Jeezy Warns Men About Trying To Catch Him On Snap Chat!

There seems to always be that one friend or one fan that takes social media too far with documenting everything. Jeezy isn’t here for it. If you were ever thinking about catching Jeezy on your Snap Chat story, DON’T! Jeezy recently tweeted,

“Snap chat gone get somebody head knocked off! FYI no grown man should try to snap chat another grown man!! Where they do that @.”

Rumor has it Jeezy isn’t the biggest fan of social media or of cameras. It’s been said that he’s very protective of his image and often times, only his official photographers are allowed to be close enough to him to capture photos of him. Allegedly his security and camp don’t play about capturing images of him, and will make you delete them if they can. What are your thoughts? Should a grown man be Snap Chatting another grown man?


  • that dude

    Snap Chat is for chicks. I totally agree.

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      Yall niggas having issues with your own masculinity straight niggas aint trippin either way foh

      • that dude

        Not at all, I got a beautiful chick at home. I can imagine you tho Snap Chattin’ with Young Thug, Baby and the rest of you suspect niggas…..I’m just sayin’ tho.

      • Celz

        Its different now.. Sending snaps is the old version.. Only horny kids do that.. Most people post what they are up to for the workday or weekend. And send their friends inside jokes.. If a chick ot wants to get naked for me I’m telling her get on Skype anyway..

      • that dude

        I just stay away from all social media except for my business accounts. No personal use tho.

      • Celz

        That’s why Snapchat is blowing up.. Your story deletes every 24 hours.. I’m out having a good times.. Some of my peoples hit me up like Hey I see you.. They out havin a good time too.. No comments no likes no gossip no bs..

      • STEPH

        You shouldn’t even feel right bruh lol Jeezy Jeezy can I snapchat you. Ain’t no issue it’s truly some shit for the bitches young thugga.😂😂😂😂

  • Nana De Baus

    Jeezy is paranoid

  • The Legendary Troll

    Grown men shouldnt be on snapchat PERIOD

  • Welp he ain’t gotta worry about me because I don’t do Snapchat at all

  • tra mo

    I asked somebody the other day what snap chat was

  • El Dogga

    This makes me old…..I don’t really know what snapchat is.

    • STEPH

      Lmao…I know right, I feel the same way

      • El Dogga

        Glad it’s not just me.

  • Snap Chat is good for sending the nudes, spicing up dating life or promo’ing a brand…..I suppose also just flexing your lifestyle too

    • that dude

      Promoting your brand, I’m all for that.

    • YoungZari

      Exactly, there’s grown men on there flaunting their food like what do they do that at

  • Obi Won

    I used to feel that way about texting. Might be a generation gap, I cant really see me snap chatting a dude, but them young boys have fun with it I guess.

  • ursocalledgod

    no grown man should be snapchatting, that shyt is for teenage girls. I give grown women a pass because we all know women like taking pictures etc. dudes tho…suspect.

    • that dude

      Thanks, they just don’t get it but, a lot of dudes have women tendencies.

  • Sinbk Legend

    This grown ass nigga snap chatting thou

  • disqus_ky46ADPpRL

    I say social media is for faggots and girls. SIMPLE!

    • Ipullcards

      Then why are you blogging fellow fag?

      • disqus_ky46ADPpRL

        Bloggin and social media/snapchats are different. Social media are for girls and fags cuz thats all u see running to take a pics/vids of ANYTHING and post. And stupid selfies…….get ur shit straight

      • Ipullcards

        They are the same tool used differently. One’s based on commenting on various views and issues in a community, the others like Instagram snap chat etc. are used to just share various views and issues with VISUALS as well as text. Idiot

  • Hakeem

    No grown man should have more than 3 selfies in his phone…….

    • Eastatlantasown6

      Bruhhhhh salute… Exactly y I don’t have that Instagram bullshit

    • El Jeff

      U already violated if u have 1 bruh…


    It’s like I seen Yo Gotti at the Lennox during the Birthday Bash in Atlanta this past summer….Dapped the nigga up and kept it moving…Me personally I wouldn’t have felt right pulling out my phone trying to take pics and shit, that’s just me.


    That shit is for the ladies Lol

  • ebonyhud

    Yeah…but you’re a celebrity and you have fans…that’s not going to stop lol

  • No name

    I don’t have snap chat though I have seen folks on that shit. I don’t get the whole letting everyone know your every move shit. The way I grew up you don’t want folks to know to much about you. Figure me out not me just tell you all there is to know. This is why cats get robbed. I understand ladies or the entrepreneur using it for marketing other than that I don’t get it.

  • Unknown

    L for Jeezy having Snapchat.

  • TMillz74

    That’s one of the sad things that has takin place over the last few yrs,.. Too many men want to do everything women do, I knew it was going downhill when dudes started rockin ugg boots, Ole sad never had a male figure in your life ass niggas, SMGDH

  • El Jeff

    On some real shit I dont even know what that snapchat shit is…..but the comments below clowning this nigga for being grown and using it are hilarious 😭😭😭😭

  • Executive

    Wtf is snap chat? I hear about it but don’t know what it is.

    • rippimp

      Dude, don’t worry. You ain’t the only one…..

      • Executive


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      imagin instagram with video only and everything you post is deleted after lets say 5minutes not sure what the threhold is but its not that long … mostly guys who like to cheat on they girlfriends and thots be on there cause there are no tracks or history of what you post on there….

      • Executive

        Oh I see now, definitely something that I wouldn’t be interested in. My wife would kick my ass.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol right

  • roachburn

    social media for fake folk

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  • baller187

    he fell off 5 years ago aint no one lookin for him no mo