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Tyga Is Going Down – 14-Year Old White Girl Accuses Him!

The white woman gonna be the end of you Neguses! Now, look at Tyga. Some underage chick is accusing him of “relentlessly texting” her ass. WHAT? And Gloria Alfred – the great ambulance chaser – is on him. This cannot end well. Peep the vid!

It won’t help that that Kylie is on the verge of dropping him. He better control his textin’ finger.

Ya’ll gonna learn one day!

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  • ilexx

    Tyga leading the race towards the first L for 2016.

    Little white girl at the podium crying…. It’s a wrap!

  • Leonard Tarver

    Someone get this little white girl an Academy Award… She was trained well 😂😭😂💦💦

  • Markus

    Tyga’s a scumbag for sure,but I have no doubt that these loose females out here no matter what age thinks it’s cute to have a celebrity hollering at them. Her parents probably found out and she panicked. Still though Tyga has a long overdue beat down coming to him for messing with kids.

  • Objectively, Tyga’s a true lame for that although I wonder if her Instagram shows she is a minor or that she even told him. Crying now tho

  • thisnigga

    Shout out to Kris Jenner…clearly shes taking notes from the Bill Cosby public lynching

  • BeltonBelle

    Gloria Allred is the ultimate ambulance chaser, BUT, she makes sure there’s an accident before she chases the ambulance. If Allred is involved, this girl has tangible evidence to prove Tyga was sliding up in her DM’s.

    • golder1

      Thats not true about Gloria, she jumps on whatever ship will get her exposure. Thei is no case her. Her IG is public which makes it far game to print in a magazine. Tyga didnt abuse this girl or have a relationship with her even though he is too old to be dming this kid. Gloria is an attention whore and has been doing this forever

      • BeltonBelle

        Texting/messaging a minor inappropriately can land you a charge in some states. But, you are right about Allred. She was initially a civil rights attorney, and she used to be so good. Now, she’s on some feminist crusade.

      • golder1

        She never said he sent her inappropriately text messages but he shouldn’t be sending messages to a 14 yr old

      • BeltonBelle

        What’s even crazier is kardashian fans is slamming on this girl, calling her a kardashian wannabe. How? She don’t know those girls personally, and she didn’t ask for him to slide in her DM’s. And I guess the fact she’s a 14 year old girl means absolutely nothing either, that’s Kylie’s boyfriend, so, she’s automatically the wrong one here. Smh.

  • Nana De Baus

    Shame on you Tyga

  • Anthony Mason

    How old is Tyga now 26?

    When I was 18 I dated a 16 year old but there is no difference at that age because guys mentally, physically and emotionally mature slower…..

    This is some straight up pedophile stalking s***. I hope he gets in trouble for this. This is a little kid. She looks older but she is mentally a kid who probably still has sleepovers with her friends and watches Disney movies. She doesnt want d*** pics from a horrible rapper….


    • Myleage

      if you thought like a 16 year old at 18, something is wrong with you

      • Anthony Mason

        Bruh that is high school age. You sound stupid….Guess you weren’t dating anyone back then. That is normal what I said. Males usually date females 1-2 years younger early on then it flips in your 30s and you typically date older. Once you hit 30 women who are your age or older seem better just due to life experience and biological chemistry….


      • Myleage

        you said you dated a 16 yo when you were 18 because ya’ll were the same maturity wise. so again, something is wrong with you. Males date young girls in high school cuz they are easier, not because they are the same level of maturity

      • Anthony Mason

        You clearly don’t have a psychology degree and you also have not a f***ing clue about the subject matter…. I have never dated a single female in my life because it was “easier”….

        Sounds like you aren’t about s*** if that was your mentality back then… Stop projecting…

        You sound like an old nigga who used to get drunk when you were 14 years old and bang 12 year olds you weirdo…

      • Leonard Tarver

        Bruh dont waste your time with Myleage because something is clearly wrong with that chick… Like she actually know what the he’ll she’s talking about lol

      • Anthony Mason

        Nigga sounds like he coaches little league boys volleyball….

      • Myleage

        you mad? sorry, I must have brought up old memories of your uncle touching you

      • Anthony Mason

        That sounds like the most logical reason I would call you out on your moronic comment…..

        Again…projecting? You on that s*** my nigga? Damn and it’s only tuesday morning…..smh…

      • Anthony Mason

        I was top of my class academically. I was mentally above the girls I dated but they were more mature….

        Get it now you weirdo? Some of you niggas don’t think before you post s***….

  • Who cares? This chick is trying to get money from the magazine. She can’t be trying for Tyga because that n*gga got barely enough for a happy meal.

    • WeakSauce

      lmaooo word up!


    TYGAY is DONE! Gettin’ dumped by Kylie, dropped by label & a step away from a Prison bid! One of the WACKEST Of All Time!

    • Anthony Mason

      I hope he goes to jail for this s***. I don’t support child molestation and I damn sure will never buy a TYGA song so he is useless from my world view.

      He is that nigga though…… Balling out of control….How many G5 jets you buying next nigga with -$600 in your bank account Tyga?

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Tyga ain’t stupid…..he didn’t know her age…and all he did was DM her… She crying like naked pics of her went out to the public or like something else other than a DM happened….dam shame how shit is today

  • D_Ably

    Race baiting

  • ebonyhud

    Don’t believe it. I never get mad though cause its like when will these men learn. Guilty or not guilty. Nobody feels bad for you when open your life to the funk and you receive the stink.

  • blackman

    Dirty ass white bitch yo young ass was willing to do anything to tyga…. I don’t feel pity for you, but tyga a sucka too!

  • Dan Tebasco

    Relentlessly texting though… but yeah Tyga trying to be the new R Kelly or South Park Mexican