Choke No Joke Disses FunkMaster Flex

Choke No Joke is the noted film maker who had a tenure at BET, The Roc and other accolades. Now, the Native New Yorker is going at Funk Master Flex. According to Choke, “‘What Would You Do?’ is about Gate Keepers. The blockers that try to stop you from progressing. The second verse is about those who run into that brick wall and wonder why they can’t advance to the next stage of their career which they know is due to them.” The song seems to be mostly about Funkmaster Flex. We are not sure why this years-long beef is not coming to light now. Seems like they were working on something together (maybe a documentary on “The Tunnel,” the famous night club?)

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  • Markus

    Somewhere after hearing this, Meek Mill and Stitches are wishing they had to respond to something this trash. Dude would’ve been better off sending an angry letter instead.

  • J Burn

    Damn Choke, you’re my guy but this is horrible smh

  • THISIS50

    FunkMaster Flex needs to retire

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  • Mack

    Yo, Master P, we’ve found someone worse than Silkk. Quick, sign this Choke dude!

    • ursocalledgod

      naw dawg even tho this dude is hot garbage only ” rapper” below silkk is cheef keef lol

  • RayStantz

    Dammit man, I thought this was gonna be a documentary. Stick to that.. stay away from vocal booths.

  • ursocalledgod

    LMFAO wtf is this hot garbage and why would we care?

  • Black

    Thought he was gonna air out his issues in an interview or something. He has NO BUSINESS trying to rhyme

  • Larry Sandwiches

    Ah man. That was bad.

    Anyone turning their back on Flex isnt a true hip hop head. If youre gonna bag on his current content, you better sh!t on everyone else from the 90’s who puts shit out still that dont measure up to what they used to.

    I could start a list, but you guys already know….

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the song was garbage but his argument is legitimate … flex strong armed him for his footage …

      • Larry Sandwiches

        No doubt!! Flex had that POWER in hip-hop. His content might not be what it once was, but I aint gonna retro-actively hate on the man because he “flex-ed” is position back when he was helping grow the culture bigger than it had ever previously been. People like that touchy-feely-gossipy-funny-sh!t now, thats why Breakfast Club is bigger now. Maybe Flex is past his prime and no longer relevant, i dont know. Maybe im “stuck in the 90’s”….

  • ApricotNapalm

    i couldnt finish it…..but Flex be trippin he’s an older older guy& says a lot of immature stuff. He should be OG positive & careful w/ every word, those rants have tarnished everything, he was HILARIOUS in Killa Season tho (just saw it in its entirety for the 1st time recently)