Post Malone Claims He Doesn't Make Rap Music

Photo via Post Malone’s Instagram

Post Malone felt the need to clear the air and set the record straight about his music. He recently tweeted that he doesn’t make Rap music.

“Just one time for the records…. I DON”T MAKE RAP MUSIC!”

said Post Malone. He went on to say,

“I wear what I want to wear, do my hair the way I want to, sing about what I want to. I mean that’s just the way it is lol.”

Many seem to be divided on his comment. Some feel that his music contains elements of rap, and he does rap to an extent. Some people even felt he used being a so-called rapper to rise to the top, get interviews and notoriety, and now he wants to say he doesn’t make rap music? In a day and age when everyone seems to make genre-bending music, how would you categorize Post Malone?

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29 Responses to “Post Malone Claims He Doesn't Make Rap Music”

  1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    so you got called out for making a white young thug version video and now GTFOH white boy!

  2. Mike

    This why I’m not mad at people like Azeala Banks. Iggy Azela said the same.
    They need stop co-signing white rappers. It is about appropriation.

    This type of thought of theirs is similar to behaving like they’re hood but get back to white when they’re pulled over.

  3. bluelight74

    Typical. Use blacks for a come up, then attempt to deny them. Yet dummies and self-haters will continue to support this maggot and others like him down the line. Sad.

  4. Qaadiru Rashaad

    I better not see dude up for any Rap Awards from BET, Grammy’s or any other outlets. He’s a fly by night artist. He wont last long at all! you could get up off the couch like those Everest commercials go and grab something to eat & by the time you come back his career is dead. lol

  5. IL4M

    Of course its not rap music, its hack music, wack music, Im bout to lose it and black cuz that music is back barn shack music, detached imac music, stupid trash slack music . . . its hard to find real music, ill music, give you that feel music, feel the chills music . . . These Azzholes done killed music … On the Radio. – – – HipHop does not live on the Radio
    Datpiff/iL4M – No Ghostwriters, No commercials, All Bars.

  6. cannis prana

    I hate this shit…..for him to say he does not do rap music…is straight bullshit, the way he moves is hip hop, that white Iverson song is hip hop…as corny as it was, and his flow is hip hop he has a new song called DIAMONDS DANCING…were he is rapping some material bullshit….FUCK IT!!!! HIP HOP DON`T WANT YOU ANYWAY!!!


    Looks like your average smelly Hairy talentless White boy leaching off our culture and not even claiming it.

  8. Markus

    He should be finished for making comments like this especially since his target audience is rap fans. But we live in an era where one dude is a writing fraud and another claims to be a hustler when he actually was a CO and nobody cares just as long as they like their music. Stand for nothing is the 21st century motto for most of these kids.

  9. ebonyhud

    What’s the problem with doing more than one genre? You can’t help what people like from you. How can you use being a rapper to get to the top when you might not even be a hit. That makes no sense.

    What I don’t get is why its such a big deal to him. You don’t do rap music, but you made a couple of rap songs. O_o Does he not want to get pushed in a box? Wants to go pop? Whats that about. You shouldn’t exclude fans, but I did see this one old music video of him on Instagram and it wasn’t rap. It was like dance-trance. That White Iverson is very trancey… maybe he is just passionate about who he is. lol

  10. Dude

    So many racist comments on here smh..all he said was his music isn’t rap and tbh it doesn’t sound like rap although it does have hip hop elements.

  11. Lewis Blanks

    I really don’t see why black folks is hating on this guy. I read that allot of people think he is coming up off of black folks culture which if those same people think sipping lean and bad fashion choices are their culture than go ahead thinking what you like but the bottom line is the second black folks started signing record contracts there was an instant disconnect from culture to business. “Keep it real”…for what and for who? Last I checked even in the golden era of hip hop keeping things real was never as profitable as creating a spectacle.The goal is to sell records not keep artists integrity. If you want to make records with substance and integrity you may do so. There is a void in the market for that however if you can’t market those records so large groups of people can find out about you and consume your music then whats the point? Also if that said fan base isn’t willing to buy your product but will illegally download it instead then again whats the point? Hip hop is over 30 years old now. There is a whole new generation of new listeners in the community that think its normal to look the way he does, sip lean, and go after a bad bitch and about getting this money and plenty of them are white. “Rap is art you can’t own no loops” Black people do not own hip hop the same way white people or any race of people don’t own rock or jazz. And even if we did own it there are far too many tools for the upcoming artist to put out their own product and sell direct to consumers so we couldn’t stop anything even if we wanted to. If you feel Post is robbing “your” culture don’t pay attention to him. That’s the most powerful thing you can do. Everybody else just enjoy the music (or not) and move on.

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