Travis Porter Isn't Exactly A Fan Of Tyga

Photo via Tyga’s Instagram

If you were ever hoping to see Tyga and Travis Porter on the same track again, we have to let you know it probably isn’t going to happen. A fan tweeted Travis Porter saying,

“@TravisPorter you need to drop another major album and collab with @Tyga again.”

Travis Porter replied with the thumbs down emoji. Were they uninterested in dropping another album or could this have been a shot at Tyga? Are you anticipating new music from either?


  • Anthony Mason

    This is more click bait but no….

    Nobody likes TYGA except young girls 12-18 who happen to live in California where he can freely grope them at album signings and s***ty sneaker releases as he gets served legal papers…

    Dude looks like a b****, acts like a b****, talks like a b****, can’t freestyle like a b****, walks like a b****….

    Guess he is as lame as people thought before his laundry got aired out. I could have told you in 2009 how much of a hoe this clown was. He is the cousin of Gym class heroes Travis. Travis seems actually cool but Tyga is not supposed to be a rapper. He knows people high up who let him in….simple as that….

    It is like your dad owns a car dealership and you end up being salesman of the month. If Tyga ever goes gold or platinum on an album moving forward I will get a tee shirt printed with ” I love Tyga” and put it as my avi….

    It will never happen so….

    • ZUBU

      Yeah he has a thing for minors….. How you a grown man but you dating a teen girl before she was legal. Then he wifed a hooker/stripper, then he got put on blast by the Tranny…. SMH…..

      • Anthony Mason

        You know a rapper is broke if no women their age want try to get pregnant by them….The rabbit hole is deep with him. He got used by a stripper who knew he was a mark and is taking his money….

        Rappers have groupies by the thousands…..TYGA is a pedophile rapper who likes underage girls. I would be tempted to say this is fabricated but unfortunately it is not fabricated….

        He really stalks young girls and his appearance is perfect for that demographic which is why this is somehow accepted. He looks like a teen and probably shaves his legs…

        The label is “young money”….

        This site needs to support real artists who aren’t perverts…..

        Where are the real rappers? Since when has their work been published? If it is more than one day you are not doing justice to real rappers…

      • ZUBU

        Yeah bro, he is preying on youngsters. “Young Money” You’re right his image is perfect for the demographic he is seeking. Most rappers can hit grown groupie chicks in any city they go to, just off name recognition…. Yet he is after teens…. SMH

    • Weedras

      That whole relative of GCH’s Travi was all for marketing them dudes aint related… Tyga should wise up and look for another avenue.. he should look into branching out because this rap ish aint gonna pan out

      • Anthony Mason

        They aren’t even cousins either? Lol. Makes him an even bigger POS….

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  • Celz

    They both suck

  • I swear this wack on wack crime gots to stop yo…Nobody checking for Travis Porter, or Tyga at that matter

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  • Travis Porter lmaooo

  • NYComicBookGuy

    Both of these cornballs need to collab on jumping off a bridge. They both suck!