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50 Cent Wasn't Too Happy About The Golden Globes

Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

Although the Golden Globes was the most talked about TV event recently- from Taraji P. Henson winning her first Golden Globe, Denzel Washington being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award, to Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to Lady Gaga bumping into him, everyone wasn’t as enthused. Count on 50 Cent to be upset. 50 says he and the cast of STARZ hit show ‘Power’ didn’t receive an invite to the awards. 50 Cent said he will fix the situation. 50 Cent “fixing” something could go a number of ways. We know 50 must be upset after dogging ‘Empire’ for so long. Which show is better? Are the two even comparable?


    Power is better but its not comparable

    • Why not?

      • Nyga07

        two different shows, power is more violent and empire is a trued drama show.
        I prefer power, haven’t seen empire but love cookie lol


    They are in fans eyes, but they aren’t according to the folks who give out the awards.

  • Mack

    It’s ironic… Everything about Power shows how much power 50’s lost. He went from How to Rob all the way to How To Bitch.

    • Madamsjr01

      He stay acting like a bitch. . Hard to respect a hater

  • Sean Power

    how going fix it ? out more memes of IG 50 not going do shit

  • Guillaume Pilon

    power is way better

    but 50 still living in his fantasy world…about being the biggest king of all

  • Riko7467

    power hands down!!! never seen one episode of that other show but I hear its for faggots

  • Larry Sandwiches

    ‘Power’ is good, but it doesnt compare to the best sh!t on TV right now.

  • ZUBU

    50 is that brotha but Hollyweird is bigger than him. Nothing you can do about this 50….. Real powerful dudes shot-calling…..

  • Guess Curtis ain’t figured out yet that The Golden Globes ain’t for Black people…

    • Larry Sandwiches

      You are 100% right. They are for all people

      • Mrs. Davis804

        How can that be a true statement if diversity and inequality are subjects the winners touch on in acceptance speeches? They give out just enough to keep the illusion alive.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Diversity and acceptance should be preached everywhere.

        The fact you acknowledge and recognize that the Golden Globe’s are one of the platform’s people actually use to preach diveresity and acceptance furthers my point.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        I get your point, but if they have to speak on it, it must not be for everybody. It wouldn’t be an issue.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        I would agree that its not even close to where it should be. But I dont think the platform should be ignored either. I see no issue with the inspiration somebody could get from it.

        And F–K the acceptance part, HAHA! I look at that sh!t like winning a championship. Some of the performances are too GOOD to be denied.

      • …that ain’t Black when you do the math!!!

  • THISIS50

    power isn’t mainstream enough

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Power is dope. IMO it’s a much better show than Empire overall. Empire’s #’s are better than Power’s for a few obvious reasons which we all know this. 50 isn’t powerful enough to go up against the Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m sure he knows this but it wouldn’t be 50 without throwing out idle threats. Oh well.

    • WeakSauce

      Only reason Empire’s numbers are bigger is because it’s on fox. FREE99
      We can all see the quality in both shows and Power takes the belt on this one.

  • Rozay23

    Power is dope and I think it at least deserves a nomination if anything. Him tryna correct the situation may make things worst. He should be worried about correcting the situation with Ross bm by payin up.


    All 50 does now is bitch about anything similar to what he’s involved in whenever his endeavor is being overlooked or failing! You think your a better rapper fine make better music! You say your a better businessman than Puff/Jay/Dre Etc. fine make better business deals! Effen Vodka is supposed to be better than Ciroc fine let the people decide. There’s never been a need to diss Empire they come on 2 different types of TV networks at 2 different times of the year! Only Stupid ass self hating Idiots keep making it seem like competition between the 2 shows. I watch Power not Empire but I want to see all Black people succeed! Why does it have to be only 1 successful black show about the streets on TV?

    • RealSpit

      So true!! Reminds me of when Spike Lee and John Singleton were going at each other because their thinking like their can only be one “black movie director.” When i brought my first house and started trying to do good for myself all the ppls i thought were my friends started hating out the wood work. Lol.. Even had family members talking bad about me because i wont settle. We Blacks have the crab in the bucket type of thinking!! Sad!!

    • Anthony Mason

      I don’t watch either. Narcos and parks and recreation or sunny….

      • Papi Peligro


    • Thank you. 50 marking is finally back firing on him. You dont have to shit on someone else if you got a good product. I give 50 like 3 more years and everyone is going to be tired of him and no one will want to work with him. He dont have a lot of strong relationships with people. And he does not know how to stop hating.

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    Ain’t no comparison. Power is a dope show, but it’s for grown folks. Empire is…well it’s for people who don’t mind seeing men kiss all the time. I love Taraji P. tho

    • Nyga07

      lol perfect way to explain it

    • Eastatlantasown6

      Shits like a hood version of glee

      • Rashad Plug Harper

        Nigga I been saying that shit since season one

  • RealSpit

    50 is the biggest hater in the history of Hip Hop. If it doesnt involve him he’s hating on it!!

    • Dreday410

      Well even Tarji P Henson call The Golden Globes out on there BS when it comes to black shows…..She said “I won for being a crack dealer who did 17 years in jail” instead of a strong black mother she played in Karate Kid

    • Vinsanity

      That’s real spit.

  • M.DOT

    The acting could be a little better. Some of the characters in Power aren’t believable like Tasha and Lala. That’s the only thing. Tommy is the best character imo

    • Im not trying to hate but I think they are moving along too fast. 50 should have stayed in jail longer. He is starting to have too much of a leading roll. They should have build up Ghost and Tommy first. And you right about Tasha. Ghost got levels and Tasha is just a food bitch.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Get off stars and go to a free tv station. then your shows popularity will rise

    • Eastatlantasown6

      Nooooooo power being rated pg13 would be bullshit it’s too cutthroat

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    The only reason empire gets recognition is because of all that gay bullshit. ATL STAND UP

  • Psyer

    Power that shit

  • dbfromdc


  • Golgo 13

    probably empire is the reason why they wasnt invited

  • RayStantz

    Since when have award shows ever made sense? everyone knows that “the best” doesn’t always win… messed that they were not even invited though.

  • John TheBaptist

    I watch Empire, but Power is definitely the better show on all fronts