T.I. and Tiny

Jewelry Company Claims T.I. Owes Them Over $400K !

According to Georgia jewelry company Aydin & Co, T.I. owes them money for several unpaid pieces. The company filled a lawsuit claiming that they delivered an 18.5 karat white gold bracelet, a ring and a yellow gold rosary to T.I in 2014. They claim he paid $20K for the jewelry but he still owes $44K. Aydin & Co claims that T.I. actually owes a lot more, as they said he’s owed them for a decade, with a total unpaid debt of over $400K. Apparetnly the company wants Tip to cough up $700K. Rumor has that T.I. thinks the lawsuit is ridiculous. We will see how this plays out.

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  • Markus

    Nobody saying dude doesn’t have the money,but why be bothered by things like this coming back to you? If it’s no big deal be done with it and avoid the bad press and speculation.

    • Psyclonus

      All publicity is good publicity.

    • ZUBU

      Word bro, he should have taken care of this….. I’m pretty certain he has the paper. Tip acting like Birdman, Wayne and them…. got paper but don’t want to pay…. They do that to legit biz dudes cause they know in the streets they better pay….. Street dudes don’t file lawsuits……..

      • Markus

        Damn right.

  • hoeyuno

    T.I. lost me when he told Mayweather “you do it in a ring I do it in the streets” like he would have had a chance squarin off with floyd haha

    • Nemo hos

      He wasn’t talking about boxing..I’m certain about that.

      • mademan3000

        Ok and would he still have had a chance coming from the shoulders that was just tuff talk fam???


        He actually approached Floyd on Two different occasions. So regardless of who would’ve won he wasnt Scared and thats what really matters. Its not Tough talk if you back it up.

      • Nemo hos

        Bullets vs punches…was my guess but oh well I ain’t him so I don’t have to worry or think for him.

    • Papi Peligro

      If Floyd would have hit him no gloves wooo over. I still give TI props for going in over his family even though it was ridiculous.


      T.I. did square off with him what you talkin bout?!?!? THAT TAKES BALLS. Most niggas would never think about approaching A World Champion but T.I. didnt give a Damn because he felt that Floyd disrespected his family. Thats what being Real is all about.

  • Executive

    Pointless jewelry.

    • bluelight74

      Worthless pieces of compressed carbon, well they have industrial purposes for drilling and precision cutting but lab produced diamonds do that just as well. this sh!t is for fools to lose their money.

      • Executive

        The jeweler is the winner.

      • bluelight74

        All day.

  • In debt for a decade but keep delivering lmao

    • Nemo hos

      Because diamonds are priceless it’s just people tend to put price on them.

      • I know what you mean but that doesn’t mean any jeweler (middle-man) will get them for free.

      • Anthony Mason

        There are children in Africa who play with uncut diamonds in the street but are starving…

        They don’t have the distribution channels or ability to monetize them….

        I wish some people in America had a bigger perspective on life and other cultures and what they struggle with.

        I have cultured myself and stepped across the pond to see what is really going on and we all need to embrace new cultures and ideas and stop only caring about what is on the TV……

      • Nemo hos

        Yup yup. I was born and raised there and just came from there and it made me open my eyes again and get on my shhh some more so I can go back and get stuff done.

      • Anthony Mason

        Good for you. We all need to refresh ourselves from time to time and realize what is real and important…

        Africa is still resource dense….Colonization and the resulting fall out from political travesty has things so compartmentalized and chaotic still….

        South America is wild too. Colonization f***ed up some beautiful cultures but all we can do is move forward and make things better one person at a time and show other people how to love and step outside of our boundaries….

        People are people…regardless of where you go in the world. If you respect other cultures they will embrace it….

  • Anthony Mason

    What’s her face he is married to is that hot fire…Syke!!!!!

    • Nemo hos

      Hahaha at least he is married to a woman…other dudes are marrying dudes.

      • Anthony Mason

        Young thug needs to remix Lil B’s “I’m Gay” album and get Fettuccine Wap on that s*** …

        Skinny drugged out faggots who can’t rap need to create their own label and get a special category of music assigned to them. It doesn’t sound like” rap”or hip hop…..

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  • Nemo hos

    Hahaha this nigga here..jewelry is for girls

    • Anthony Mason

      Right? Nice watches are the wave….

      Watches are what men wear….

      • Nemo hos

        I stopped wearing a watch when I was 12. I need to get back on my watch days.

  • AntLee06

    Some thing not right here. Why would the jewelry company keep giving him credit if he’s owed for over ten years ?


    Come to think about it,I never really saw TIP where any jewelry in his videos!!!BRUH💯✔🔊🔊🔊

    • Papi Peligro

      I was running to say the same thing. 400k in Jewelry is stupid. If you got the money or not.

  • dbfromdc