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Freddie Gibbs: I Don't Get Recognition For My Skills Like J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Freddie Gibbs is one of the most critically acclaimed emcees of this era. His studio albums – ESGN, Piñata, and Shadow of a Doubt – have been scored as some of the best efforts in the genre over the last five years. But does the Gary, Indiana native get passed over too often in the conversations about the best emcees in the game at the moment?

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During an extensive interview with NPR’s Microphone Check, Gibbs expressed his irritation that he is not mentioned being at the same skill level as platinum selling artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

“I don’t feel like I get the recognition for being as innovative that I am musically, you know what I mean? I don’t think that I get put up there with the J. Coles and the Kendrick Lamars and guys of that nature when I definitely think that I’m rapping on their level and definitely higher,” said Gibbs.

However, the “Extradite” rapper believes his independent grind will eventually pay off with a bigger fan base. Gibbs relayed to hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley that having creative control is a great tool to achieve success in his career.

“It’s just a matter of just me sticking to my guns and doing it the way I want to do it. And I’m at that point now where I can put out music when I want to, shoot a video when I want to, just basically have total control, so it’s like, I can sway more people in my direction than ever now,” added Gibbs. “But I still don’t think that I get the credit that I deserve, like I said, for being an innovator.”

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Listen to Freddie Gibbs interview below.

  • The Legendary Troll

    Because you have no HITS

  • Haitian Mob

    this guy is delusional

    • Anthony Mason


    • Miss.S

      YOU BUGGIN.. THIS NIGGA IS NIIIIIIICE… but facts is facts this nigga is not child friendly or radio / white people friendly .. but REAL NIGGGAZ know whats up

  • Anthony Mason

    Gibbs! Keep doing your thing man….

  • Markus

    Dude should be at peace with never having the status of the other rappers he mentioned. Up until now, didn’t think that mattered to him. Everybody wouldn’t mind being out front on top in their profession.

  • Andrew Mcallister

    I get where he’s coming from, but he doesn’t make radio friendly music at all that’s what j cole and kendrick have, I take Piñata and Shadow over Born Sinner and Forest hill any day but that’s just me.

    • Anthony Mason

      Because he is really about what he raps about it makes his content different and not mainstream.

      Gibbs is allergic to:

      Glittery s***, flashing lights,brightly colored clothes except for red, kanye west man dresses, Tyga, Bruno mars hooks….and other things like that. Lol! Gibbs is the man though…

  • Black Adam

    On the real Gibbs can prob out rap both Kendrick and Cole and is just as versatile as an MC.He’s just not as conscious with it though her can speak on social issues too {see:Deep, F the world and ghetto} When you constantly have to press rewind to fully comprehend what a nig said or because it was a dope line you know dude is nice. Gibbs got 2 classics under his belt too just like Kendrick.

  • Didn’t know people was still checkin for Wanksta Gibbs…

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  • I_AM_Houston

    ive never fully given his music chance but i hear hes nice. ill have to hit youtube and see.

    • Anthony Mason

      He is nice. These niggas don’t know about him. 90% of the people commenting have heard 0-1 song from him…..

    • Isa Ibn Maryam

      Shadow is one of the best albums currently out right now.

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  • subject matter brah

  • Sean Power

    his just never had the right team around to give that push,

  • THISIS50

    Because Gibbs isn’t mainstream

    • RainingOposites

      Exactly, %90 of his music isnt commercial friendly at all.

  • Damany G

    Gibbs has and continue to make great music on occasions (I.e Cocaine Pinata) but he has to diversify his music a little.


    Kendrick has a machine behind him (DRE), and J Coles has (Roc Nation) behind him, Freddie has Freddie……Should have stayed with Jeezy, he was invested and more resources would have been available. Wouldn’t doubt after the shit talking you did toward Jeezy after departing….that your pretty much being blackballed smdh….Keep on grinding.

  • Q.

    Gibbs is a good rapper, but he is but one wave in a sea of gangstas, killas, and coke lords. i.e.,you can’t reinvent the hamburger and think you’re gonna compete with mcdonald’s.


  • JerZeBoy

    because hes not them……


    His last joint is the truth , he can do it all!!!! Trap King in my book.