2 Chainz Responds To C-Murda's "2 Stainz" Diss Track

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Jan. 12), AllHipHop exclusively premiered, “2 Stainz,” the latest release from C-Murder. Within the diss-laden track, the incarcerated N.O. rapper takes aim at the Atlanta-native who uses the T.R.U. acronym. On the track an incensed C-Murder raps, “…I made this TRU sh*t, 2 Chainz / F*ck you, n**** / P*ssy-a** n****...”

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After receiving the news from a friend, the “I’m Different” entertainer hopped on social media to address the issue. In the past, Mr. 4 Bracelets explained to MTV his personal meaning behind T.R.U. He said, “T.R.U. is an acronym for the real university. It’s actually a school of thought that I came up with. It’s about being an individual — being comfortable in your own skin — you know, doing things in the community. Giving back, being a provider, et cetra, it’s all about being true and being true to yourself.”

While secluded in a dark room with a star-filled ceiling 2 Chainz addressed the C-Murder track. In a video posted to his Instagram Tity Boi boasted“My partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me,” he said before adding, “That’s hard as f*ck; C-Murder always been hard as f*ck.” As the quick video moves along he is seen smoking while singing along to The Stylistics‘ “You Are Everything.”

Did 2 Chainz eloquently handle the diss from C-Murder?

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88 Responses to “2 Chainz Responds To C-Murda's "2 Stainz" Diss Track”

  1. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  2. STEPH

    Translation…Don’t want nooooo problems. He know for the most part, that nigga gonna stay in jail BUT….it’s a chance that nigga might be on the street. Master P isn’t to be fucked with at all, Lil Boosie was C Murder Bunkie in Angola…..Boosie got them “Hitters” and he reside in Atlanta, and those New Orleans niggas will ride for dude locked up or not. He smart took the high road and wasn’t disrespectful…He know that man can have him touched….even from jail…Only young niggas and social media nerds who have never been to the hood and don’t know hood ways would jump in the studio and pop off at the mouth and get they dome rocked…its expected of them but 2chainz kept it moving….

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Only a big goofy like you would actually make this about violence and street shit……lmaooo i swear some of you cats live in a rap fantasy world

      • STEPH

        Oh you stupid muthafucka listen to the track Squiggy…he talking about violence….King of the Goofy’s SMDH

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Rose aint never been in the paint unless he was face down. #willNeverBeACHampInCHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • EL_BARK

      lmao its clear you read to much into that or dont know sarcasm……
      c-murder is irrelevant…. no need to talk shet or respond to a nigga doing life and boosie lucky to be home
      i doubt he putting any work in for c-murder. marlo mike not catching no more bodies

      • STEPH

        Beg your bitch for some ass. Beg for money on the street. Beg for that dude to hit you in the ass. Beg your mom to tell you who’s your father, but don’t ever in your fuckin life….beg my pardon you dildo

      • EL_BARK

        you new around these parts i will forgive your ignorance, and the fact u have gay thoughts or fantasy or your mind, which is transparent by this comment…. i will refrain from going in on you…. this comment alone leads me to beileve you are not even of legal age to drink…..

        now go back to your bed and read old source magazine,
        and continue believing these ridiculous claims of these rappers bosses with hundred of killers on deck….. C murder killed a teenage boy, that in itself proves how much of a weirdo he is and was

      • STEPH

        You are uninformed and I refuse to inform you without some money up front dumbass….Tired of giving lames free shit GTFOH

      • EL_BARK

        no you sound like a groupie that live fantasy and fairy tales of these rappers… sorry to break the news to you but c-murder not moving no mountains. niggah is a dumbass, broke in the joint. Niggas aint got time for that…. He not getting nobody touch ctfu

    • EL_BARK

      its clear who from NO on this post.
      i doubt that played a part in it….
      Master P aint even been riding hard for c murder that should speaks volumes

      • Tabiaus Russell

        And he have been riding for his brother.. U idiot, u must haven’t heard none of p new music. Shut ur damn mouth. And I’m not from New Orleans….

      • EL_BARK

        who listen to master P music ctfu shot him out in a song is not riding fir him dumbass…
        while P aint leading a campaign to free his brother, When them videos came out of c murder shooting in the club P was quiet as a mice for years….. when it came to his murder case….. i dont see P advocating for him? want to know why?
        cause P knows he guilty…..

      • EL_BARK

        “I’m having dreams that my brother’s tryna kill me…why this n***a hate the real C?,” he asks on his latest release.

        C goes on to call his “hero” a disloyal hypocrite. He even accuses the No Limit leader of assassinating the incarcerated rapper’s character.

        Take a listen to C-Murder’s message to his brother Master P after the jump.


