Keith Murray Jokes About "Coming Out Of The Closet" To Radio Audience (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Rap stars have used homosexuality or androgyny as part of their persona. From men wearing women’s clothes to performers adding the word “gay” to their album title, the practice of playing around with sexuality is not new, but there is a new emcee that has joined in.

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New York native Keith Murray had some radio listeners scratching their heads this week after the 41-year-old Def Squad representative made a “big announcement” on Hot 97. Murray called into the station and told the Ebro In The Morning show, “Keith Murray’s coming out of the closet. I’m gay.”

“The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World” rhymer then continued by saying, “I’m happy. I’ve been happy all my f*cking life… I’m coming out of the closet with new music and a new documentary.”

Murray also revealed he went to rehab and has spoken to a psychiatrist. He says the experience helped him “clear my head.”

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Listen to Keith Murray’s interview below.

  • Banksy

    This dude knows the only way to sell albums in this era is to be gay or have gay tendencies. From Diddy, Dr Dre and Birdman to Kanye, Drake, Wayne, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Lil B all of these men smoke penis or have suspect ways, and sell records while pushing that homo agenda to black youth.

    • Yes but Keith Murray isn’t gonna sell albums today even if he did young thug antics to the 10th power

      • mademan3000



      You just naming niggas now…. Drake should never be on the same list as Lil B.

      • mademan3000

        I agree with u fam!!!

      • Banksy

        A nigga who wears female clothes, earrings as such came out named with his album titled being callled “I’m Gay” only to change it later on. Nigga whatever. The cognitive dissonance is strong with you new niggas. Type of nigga to spin Wayne kissing Baby as “just something gangsters do.” I bet even if you new niggas caught these niggas blowing each other you’d still find a way to say they ain’t gay. Just like Young Thug isn’t.


        Lil B is trash. Young Thug is Gay and trashy. Wayne has a baby by every Fine Black Girl in America. Drake is the Black Hugh Hefner. Also you just threw Diddy, Dr. Dre, Kanye, and Travis Scott under the bus for no reason. They never did anything Suspect sounds like you just talkin out your Ass to me.

      • Banksy

        Really nigga? How old are you? Puffy and Dre has been into gay shit since the 90’s. Drake has an Aaliyah tattoo on his back. What type of straight niggas get a female singer tatted on his back? And everything about Travis Scott screams I’m into gay shit. The nigga wears sheer blouses and leather pants.

    • Larry Sandwiches

      The homo agenda, haha!!
      Hold on hold on hold on….

      Youre name is BANKSY!!!

      You need to look up his piece called “Gay Bobbies” and why he painted it. Cmon bro!!

    • Shock

      Drake gay? All he does is sing about bitches and is with a new bitch every week? If anything, he’s promoting the simp agenda

  • Sinbk Legend


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  • Knickfan4life

    Keith Murray went from a platinum rapper to man he has to get into rehab asap.

  • Dan Tebasco

    Good for him if true… But not sure he’s legit about it, think it might be an attention thing…

  • SoulFul Epic

    I didn’t read this article. .. (presses play to Hostile on Erick Sermon’s No Pressure Solo Album)

  • gay in like happy

    • Larry Sandwiches

      Yeah, that was pretty clear. The homophobes are still trippin tho!

      • El Dogga

        Nah man….they just wanted to get clicks on this article!

      • Larry Sandwiches

        I guess it’s hard to deny the click bait-y success that worldstar has and not follow suit sometimes.

      • These Muppets add surveys to the mix

      • Larry Sandwiches

        The worst!!!! Sometimes i come on this site and cant even get to the articles no matter how hard i try.

      • I think they should make it easier for their readers, it’s not as if they’re giving us access to quality and exclusive material after all.

        Why do we have to jump through hoops in order to read garbage?

        These chumps don’t get it.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Yup. They need less ads and more Wu-Tang articles!!

      • El Dogga

        English please??? huh???

        “Id do not be on da wawa done click worldstar me no make sense suit and tie nah mean??”

      • Larry Sandwiches

        I corrected it for you. I better get a thank you!

  • All Ima say is: only time gon tell

  • Hakeem

    the most beutifulliest thing in the world……

  • meanygreene

    He should do a song with Jaden smith.

  • Larry Sandwiches

    Good for Keith Murray either way (he sounded like he was joking tho). If you got a problem with it, then you better not have a problem with anyone who has a problem with YOU!

  • Markus

    He’s playing on words which is sad. Dude has had his moment in hip-hop. If this is how you’re supposed to promote and bring attention to yourself in music nowadays,it doesn’t seem worth it.

    • steven williamson

      is only looking for attention and he got it

  • El Dogga

    So this is how you come back after getting murdered by Fredo in that battle??? lol!

  • Vinsanity

    “Hector and his rectum were real”.

  • hoeyuno

    Ive always had man none homo love for Keith!! I think he was just trying to be funny…

  • So I also came out the closest this morning, it was a difficult thing to do as I was sure I had some stash of cash hidden away in there. I eventually gave up and walked out and closed the door behind me.

    After coming out of the closet empty handed I took a look in my safe and that was where the stash of cash was, I can truly say I’m now gay.

    ” Words have different meanings peeps” before any of you Bredas start to hit on me, I love gyal and that’ll never change.


    Reading these comments and following the long history of Keith Murray….Lol, look at how many stupid muthafucka really believe he was serious….smdh Bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

    • It’s human nature bro, peeps will always form a story in their mind which they wish was true.

      Ever analysed a bad relationship? despite the evidence staring the delusional party in the face their version of reality has already been formed, it’s a bit similar.

      • STEPH

        Lol, Real talk


    Gay muthafuckas are going to be pissed off Lol, Keith playing with they emotions 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Keith’s head always been fucked up, smdh.Lol

  • Whatever….

  • Leonard Tarver

    Does he get the Woman of the Year Award too?… lmao

  • rincwhitman

    Trollin for exposure

  • Anthony Mason

    When does his goofy a** mixtape drop?

  • Jaymat_

    I always liked Keith Murray. That acapella part in the beginning of The Most Beautifullest…. was so dope to me as a kid.

  • LiL B already played this card: Gay meaning Happy. “I’m happy. I’ve been happy all my f*cking life… I’m coming out of the closet with new music and a new documentary.”

  • MidWestFlyest

    Trolling for sure, I mean,he got y’all talking right??

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  • RealSpit

    Old, washed up and just trolling for attention!!

  • Marii Burton

    whatever a str8 man wont play like dat

  • ghettogov

    I think it’s good. Why should a word that means happiness be converted to mean homosexual? Think about some of the implications…they could have made up a word or used a more accurate term than that.

  • bklyn representa

    honestly that does not surprise me he is room mates with eric sermon and there where always been gay rumors about the E double