Chicago Rapper Bandman Kevo To Plead Guilty In "Credit Card Cracking" Scheme

(AllHipHop News) Kevin “Bandman Kevo” Ford is set to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, according to the Chicago Tribune. The 27-year-old Chicago rapper and fellow defendant Cortez Stevens agreed to plea deals with federal prosecutors for a “credit card cracking” scheme.

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Kevo and 28 other people across two states were accused of conspiring to recruit bank customers through social media to share their debit card and personal identification numbers. Authorities say they then deposited counterfeit checks into third party accounts and later withdrew money from ATMs. The banks would not discover the checks were frauds until after the money was secured in bogus accounts.

In a 2014 exclusive interview with, Kevo denied any involvement in the illegal activity. He said, “They still don’t have no hard evidence. They’re just saying, ‘witnesses said…’ Basically, somebody got in a jam, and I got the most money to them so they must have mentioned my name. Who knows? But it ain’t like they got me doing this or got me doing that.”

At the time, Kevo also accused the FBI of purposely targeting him for non criminal reasons. The creator of the buzzing song “Baller In Me (Remix)” featuring Chief Keef believed he was being pursued by the Feds in order to harm his music career. Kevo insisted he would ultimately beat the case.

“Everything that they have in the paperwork is mixed up. It ain’t even right. They’re just saying and doing anything to file a case,” he stated.

Bandman Kevo and Cortez Stevens agreed to pay $141,919 in restitution which will come from a 2004 Audi and a 2006 Maserati already forfeited to the federal government. Their convictions could lead to a 30 year prison sentence.

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27 Responses to “Chicago Rapper Bandman Kevo To Plead Guilty In "Credit Card Cracking" Scheme”

  1. No_Man's_Fan

    No love for this lazy bum, you came you a hustler. How come he couldn’t make rap a legitimate hustle and open a couple of business to generate more income for himself

    • Wetwork510

      Real shit cuh! I hate thieving ass niggas. I don’t respect the niggas and bitches with all the material shit from stealing, shit doesn’t count to me.

      • Wetwork510

        I only sold Pyrex pots my nigga, you buy 2 and the arm & hammer’s free👍🏾


        Actually that’s not entirely true. For instance back in 2008 when Crude Oil prices shot up to over $140 a barrel everyone blamed us $peculator$/Trader$ for running up the price of gas at the pump fast forward to June of 2015 until now, look at the price of gas at the pump WAY cheaper & no one is blaming $peculator$/Trader$ now. We can make the same $$ when the price drops/falls as if price’s rise. The reason is the average person doesn’t know all the different legitimate ways to make tons of $$$ on Wall Street because all you hear about are the ones who cheat.

  2. Markus

    Everybody can’t drive the luxury car,have a stack of money on their shoulder or fly homes and jewelry. Some people resort to shady business to get it and when you try to rob the government, you better be sure. Enjoy your break from life,dumbass.

  3. Hakeem

    These clowns want to apply street thinking to the court system….
    You see what your thinking got you… About to do 10,950 days in the feds…
    All for a gold watch and some jewels…..

  4. STEPH

    You reap what you sow….A lot of my street dude used to laugh at me when I told them I was opening a spray tan shop, because they couldn’t think of anything out of the realm of “a brick, half a brick” smdh….I get up every morning open the store at 10am watch First Take, get online and check Worldstar out All Hip Hop, Youtube (helps time go by) clown around with my employees and customers don’t have to worry about the cops, and business is great….Now all I hear… “wanna go in on another store”? Nope doing just fine by myself homie Lmao!

  5. No name

    Lol niggaz was doing this on the west in th 90’s cuh…the Feds got hip now lol…..smh niggaz the days. Do some new shit to get it…..

  6. bigdoe6

    Dudes like this are the ones on IG talking about they self made, they started from the bottom, holding stacks of money to their ears like phones. Homie all you did was steal. Scamming is stealing. A real hustler gets out here and get it off the muscle. I don’t care how much money a dude got. If he stole it that automatically lets me know what type of dude he is.

  7. Rocktivity

    He didn’t know anything, he didn’t do anything, somebody implicated him, and the prosecution made up the rest? Then why is he copping a plea? I don’t want to think about what he was ORIGINALLY charged with if a single sentence of up to thirty years looked so much better!

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