Rapper Releases Diss Track Aimed At Lil' Durk & His DJ

Photo via Lil’ Durk’s Instagram

Mubu Krump is taking credit for recently knocking out Lil’ Durk’s DJ, DJ Bandz at a shopping mall. DJ Bandz clapped back asking how one could “snake” someone and take off running. Mubu Krump has now dropped a diss record aimed at Lil’ Durk and his DJ. On the track he promises to do some demonic things to them the next time he runs into them. The beef seems pretty senseless to us. Check out the diss track below.

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    Exactly why I have a CCW permit…..Lay your hands on me I will deal you the death card homeboy….pop the clip out pull my wallet out an wait for the coroner and the police to scrape your stupid ass off the pavement….Obviously his shit wasn’t popping, so he felt he had to pull some shit like this to get popping smdh….Keep it up and your momma, the rest of your family gonna be wear T-shirts with your dumb ass face on it crying and shit wondering what happened….#yougetwhatyougiveout

    • Celz

      I know a nicca who killed someone with one punch.. Dude slipped on the playground and that was it.. A sucker punch could kill easily.. He deserve to get clapped in self defense. A mutual fight is different.

      • STEPH

        True your exactly right….. I’d much rather a heads up (I was raised in that era), but that stealing on me for a chain or to make a video will get you outlined in chalk, and I’ll beat it.

      • Celz

        I know two niccas who beat murder raps on self defense grounds like Gucci Mane. These lil niccas think life is a video game.. I hope a nicca never tests you my G.. Stay safe..

      • STEPH

        you too fam….100

    • Larry Sandwiches

      yup, wearing that shirt in the middle of the road asking people to donate to the funeral.

      • STEPH


  • Larry Sandwiches

    I dont know who this kid is, or who he’s talkin about, and that didnt make me want to go find out either. Horrible!

  • Savimbi

    That 15 sec video will be the highlight of this clown’s career.

  • Celz

    Worst part about this lil nicca is.. Durk and his Dj will probably do nothing.. No retaliation, no diss tracks, no revoking hood passes, no twitter beef.. Just let this fool go off into obsolescence.. Niccas will look up in two years and he’ll be dead, in jail, or working fast food if he’s lucky.. There is no winning with scum like this.. You beat his ass in a fair fight he shoots ya mommas house.. You kill him after the fact and risk jail.. Let Karma do the dirty work, set back and watch this backwards ass nicca get a fate worse than what you can give him personally..

    • AntLee06

      Type dude to try to fight you every time he sees you if you beat him once. You could be with your grandmother it won’t matter


    I hope they catch this Clown and put Hands and Feet on him.


    He making dro city look like a bunch of haters oh wait they are. Straight dirty scum over there the lil dudes hustle hard than the ogs and then the ogs steal the young dudes packs out there straight bums and them chicks drink 40s in the morning off 065 Drexel