-rap portrayed (Hammer) back in those days crowding the airwaves, I felt a lot of similarities to today’s rap scene.. Show was based in 1990, but felt relevant!

      • Jared

        Especially with the radio nowadays lol…I’m pretty sure it’ll get picked up by VH1

      • RapItUp

        that would be a very good look. I don’t catch much TV.. but I’d DVR/tune in for this show

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