        See this what happen when u a stan and talking out your ass.
        C murder diss his brother in a song calling him out for being disloyal

        google is your friend ctfu

  3. Markus

    He handled it perfectly in my opinion. Dude is going to die in jail. No need to kick that man while he’s down any further. The man that’s free wins.

      • Markus

        Dumbass! Why would you promote child porn the way you do over and over? You’re a serious asshole,Gary.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your stanky white mothas refusal to complain about you is one reason you getting away with millions of child porn vids

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        see white’s sites , then report your race , even tho theres no way government don’t know about it

      • Markus

        Or maybe you can luck out go to the jail he’s in and even be his cell mate so you can personally cradle his nuts. I want that for you. But until that day,keep hope alive,Jesse. He’s finished.

      • TruthHurts

        How can his case get turned around if he’s not constantly begging for appeal… as you so graciously commented above.

  4. TruthHurts

    So C Murder who is CONSTANTLY begging for an appeal/parole, decided it would be a good idea to make a diss track talking about popping a gun in 2 Chainz chest and making 2 stains. No wonder this idiot will never get out of prison.

    • Tabiaus Russell

      He do what he want. And he still richer than ur broke ass….. And he ain’t constantly begging for no appeal u dumb fucc. Go get ur cash up truth hurts. U the idiot.. LMAO

      • mademan3000

        I’d take my freedom over finance any day. As long as I’m free I can always get money. Ur way of thinking is sort of off fam.

      • TruthHurts

        Are you kidding me? Money doesn’t mean shit when you’re locked in jail for life. He’s had 4 appeals denied, including ones he took all the way to the Supreme Court. Learn your facts before you comment, not sure who’s dumber C Murder or you.

  5. Q.

    Wow. You’re locked up for murder, talking about shooting a man who’s walking around free, enjoying life. Instead of using your brain to study law or something, you’re playing Lucious Lyon cutting diss tracks in the utility closet…

    (Streetfighter 2 voice) “YOU LOSE!”

    • Tabiaus Russell

      Murder still go harder than 2 chains whether he locked up or not. He still making bread and still a boss. 2 chains ain’t shhhhhh. He knew not to say nothing stupid about a real g and tru soldier..

      • Q.

        He ain’t doing nothing making diss tracks behind prison walls. Absolutely nothing to gain, but everything to lose.

  6. DN-inc

    C murder has Goonz all over the Gulfsouth and even in ATL.. every nigga know to watch their mouth in ATL and proceed very carefully when it comes to a NOLA OG.
    Somebody family will be gagged and dumped in a river..

  7. ZUBU

    Some of y’all really don’t know… Just because a dude is locked does not mean he still can’t touch people…….. I’m not a young kid living fantasy rap, I’m old and I’ve set down before…. There are dudes sitting down with power, they sitting down still making paper and calling shots! Word…..
    Not saying it’s right or wrong, but it is reality…….

    • EL_BARK

      There a difference between those type of people you are talking about and c murder……

      C murder is a rapper who was an idiot and hot head… his funds are limited. if that was the case C-murder would had never got his hsnd dirty…. in the first place i not buying the shet his stans are attempting to sell

      • ZUBU

        I feel what you saying bro, I’m not a Stan though I liked a bit of his music and he was a hot-head…. Possibly he has calmed down since he has been sitting down…?
        Yet once again when you’re sitting down it does not take as much paper to get things handled…. Just my opinion he still got paper, maybe not street rich but he’s prison rich… Hence he still putting out music…. Right or wrong dudes still respect him on these streets, cause he kept it street real when he was relatively rich, dudes respect that. Not saying they are thinking clearly but they respect his style, and some will ride for him…

      • EL_BARK

        if he was talkig bout joe from the block and he had a beef, ok i can see someone who loyal to him or that he took care of maybe solidering up and putting in work…. but this is 2 chain a person who is rich and famous…. everybody talking oh 2 chain know whats up cause c-murder got goons ish, and all that are silly…. not saying 2 chain cant get touch cause he has, but i not buying into he scared of c murder because of the way he responded…. if anything he played him, sitting in a rolls royce smoking a blunt and u lock up for life….. it has sarcasm all over it

        also the reason why some cant still make moves from prison is because those type of dudes still making money from a cell, so they still got people they feeding and when u feeding cats of course they going to ride
        yeah i sure he good on the books, and not starving, but he not calling shot like people think he is, he just diss his brother last year, that says alot.

      • EDOGZ818

        Dissing P said it all!
        Joe from the block? Yeah, all day…..2 Chainz can get got, but when you know where he’s at, he’s rolling 20 deep & out of their reach, they would have to catch him on a humble….like when them dudes took his 2Chainz & made him run off, causing him to stumble.

        Cee doesn’t even have lawyer money & never did….that’s why P paid the bills.

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        “Some call hate, just confused admiration”

        With that said C Murder gets the ((( L )))

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